Basic guide to scare away wasps and bees abroad


In rural areas and country houses it is very common to find a swarm of bees installed on roofs, cornices and windows. Bees are considered insects of great value for their appreciated and delicious honey and their useful wax. But what happens when they become a invasive pest?

Bees take advantage of spring to pollinate flowers. This pollen makes it the coveted honey, very beneficial for health. But nevertheless the bites that produce these are not beneficial to your health, and can even cause death, especially in allergic people. Therefore it is very important to know howkill bees effectively and without risking a sting.

Differences between bees and wasps

Before eliminating or chasing bees, it is important to know how to distinguish between a bee and a wasp. The bees are yellow toasted, hairy and with a narrow part between the abdomen and the thorax. They also die when itching. The wasps are thinner and yellow with black stripes, they feed on all the organic matter they find and do not die after itching.

Many people wonder how to kill bees without taking into account the important role they play in the pollination of plants to produce fruits and which is also a protected species. Therefore, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis guide is not to end them definitively but simply to move them away from the houses and avoid possible risks to people and pets.

How to scare away bees quickly and safely

Usually bees they are usually attracted to pleasant aromas, sounds and colors. It is important to end the conditions suitable for nesting. That is why we must create an unpleasant environment for bees. A good way is use smoke to suffocate them. Simply light a fire under the honeycomb and the smoke will cause the bees to flee.

You can also use a citronella candle, which is highly recommended as an insect repellent. It is convenient to move away while the bees are fleeing to avoid the risk of being stung and not inhaling the smoke.

  • Set of 2 candles in glass jar to repel insects.

The mothballs they are also a powerful bee repellent. Its smell will move the bees away from the area. However, it is not a very safe method, since naphthalene is toxic to humans and pets.

A natural and very effective way to scare away bees is to use eucalyptus oil. Its strong smell is unpleasant for bees and will keep them safely away from the place.

It is important to keep trash cans and water containers closed, as there may be food that attracts bees. It should also keep the gardens clean.

Before thinking about how to scare bees it is important to know that Try not to scare the bees by hand In case you want to get close. This bothers them and makes them feel threatened.

If the honeycomb is very large and the advice mentioned above does not work, it is best to call the fire department or rescue team. These are trained to solve these problems without taking risks. It is also important to call a beekeeper to remove the nest without hurting the bees and extract the honey that may be left in the swarm.

Bee and natural wasp repellents

A good option to prevent bees from biting you is to use wasp repellents and natural bees with a strong aroma, especially catgrass essence oils. Of course, never apply it to children under 3 years, because it could cause skin irritations.

If you are one of those who prefer commercial products, you should keep in mind that only some professional repellents used in the field of beekeeping are effective.

Anyway, the best advice you can apply is prevention. If you are in an area susceptible to bees, stay tuned for buzzing and try to take your pets tied so they don't end up approaching a beehive. Also, try to wear light colored clothing, which is not perceived as a threat by these insects.

It prevents them from approaching you

If you want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the garden without worrying about bees and wasps, it is best to prevent them from approaching the area where you are smoking. Candles are an excellent option to get it.

Similarly, another scent that bees hate is that of mothballs. You can make small mesh bags with them and place them in the area you don't want them to approach.

Plants to scare away mosquitoes, flies ... and wasps or bees

Other natural remedies are the use of aromatic plants that are very present in our gastronomy: basil and bay leaf. Another tip to avoid wasps and mosquitoes in our garden is the cultivation of flowers such as jasmine or lavender because, with their aroma, they help scare off annoying insects and serve as a good decorative element.

How to avoid hives and nests

The worst thing you can do is let bees or wasps install a hive near your home. For this, it is important that you avoid leaving food scraps within your reach, and that you cover possible sources of water, such as swimming pools or irrigation systems. You can also add vinegar to small containers of water that you have outside.

Of course, it is essential that you cover all visible holes outside your home that can accommodate a hive. In the event that you need to remove an existing hive, it is best to have the help of a professional specialist or a beekeeper who wants to take care of them.

If we find a wasp nest, the procedure to follow is simpler. Unlike bees, wasps do not help the development and maintenance of our ecosystem.

How to remove a wasp nest?

To remove a hornet, we can use a cotton ball with alcohol to burn it. It is recommended to do it in the morning or at dusk, when the wasps have less activity. If you do not like such extreme actions, it is recommended to use a hose to spray the nest.

But remember, the safety of yours is the most important thing, whenever possible, see a specialist, he will take care of everything. In addition, it is important to have home insurance, to have advice at any time and to have home assistance for any incident.

Soap and water

Water and soap, the simplest remedy

In some cases, the simplest things are the ones that work best. Water and soap, two common elements in each and every one of our houses with which you can create a repellent rather than utilitarian. We can assure that if you get smeared with this simple mixture you will have far away from the Bees and their strong pecks. It is also framed as a potent insecticide if thrown directly into the hive itself.

Borax powder

Borax powder

The boric acid It can be defined as one of the most effective natural insecticides in the world. A substance completely harmless to humans that however can be used to repel any type of insect. Of course, it is a substance that must be used in small quantities so that it does not produce any type of corrosion in the area used.

Plants and spices

Mint as a repellent

Sometimes nature is able to intrinsically create its own natural repellents. Among these vegetables we can find the eucalyptus, cintronela, wormwood and even your own mint. It should be noted that they are not as effective as the previous repellents but they can work perfectly to reduce the number of bees in your yard. Without forgetting that spices like pepper, cayenne or paprika They can help keep these insects away from common areas and food.

Vinegar always works

Also used for the extermination of lice, vinegar can be used to keep bees away forever. The strong smell that this substance gives off becomes a pesticide more than useful for any type of insect. Most common mix the vinegar with water in equal parts and lightly spray this liquid in the places you want to keep free of bugs. A comfortable and fast remedy.