Feline conjunctivitis? Drop the cat's eye drops in six steps


Conjunctivitis is very common in cats, and when it appears you have to give them drops or ointment in the eyes

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Publication date: July 7, 2015

The eyes of cats also have their weaknesses. They are very delicate, so eye diseases are not strange in them. Among all the ailments, the conjunctivitis It is the most frequent. When it appears, the cat cries and has very sensitive eyes, has more litters than usual and they turn a green color. The treatment consists of some eye drops or ointment. But putting them on can be difficult. How are the cat's eye drops given? The following article explains how to do it successfully. in six steps (with video), and without stress.

Cat eyes: mysterious but vulnerable to conjunctivitis

The eyes of the cats have evolved dramatically to enable vision both inside and outside the houses: their field of vision is broader than human and come up to eight times better with dim light. In addition, his eyes are huge compared to his face, a striking transformation caused by the need to hunt until the wee hours of the morning.

"If you look, there is not so much difference in size between the eyes of cats and humans," explains the scientist specializing in these animals John Bradshaw, author of 'Cat Sense', (Allen Lane, 2013).

Unfortunately, these transformations "have also made feline eyes extremely vulnerable to wounds and certain diseases that can significantly affect your vision," concludes an extensive study on cat health conducted by Cornell University (USA).

This explains why eye ailments in cats are not strange. "And, among them, the most frequent is the feline conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the mucous membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelid and the outside of the eyeball, "says veterinarian Thomas Kern.

The cat legañas are too abundant and they have become of a green color? Has the too watery eyes? These are signs that you may have conjunctivitis.

But, What should be done then? The answer is given below, in six steps.

Step 1. Go to the vet for the cat's drops

The first step is to go to the veterinarian to examine the cat and put the appropriate treatment, which is usual to consist of drops or antibiotic ointment. With him in hand, you have to go home and treat the pet for at least one week. But, How do they apply successfully and without stress?

Step 2. Cleaning before putting drops in the cat's eyes

Before you start cleaning the cat's eyes, you have to wash your hands very well with soap and water. This step must be repeated again once it is over. The leaflet and instructions should be read well, as well as respecting the doses.

It is also normal for the veterinarian to recommend clean the eyes with saline of the cat before administering the drops with medication.

Step 3. Grab the cat's head or use a towel

"To supply the drops in the cat's eyes it is important to hold his head gently but firmly and slightly tilted up", explains the Cat Care Association.

If you are at home, it is comfortable to try to place the cat in the lap and hold its legs. If you are too nervous, it usually works hug him with a towel, so he just peeks his head.

Step 4. Open the cat's eyes with one hand

It is advisable to hold the medicine canister with the drops between the thumb and index finger. But beware! Make sure that the end of the container does not come into contact with the cat's eye when squeezing and dropping the drop. You should open your eyes generously with the thumb and index finger of the free hand and drop the drop on the eye line.

In case the veterinarian has prescribed an ointment, the instructions are the same, with the correct dose indicated.

Step 5. Massage to distribute the drops through the feline eye

Once the drop or ointment comes into contact with the cat's eye, it is time to close it and massage the eyelid softly. This massage will allow you to distribute the medicine throughout your eye.

In the next Video is detailed step by step how to drop the eye drops to the cat at home.

Step 6. If you fail with the cat's drops, you have to ask for help

Not all felines endure well that they try to manipulate them, especially when it is in an area as sensitive as their eyes. But what to do when the pet is not allowed to administer this treatment and tries to get away with his claws and even snort, of pure feline stress?

In these cases, it is best to contact the vet, expose the problem and ask for help.

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