Why do dogs spin before bedtime?


At ExpertAnimal we know that if your dog is your best friend, you will surely have fun not only by sharing moments with him, but also because of the grace and curiosity of many of the things he does, and that sometimes are intriguing for human beings.

In spite of all the centuries that it has going through a process of domestication, the dog still retains its own instinct behaviors, which it displays in its daily routine. One of these behaviors is the one that sometimes makes you wonder why dogs spin before bed, so in this article we clarify that doubt. Keep reading!

Dogs go around for sure>

Dogs still retain many habits from their ancient ancestors, wolves, so it is not uncommon to see them performing actions related to certain behaviors that have more to do with wildlife than with the comfortable existence they carry in human homes. In this sense, your dog may be turning before going to bed as a way to remember the need for detect any insect or wild animal that he could be hiding in the ground and that he could attack him by surprise.

As if that were not enough, the idea of ​​giving circles is also to flatten the space a bit with respect to the rest of the terrain, thanks to which a kind of hole would be created in which your dog could protect his chest and, therefore, his vital organs. In addition, this gesture also allows determine in which direction the wind is goingWell, if you are in a warm climate, you will sleep with the wind fluttering towards your nose, as a way to stay cool, while if you live in a cold climate you will prefer to do so with the wind towards your back, as a way to conserve the heat coming of his own breath.

On the other hand, giving circles in the place where you want to sleep also allows spread its smell in place and mark its territory, warning others that this space already has an owner, while making it easier for the dog to locate his resting place again.

Like you, your dog also wants rest in the most comfortable position and comfortable as possible, so it is normal to try to soften the surface on which you want to sleep with your legs, to have a softer bed. No matter how comfortable the bed you have bought for him is, his instinct will lead him to want to make it even more pleasant to sleep in and, therefore, it is not surprising that you see your dog spinning before going to bed. Also, it is also possible that you observe your dog scratching his bed for this same reason.

When to worry

Although walking in the place of sleep is normal in the dog, it is also true that if it becomes an obsessive attitude, in which your dog does not finish going to bed, it may be due to some concern he feels or a picture of stress he is feeling. We recommend you go to your veterinarian to determine the root of the problem and solve it in time, as well as consult our article on obsessive disorders in dogs to finish answering the question why your dog turns before bedtime.

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Why do dogs walk before bed?

Part of the answer is obvious, after having a long day at work, or having been in a situation of great stress, Dogs like to relax and rest just like the rest of us. Walking in circles or scratching a blanket can sponge and knock down the internal material so that your dog can enjoy his rest more.

But this is not the only reason for dogs to turn before bed, according to many experts believe that this behavior is really a act of survival that the old dogs performed. After all, wolves and wild dogs still use this behavior. In the meadow or savanna, the circular movement serves to strike down the grass, the earth and the snow. However, behavior can also be a way to clean the night's nest of insects, snakes and other bugs.

Why do dogs dig before bed?

As for the excavation that sometimes accompanies the dog's circular dance, this may be the animal's attempt to regulate the temperature In nature, experts once again say that dogs dig holes in order to expose the fresh soil. Similarly, these holes can provide a degree of shelter that help animals retain heat during winter.

Obviously, domestic dogs probably do not need both temperature regulation and pest control. But as you know, old habits and instincts are hard to forget>

Ancestral custom

The reason why dogs spin before bedtime which resonates most is that they do it because of the heritage of their ancestors, the wild wolves, and that although they have become accustomed to domestic life, this curious canine behavior dates back to prehistoric times when wolves made their own "bed" to lie down, circling until you find a place that convinces them. Some say that this is due to nature or the original definition of the species, that is, your dog still maintains this genetic "inheritance" of his great-great-grandfathers wolves. Will this be? I, just in case, continued to find out. Will i tell you more?

Another theory that explains this unique behavior states that the dog does this instinctively, that animal instinct of preservation of the species, according to some it is the most powerful in animals, which makes them look for a suitable position in case they have to wake up and defend themselves from an attack. This reason convinces me more! I keep telling you, is that wolves used to sleep with their nose in the wind as an alarm system to protect themselves from danger and, to roll in circles, is nothing more than a technique to determine in which direction the wind is. Cool!

The last reason I found simply states that Dogs circle before bed to find comfort. Why didn't I think about it before? Clear! It's a less "scientific" and curious reason, but it's a reason at last, don't you think?

Perhaps, your best friend turns around before bedtime just to lie down in the most comfortable position, just like we do when we fix the pillow or spin in bed, right? It can also be due to a temperature issue, dogs that sleep outdoors in hot climates, may scratch the earth to get the hottest part and, those who sleep in cold climates, use the turns to create a tighter fold of the fur and thus retain heat. It seems more than reasonable, and you?

Whatever the reason dogs turn in circles before bedtime, I think we've learned a little more about our best friends, right? Anyway, what reason do you think is the main one? I'm sure you'll also want to know how dogs do to know what time it is, right? I knew it!