My baby cat doesn't drink water, what do I do?


Water is the essential liquid for the proper functioning of the organism of any animal. In the case of cats, if they don't drink the necessary water, it could lead them to have kidney problems. If your cat does not drink water, the reason is not because he does not like it, on the contrary, cats love it and need to drink water and also "fresh water", so on that side you can not worry.

I mentioned earlier about fresh water, because many cats find it unpleasant to stand still or standing water (water that has been in their container for a long time). It is not that your cat rejects water, what it may be avoiding is the way you present it. Sure, more than once you have found him drinking water from the toilet or bathtub and then you have scolded him. Well now you know, he is following his instinct and you should listen to him.

Yes your cat doesn't drink water, it may be time to make some changes. Continue reading this Animal Expert article where we will give you some tips to help your cat become interested in this vital liquid again.

Why don't you drink water?

A baby kitten has to be fed only with milk - either from the mother or, if orphaned, with a milk prepared specifically for kittens - during the first month of life. From the second, you have to stop giving a bottle to give it soft food, such as wet cans for kittens, chicken broth (without bone or skin), Yum Diet for cats that is a natural food for them, or with dry feed very soaked in milk -for cats-.

So, what can happen to the animal is that it does not want to drink water because it already gets all the moisture it needs from its food. In addition, we must bear in mind that to date the only liquid that has known is milk, which has a characteristic taste and smell. Water, on the other hand, has neither smell nor taste, so it is not attractive at all.

What to do to drink water?

In spite of everything, we all know that water is an indispensable food, so We have to be very patient and mix their food occasionally, not with milk, but with water. You may not want to drink at first, but if you are hungry ... you will most likely eat.

Of course, if you do not want to, what you can do is give it a little - without forcing - with a syringe without a needle or with a bottle once or twice a day.

Normally, with two months you will already drink water alone without problems.

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how cuchi atito

Hi NotiGatos! My question is about the amount of daily water for a puppy and the type of water, and if there is a way to control this. I have a four month old kitten, it seems to me that he drinks little water although the veterinarian does not find any health problems. How much water should you drink for your age? On the other hand, I have a dilemma about the choice of the type of water, at first I decided on bottled water but in practice it is difficult for me, my problem is that I am from Buenos Aires and here the running water is not healthy to drink, in fact I always drink bottled water and I do not want to give my kitty tap water, but unfortunately she wastes a lot of water, if the drinking fountain is small, throw it away or leave the bottom water without drinking and if it is large “fishing "The water with the little leg and the one made outside ... and the truth that the bottled water is expensive, so sometimes I mix them, but in addition to the cost it bothers me that water is wasted in my house whatever its type for the intrinsic value of This essential element. I have tried three drinking fountains: one normal size (the vet gave it to me, but I think his whiskers bother him) in which he took more or less, another more flat-type dish, I thought it would be more like but just take it, and another "Seriously" those who put the bottle, in this I think he drinks more but still leaves a lot of water and ends up getting dirty, also when it is filled it turns and throws enough water before drinking. I have seen the publicity of the sources but I am afraid to put water in something electric since it is very playful and fascinates the cables. From already thank you very much.

Hello Mariela.
The best water is rain. Of course, not everywhere we can get it. Therefore, the second most recommended is packaging.
A healthy kitten or cat should drink 50ml for every kg of weight, so if it weighs 2kg you should drink 200ml of water a day.
How long is your kitty? I tell you because to avoid wasting a lot of water you could take care of giving them yourself with a syringe without water. It is not advisable, since after two months of age the animal should drink alone, but the syringe may be the solution to your problem.
Another option is to put a little water at a time, and until it is finished, do not throw it again.
A greeting.

My cat does not drink much water, and it is rare that I drink water, it already has 2 months or maybe more, the truth I could not say exactly because it is a rescued cat.

The problem is that it tends to drink water very rarely, but when it urinates it does too much.

It depends. Sometimes what we think is too much isn't really that much. Of course, to know for sure, you would have to give a fair amount of water and then check how many milliliters of urine there are.
If the cat has a normal life, in principle there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, to eat more liquid it is recommended that you eat wet feed, or dry feed soaked with water.
A greeting.

What can I do if my kitten does not want to eat is one month old and I can not compare the milk just given atol not very thick but he does not want to eat there were three and not already died and the symptoms you have are diarrhea and today they don't want to eat what can I do please tell me what to do

Hello Caroline.
Try giving food for kittens. At this age you can already eat soft, well chopped solid foods.
Anyway, if you don't eat, I recommend you take it to the vet.
A greeting.

1. How much should a cat drink?

A cat must ingest between 50 and 100 ml of water per kg of weight. If you feed mainly on dry food it is recommended that you drink 100 ml while if you take plenty of wet food it will be enough with 50 ml.

If you are outside this range it can be a problem for your health. To combat a lack of hydration follow the following recommendations.

2.1. Container material

Your cat doesn't drink water from the bowl? You may not have stopped to think about it but the material from which the drinker is made influences the taste of the water. You must avoid plastic drinkers, since they can modify the taste of water and cause your cat does not want to drink.

The most recommended are glass drinking fountains or stainless steel drinking fountains. These materials are ideal because they do not leave residues in the water or modify their taste.

2.4. Location of the drinking fountains

The location and number of drinkers can influence the amount of water your cat drinks. Avoid placing the drinking fountain in a noisy place, passing through or next to your food or sandpit. Will need tranquility When I want to drink

Also, if possible, you can try place more drinkers in different points of the house. So you can find out which locations he likes best to hydrate.

2.5 Mood

A cat stressed you will drink less water than one who is happy and relaxed. Try that your cat has a balanced and quiet life. Provide a few minutes of play a day and try to cover all your basic needs: adequate food, scraper, toys ...

Cats love moving water

3.2. Automatic fonts

Automatic sources maintain a constant flow of water giving the cat the feeling that it is always new water. They love fresh water so this kind of sources can be a great help and get him to drink all the water he needs.

  • [3 DIFFERENT WATER OUTPUT MODES] Waterfall: smooth flow through the outputs of the.
  • [PERFECT WATER TANK] The large capacity of 1.6L is ideal for your pet size.
  • [IDEAL FOR HEALTH AND HYGIENE] The filter cleans and softens hard water in addition to filtering the hair.
  • [ATTRACT YOUR PET TO DRINK] The design with a daisy will love your pet, in addition to that.
  • [QUALITY GUARANTEED] It has certifications of GS / ROHS / CE / BS / EMC / UL. PP resin.

If you do not get any changes and your cat still does not drink do not hesitate to take it to the vet. He will be able to tell you what is happening and will advise you to find a solution so that your cat can drink again and be perfectly healthy.

You should also talk to a professional if your cat has stopped drinking water One day to another. First check that your drinking fountain or water fountain is correctly. If there is nothing strange it may be a health problem.

More is better and everything is very clean

The smell of cats is very sensitive and developed. In addition to being clean with their own bodies, they like their space to be the same. Keep your container neat of water and away from food so that it does not absorb any smell that can make it unpleasant over time.

You can place several water containers Throughout the house, in this way, your cat will not get bored drinking water from it and will not get used to smells. You can change them from time to time and make this an adventure, until your cat returns to the rhythm of drinking water constantly.

Avoid using the same water container for several cats or if you have dogs at home. Try new "bowls" every so often, or drink directly from glasses (some cats are fascinated).

New water like fresh salt>

Have you also caught him drinking tap water? Cats are fans of these systems because water always runs like new. Invest in the happiness of your pet and buy your own source of drinking water. Today there are attractive fountains that will not damage the decoration of your house, such as Japanese-style fountains. If it is expensive, try some less aesthetic but just as functional.

If the source option does not work, and what interests us is that the cat drinks water, go back to the beginning of time and invite your cat to drink tap water. This does not mean that you will leave it open, with the water running, waiting for your cat to come. Choose a couple of opportunities a day and make these moments something special, your cat will appreciate it much more.

Other forms of h>

In addition to drinking water, there are other ways Keep your cat well hydrated. Talk to your veterinarian about the possibilities of giving you wet food, this can be a good way to include this liquid in your diet. Do not be surprised if your cat does not convince this type of food, nobody likes wet and watery food, likewise, it is worth a try. Remember do not force your intake, try little by little.

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Why do you drink little water?

If you notice that your cat has begun to drink little water, some of these situations may occur:

    The water is dirty: We assume that the water at first glance looks clean, but you would be surprised how much they detest that there is a tiny speck of dust, which is logical since none of us would drink from a glass whose contents> How to help a cat that baby little?

If after following these tips you continue to drink less than 50 to 100ml per kilo of weight per day, it will be time to look for other solutions. The first thing we have to do is take him to the vet To tell us how you are. As we mentioned at the beginning, the risk of suffering from a urinary tract disease is very high when the cat is dehydrated, and may need intravenous serum.

Back home, we can give you high quality wet feed (without cereals) which, having a minimum of 70% humidity, will be as if the fluffy man is drinking water while enjoying a delicious meal. Further, It can be mixed with dry feed.

Another thing that can be done is use cat supplies. Cats don't like stagnant water, and this is something that can be solved with a fountain. We will find it in pet stores, and also online. Its price is very interesting, costing around 23 euros, and cats usually love it.