Do you like pit bull dogs? Discover how to train a pit bull!


Socializing with other dogs, setting up their leader or a good dose of exercise, among others, are the keys to raising this breed, associated by society at a high level of aggressiveness

The pit bull is a breed recognized as potentially dangerous. However, not only the genetic load that determines the aggressiveness of the animal, but also the type of breeding it receives. If you are thinking of adopting one of these dogs, these tips on pit bull training will be very useful.

How to perform pit bull training

While it is true that a dog is not born aggressive by nature, there are breeds that are more likely than others to be, and the pit bull is one of them. Thus, An orderly, firm and rigorous training would be necessary so that our animal is not unpleasant with other dogs or other people.

If you follow these practical and simple steps, the pit bull can be as valid as a pet like any other dog.


Socializing your puppy from the first moment he reaches the world is a vital step To achieve the goal: a noble and sociable dog, worth the redundancy. Due to its genetics and physical characteristics, the pit bull is usually dominant, an attitude that will worsen if it grows alone.

Take it to the park and let it play with other dogs, or if you can have a second pet at home. Mark what he does wrong and show him how to do it, and you will see how he will gradually become a very social dog.

Make him respect all people

One of the mistakes made by those who carry out the pit bull training is to show that only the owner is the one who deserves respect. The problems that this causes are that they could attack other people.

It is important to teach the dog that anyone deserves respect and, in some cases, obedience. If you teach him this way, you will have a noble and good dog with children, the elderly or any other member of your environment. He will assume that his role is inferior to that of humans and ‘will be at your service’ to put it in some way.

Educate your bite

Dogs, especially when they are puppies, have a habit of biting all the time and, although they don't do it with bad intentions, they can hurt. Especially, the pit bull has a powerful jaw that could easily damage us.

Educating him so he doesn't bite while playing will be vital if we don't want to have problems with our animal. Avoiding harm to others, whether dogs or people, will avoid many worries.

Be your leader

Like all dogs, the pit bull is also a pack animal and, as we said before, it has a tendency to believe itself superior to others. Therefore, it is necessary that since he is a puppy show him who is in charge: you.

You must be his leader and make him understand that he depends on you and that, therefore, is inferior. In addition to being important for you and your family, making him understand this truth is essential for his balance because, as it is something innate in him, if he receives refusals of submission from abroad he will present aggressive behaviors.

Pit bull It has a large excess of energy that needs to be channeled through exercise. It will not be enough for you to take a few minutes to do your needs, but it will require outdoor races and games that tire you.

In this excess of energy we can also comment that he will present destructive behaviors if he is alone for a long time. The pit bull needs constant control and education, which is why you have to have your leader close as long as possible.

Be firm but patient

Remember that positive reinforcement always gives good results, especially in animals. Although you must give a lot of love to your pet, do not forget to be firm in your orders and not give up the first change. If you know well how to train your new pet you will not need to resort to violent or rudimentary practices.

You see that pit bull training is not much more complicated than that of any other pet: you will need caution, perseverance, patience and affection.

Before I see how to train a pit bull… what should I know about the breed?

Pitbull dogs are considered PPP in Spain, so to have one you need a license, if you do not already have it, you will get it by passing a series of tests. In Wakyma you can find all the information you need about the pit bull breed and potentially dangerous dogs.

Pit bull dogs They are very strong and have energy to bore, Get ready! They need a strong and demanding owner who can guide you. We don't want to say that you should be violent with him, It is only about being firm so that the dog takes training seriously. If you already have experience educating dogs of this type, much better!

Pitbull dogs are considered a dangerous breed so it is essential that they are well educated and trained.

Even though have a dog at home It is always a reason for joy and hours of fun, there are some races that are "bad views" or are in fact considered "dangerous", so that those who have dogs of these breeds should take special care and caution when caring for and training their pets. Let's now look at a simple step guide in which we will explain How to train a pit bull.

The pitbull is one of the dog breeds considered "dangerous" but the truth is, when dogs of this breed are well educated and properly socialized, They are very friendly and affectionate pets. Mind you, with your high energy level and strength, pit bulls are not for everyone. But if you decide that this is your pet, you will quickly realize that they are extremely smart and eager to learn. In fact it is of the races that excels in training of obedience and canine sports, but unfortunately whenever this dog breed is talked about it is to report dog fights or an attack to people. This is one of the reasons why It is so important to make an extra effort to train your pit bull. A well-trained pit bull can be an ambassador of his breed, showing the world that with a loving home and training, this breed of dogs can be wonderful pets.

Came the day! Your pit bull comes home ...

The welcome of any dog ​​in the home, Athough it does not seems, It is very important! The first contact of a puppy with its new home plays a fundamental role in its adaptation and therefore, the development of its personality. The puppies are in a phase of their life in which everything is new and everything greatly impacts their character. That is why we need your arrival home to be a memorable experience!

You must have everything ready for when it arrives. Your dishes and food bought, your bed in the place where you decide that you will sleep, toys ... Everything you need! It is best that you place your bed in a warm and comfortable place and where you will spend a lot of time, Your puppy will want to be with you, not alone! Therefore, the lounge is a good place. If it is autumn or winter, try a blanket too.

It is also very important establish from the outset some rules of conduct and that you are firm to comply with them. If you let one day do something and forbid it the next day, your dog will end up confused. For example, scratching furniture or taking things from the trash will be a resounding NO from day one. Or if you have decided that you will sleep alone, you should not pay attention if you cry the first few days, do not give in. In a few days it will pass and get used to sleeping instead.

Steps to train a pit bull

  1. Try early socialization because it is key: If you have a young pit bull puppy or are planning to get one soon, make socialization your top priority. It is important that your pit bull puppy learn to feel comfortable with a wide variety of people and situations from a very young age. You should expose it to children, men, women and other animals. Make him get used to being handled. You should start your education, socializing from a positive and optimistic aspect, and allow your pit bull puppy to approach new things at its own pace. This early socialization is the most important component of your dog's training program.
  2. Use positive reinforcement to train your pit bull: There really is nothing different in training a pit bull than any other breed of dogs. However, due to its muscular construction and strength, training regarding belt corrections or other punishment is not always effective. You are likely to get better results with positive reinforcement techniques, such as clicker training or other rewards-based training. Most pit bulls are eager to learn and will be happy to work for the rewards.
  3. Strengthen the pit bull's relationship with other dogs: Because pit bulls have a history of being bred as fighting dogs, they are not always tolerant of other dogs. It is important to remember, however, that each dog is an individual. Some do well in homes with other dogs, while others show aggressiveness towards other dogs. It cannot be emphasized enough that aggression towards dogs is not equal to aggression towards humans. The fact that a pit bull is intolerant of other dogs does not mean that he will be aggressive with people.
  4. No matter how your dog reacts to other dogs, it is your job to make sure he stays calm in his presence. The early socialization It can help, and basic obedience is vital. You can maintain control over your dog in the presence of other dogs by teaching him focus on you You must teach him that when there are other dogs I look at you. To do this you must train him with the order "look at me" as soon as there is another dog and make the pit bull look at you. Other commands that can help include staying on site or emergency removal. To make sure your dog responds to your orders, even when other dogs distract him, take time to practice the orders in a variety of settings and situations. It is important that your pit bull can respond to your orders when he is in the park as well as he does in his living room.
  5. Advanced training and dog sports: Pit bulls are usually energetic and fun when training. Many of them do well in advanced obedience and dog sports, such as agility or competitions with different obstacles. These activities are a great way to have fun and bond with your pit bull and reinforce his good behavior at the same time. Advanced obedience and canine sports have the added benefit of offering the perfect combination of exercise and mental stimulation that these active and intelligent dogs crave. You can look for a center where they practice this type of training and sport and take your dog so he can have fun while learning to be a good dog.

When it comes to training a pit bull we can't say that Guidelines differ greatly from training towards another dog. The only difference comes from the public's perception of this breed of dog. You have to take your time to train your pit bull, and he will have a happy and healthy family member who is truly an ambassador of his race.

Train your pit bull so he knows how to eat

How to train a pit bull dog to learn to eat? But ... how to learn to eat? Yes! Feeding routines are as important to a dog as the food itself. Let's see a few guidelines to establish some guidelines for the pitbull dog:

    Choose one com> (photo via: pets)

Teaching a dog to do his needs during walks and not at home is one of the most important parts of his initial education. The case of the pit bull in this aspect is the same as any other dog, the guidelines to follow are the same. Let's see how to train a pit bull to meet his needs:

  • If he has come to your house as a puppy, you probably still can't go out because your first shots are missing. During that time, of course, you will need to pee and poop and… you will do it indoors. But that doesn't mean we can't start with your education!
  • You will have to establish a place where you want me to do it. It can be a corner in the kitchen, in the bathroom ... Wherever you want, but try to be well separated from your places of eating and sleeping.
  • When you have chosen it>

It is easy! It only requires a little patience and understanding. Don't scold your dog when he pees where he isn't! Clean it and ignore it, you are learning. Instead of punishing their mistakes, reward their good behaviors, so you will strengthen them better.

When you can leave, remember to congratulate each time you make your needs on the street.

How to train a pit bull dog: physical exercise and education

When your pitbull dog can already go outside, you will need to exercise two to three times a day. And remember, it's a dog with a lot of energy! It is not enough to go out and go around the block, you need some game and physical activity. Nor is it about fatigue, it's a puppy.

Just always attend to their behavior, if you still have energy, keep playingIf you are tired, it is time to go home. Your own physical capacity will mark the intensity of the outputs.

Stay firm when walking with the leash, but let him sniff, socialize, explore ... he is getting to know an entire environment that is new to him! And at the end of the day, it is your walk, although you are the leader of the pack, you have to enjoy.

Socializing is very important! Let him approach and smell other dogs, play if he wants ... If you cross people who want to greet or pet your dog, let them do it. Getting used to dealing with strangers is also essential for your behavior to form properly.

Develop the intelligence of your pit bull

Pit bulls are very intelligent dogs and need constant mental stimulation. Don't you know how to train a pit bull dog? The basic orders of obedience are very important, such as sitting down, coming when you call it, standing still ... Start with these, which are the most basic and gradually you can increase the difficulty, and even teach games and tricks. He will have fun, feel useful and keep his mind occupied ... and also, he will spend time with you. That, in a dog, translates into happiness!

If you don't want offspring, consider castration. That, in addition to the obvious, He manages to regulate his temper and also prevents health problems.

We hope we have given you a few clues about how to train a pit bull. Surely you will get it! The effort is worth it, you will see how your pitbull dog grows healthy, strong and happy ... and will make others happy.

If you think you need more help, you can check any of the many articles that Wakyma has prepared for you. Do you have doubts about the character of the pit bull breed or its needs? Do you want to deepen your knowledge about training? Remember, In Wakyma you have everything. We will wait for you!

Are pit bulls aggressive?

In the introduction we have explained that the pit bull is considered a potentially dangerous dog, which usually causes a very common false belief: to think that aggressiveness is determined by the breed.

The main conclusion of a study published at the University of Córdoba is that the owners are primarily responsible of the attacks of his dogs. According to the author, Joaquín Pérez Guisado, the majority cause of an animal manifesting behaviors related to aggressiveness is the bad or nonexistent education provided.

However, it is important to highlight that there are other factors that can influence, such as genetics, socialization or lived experiences. Likewise, another study published in the University of Bristol, the scientist Barbara Schoening states that linking aggression to certain races It has no scientific rigor.

In fact, a third article published in the American edition of the Huffington Post goes further: in it we find the results of an investigation carried out by the American Temperament Test Society in more than 450 dog breeds, which indicates that the pit bull terrier american is the fifth most tolerant dog breed, just behind the labrador retriever, the golden retriever, the staffrodshire bull terrier and the pug or carlino.

Even so, the law does not seem to be on the part of the American pit bull terrier, as they argue that due to its powerful bite and physical strength, the use of a muzzle and other preventive measures must be mandatory. However, other dogs with very similar characteristics are not considered PPP, why does it happen? Obviously history plays a decisive role.

We should know that all races that are considered "potentially dangerous" today have been used in dog fights, sport hunting, home defense, livestock protection and even as war dogs. Unfortunately, all these factors have encouraged society to come to believe that these dogs are dangerous, without there being scientific studies that can support it.

Patience, perseverance and respect: the keys to having a balanced dog

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are no aggressive dogs. It is true that there are species that are more nervous than others, such as Pitbull, but Any dog ​​that has not been educated with respect can have violent behavior towards other animals including people

Thus, the ideal for training a Pit Bull, and any dog, is use positive training. The sooner you start the better, but if you are an adult you can also learn, the only thing that will take longer.

Reinforce the positive, never the negative

Although it may seem logical, sometimes we reward behaviors that we should not realize what we are doing. For example: when we are walking and the dog starts barking at another, and we say "calm", "calm", and / or we caress him. This is what we would do if it were a human child who cries because he feels afraid or has been scared of something, but it is not what we should do with dogs.

It may seem cruel, but if we care for them when they have this kind of behavior, we will be implying that it is okay for them to have it, so it will cost them more to learn to be happy.

Train it at home ...

Every day you have to do sessions of 5 to 10 minutes of training about three or four times at home, since it is an environment where the animal feels safe. These sessions have to be fun, and you always have to reward the dog every time he does something that is right, either with candy for dogs or with toys.

Always use a single word for each order you give, and do not teach him anything else before he has not learned the previous one. This way, it will be much easier for you to understand what you want me to do.

…and in the street

The pit bull needs to exercise to stay calm the rest of the day, so you have to take him for a walk and / or run every day. Taking advantage of being away from home you have to let him have contact with other dogs, but having him tied to the leash and offering him prizes every time he is curious about them (move the tail from side to side, approach respectfully without growling or showing teeth).

In the event that problems arise, it is highly recommended to consult with a trainer who works positively.

How to train an American Pitbull terrier?

We must start with your education from a puppy, although obviously with a lot of patience and affection. Puppies don't want to learn anything, just eat and play so don't despair.

Generally we must wait three or four months before we start with the more basic things, being from the year when we must take their education very seriously.

The best training technique: Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the most used canine education technique in the world, as it is the most effective and least aggressive. All the dogs respond well before this technique, so do not hesitate to implement.

It consists of giving a prize (a bauble or biscuit for dogs) to our Pitbull puppy or adult dog when he does something right, how to obey the “sit down” order or simply when he comes to our call.

The dog associates obedience to food in the form of a prize and learns quickly and willingly, because food is The weak point of any dog Remember to never use aggressiveness under any circumstances.

If your dog sees you aggressive, with him or with other dogs or people, he will learn to be aggressive simply by imitation. So it is totally forbidden to punish a Pit Bull physically or with an aggressive mood.

How to teach a Pitbull to come to our call

Simply call him with his name and show him some food, a dog biscuit or a small piece of sausage can serve us. Dogs learn by repetition, so we will repeat this daily.

When you call our Pitbull, when you come we will congratulate you a lot (positive reinforcement) and give you a small prize, a piece of food. In just a few days you will learn to always come to our flame.

The correct thing is to call him by his name and then give the order, for example "Thor, come here!" Although I learn in a few days, we must repeat this exercise constantly so that the order is well taxed and later, go even when other distractions occupy your mind.

Learning to sit to order

Once again we will use the food as a reward so you can easily learn to sit. The right thing in these cases is call him by name and give him the order "Thor, sit down !!" Obviously the dog will not know what it is to "sit" so we will help you.

With the left hand we will hold the prize while with the right we will press on its back to force it to sit. We will do it very smoothly, so that it is the one who feels.

When you do, we will congratulate you and we will give you the prize. Sitting is something very simple to teach and very, very practical.

Educate a Pitbull to lie on the ground

Once our Pitbull has learned the order to sit well, something that usually should take a couple of weeks with daily sessions Half an hour of education, we can teach you to lie down.

Once you are seated, we will give you the order to lie down “Thor, lie down !!” and how he will not know what to do, we will help you with the help of food.

While sitting, we will put the prize in front of the Pitbull's snout without letting him eat it. We will gradually move it away from its snout, lowering our hand to the ground and pulling it away a little, so that instinctively He lay down to eat the prize.

Once you lie down, we will congratulate you and give you the prize. It's something really simple once you know how to sit down.

Why is it so important to teach these things?

We insist, a Pitbull in addition to being a great life partner and a super affectionate dog with us, is also a very strong dog, impulsive and energetic, which can pose a danger if there is a situation of tension.

Imagine that a silly dog ​​does not stop barking at our Pitbull or even provokes him to fight, or that our Pitbull sees someone suspicious and takes out his protective instinct…. What do you need to know how to make the croquette or know how to be sitting, calm and still?

Teach a dog to sit and obey sitting Whatever happens, it is the most important of all. Also, always come to our call, without exception. With these two well-controlled orders, we will have a much quieter life with our Pitbull.

What to do if I can't teach you education?

The American Pit Bull Terrier is somewhat stubborn at times, if you can't teach yourself these orders or ignore them, you we strongly recommend You go to a dog trainer.

A trainer can teach your dog, or help you teach him. And believe us, it is absolutely necessary that you learn to obey us, yes or yes.

What should I never teach my Pitbull?

Never, under any circumstances teach your Pitbull aggressive training techniques, how orders of defense (attack, bite, bark, etc ...).

Pitbulls are really strong dogs, if we teach them bad techniques they will be very dangerous dogs. Remember that when a dog attacks another dog or person, it is usually sacrificed. Do you want that future for your Pitbull?

The real temperament of the American pit bull terrier

When we talk about the pit bull terrier temperament we can say that we are facing a dog vivacious, self-confident, extremely affectionate with the human being and protector with the small children. Anyone who is part of their family nucleus and environment, including animals of other species, can enjoy a noble, athletic dog with great self-confidence and ease.

How to educate a pit bull puppy?

The education of a pitbull puppy dog ​​is governed by the same rules as those of any other dog breed. However, we offer you a small review so you know what to consider when knowing how to train a pit bull puppy:

  • Decide in advance of the arrival of the puppy what will you be able to do and what not. For example, if you are going to be able to climb on sofas or beds, where you will sleep. The whole family must know and follow the rules, because if you act differently the dog will feel confused.
  • Find a name for your pitbull dog and teach him to associate it correctly by using positive reinforcement (treats, caresses, kind words ...), it is essential for you to pay attention. It will be enough with little time if you put effort.
  • You must socialize your pit bull since he is a puppy with other dogs, people, animals and environments. It is very important that in the future you can relate to dogs and people properly and not suffer behaviors related to fear or aggressiveness.
  • Avoid scolding and punishing to your dog when he does something wrong. Replace it with the use of positive reinforcement whenever possible. When faced with an unpleasant situation, it is only necessary to use a "Do not"Firm, he will listen to you and understand the first one.
  • You must learn how to bite so that it does not harm you once it grows, for this it will be essential to promote a relaxed life as well as the use of toys and bites and avoid direct play with the hands or other parts of the body.
  • You should try to create a understanding based link and never in fear or imposition. If you quarrel excessively, you will be generating stress on the dog and make him more predisposed to show behavioral problems.
  • Teach your dog to stay alone little by little and find out about separation-related disorders to properly prevent it.
  • Teach him the basic orders of obedience that help you prevent an accident and communicate with him, such as sitting, lying, still or seeing.
  • Do short training sessions. Very small dogs can practice between 2 and 5 minutes, while older dogs can train between 5 and 10 minutes maximum.

However, it is essential to highlight that the American pit bull terrier is a active and vital dog, full of energy You need to burn and release. We must be aware that in your day to day walks and physical activity can not be missing, for that reason we encourage you to try to know more about your dog and discover with him his specific needs of walk and exercise. Each individual is unique and we must adapt to him. Of course, it is not advised to abuse physical exercise at all, although A.p.b.t. Be an elite athlete. With an average time of two hours a day we will have more than enough.

Another detail that should not be overlooked is the mental stimulation. Although physical exercise is very important for this breed, once the physical routine is established, mental exercises should begin.

Finally remember that any PPP race should always go muzzle in Spain. Therefore, it is essential that you start to accustom your pitbull puppy to the muzzle as soon as possible. You can start when you have completed two months, but always little by little. Start with 1 minute sessions and from there, times should be increased.

How to educate an adult pit bull?

If you have adopted an American pit bull terrier, we take the opportunity to congratulate you, since there are many pit bull dogs that fill the kennels around the world for the amount of procedures that must be performed in order to adopt them.

To begin with it is important to inform us as much as possible about its origin: history, previous family, if it is a rescued dog, if it has suffered bad treatment, etc. Do not get frustrated if your reaction is aversive towards other dogs or people, you must understand that the behavior is a reflection of their lived experiences, genetics and socialization.

You should be very clear that under no circumstances should you scold or use physical punishment, because you should know that it is a very powerful dog that you do not know its character and history. Looking at his body language will be essential to understand him, in this way we will be able to identify if at any time he feels scared, stressed or tense.

The patience and perseverance They are key to the training of the adult pit bull, because it is a very intelligent dog that goes out of his way to please his human companion and any other that is part of his nucleus of friends or family.

We will teach him the basic orders of obedience in short training sessions, trying to make it a game for him, reinforcing the appropriate behaviors with prizes and ignoring the dogs. However, remember that you should not rely solely on food, flattery and caresses are also excellent reinforcers.

Si has observado que tu perro manifiesta algún problema del comportamiento lo ideal es acudir a un etólogo o educador canino, especialmente si no está bien socializado. Nunca intentes hacerlo tú mismo, podrías ponerle en riesgo.

Consejos para perros pitbull

Recuerda que si resides en España deberás cumplir todos los requisitos legales: no haber estado en prisión, disponer de la licencia de PPP, abrir un seguro de responsabilidad civil y llevar el registro al día. Además, tu perro deberá ir siempre atado y con bozal en espacios públicos, utilizando una correa de, máximo, un metro y medio (nunca extensible).

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