The Bуxer


  • Height at the cross: in males from 57 to 63 cm and in females from 53 to 59 cm
  • Weight: from 25 to 30 kg
  • Cap: fawn or tabby, with or without white spots
  • Average life: ten years
  • Character: harsh and faithful
  • Relationship with children: Excellent
  • Relationship with other dogs: dominant
  • Aptitudes: defense and companion dog
  • Space needs: you need at least one garden
  • Boxer Power: from 450 to 550 g. of complete dry food
  • Arrangement: just some brushing
  • Maintenance cost: means, medium

Is the Boxer the right dog for you?

Let's face it. The Boxer Today has little to do with that matador who bit the bulls long ago. This author is sure that the reason for considering a Boxer It is not for you to hold a wild boar while you tie it and then handle it. Although it is fascinating to learn about the origins of our beloved Boxer, few of us can feel related to those legends of the butcher dog. Anyway, we can imagine that a dog that was used to immobilize a wild boar on the ground of a forest needed to have courage, endurance and determination. These are three desirable characteristics for a protective dog, and the Boxer He owns them in full. I am not sure that the original role of the breed required a lot of intelligence on the part of the dogs. It doesn't seem likely that a very intelligent animal might like the bloody and stupid work of the first Boxer. Anyway, the breed has overcome, today, this primitive mentality and is an intelligent and resourceful dog.

There are many endearing qualities that characterize the breed Boxer. It is sweet, has a good mood, is family oriented and is trainable and adaptable. The temperament of Boxer It cannot be endangered. Of all working dogs, the Boxer Noted for the sweetness of his character. A Boxer petty is something surprising and there shouldn't be such an animal. The Boxer They are dogs inclined towards people, who are devotedly united to their families and who are protectors. The Boxer Today is, of course, an elegant companion dog, as well as a guardian. It is a beautiful dog that has a unique silhouette within the canine world. Posing proudly in the central ring at a dog show or in the middle of your garden or your lounge, the Boxer Impress all those who notice him.

A Boxer It will be better in a family. He is kind to children, respectful of the elderly and obedient to all family members. The Boxer They recognize friends instinctively. Unlike other dogs that distinguish less, such as the Golden Retriever and the Beagle, the Boxer He does not accept everyone as "his best friend." When your Boxer He departs from or growls at a person, he is telling you that there is something that is not going well at all. The Boxer They are extremely good judges of character. I've met more than one married couple who thought about separation because their new Boxer He had decided that one or the other was not "up to par." Maybe that is to carry the instincts of Boxer Too far: they are instinctive, but not psychologists.

Say that the Boxer It's trainable doesn't mean it's easy to do it. A dedicated owner, who understands the way he thinks a Boxer, you will have few problems training your dog. Different from their ancestors, the Boxer they tend to ask "Why?" before executing an order, especially before executing an order four or five times simultaneously. The Boxer They tend to be too smart, for their own benefit. This author has not yet heard any legendary anecdote from any Boxer of the Middle Ages that renounced to capture his fifteenth wild boar by the snout. The Boxer Today, with a more modern mentality, they need a few more thrusts to carry out their obedience work. That there are hundreds of Boxer with obedience titles around us, not to mention the very well trained service dogs, police dogs and military dogs, they speak well of the traceability of Boxer. All these trades convince one of the adaptability of the Boxer, which is capable of living under virtually any situation with a family, a couple or, simply, with one person. Like the Boxer They are quite people-oriented, they care very little about the environment where they live. A Boxer You can live happily in a small flat with a terrace or a garden, as long as you receive the proper attention and exercise. Similarly, the Boxer He is happy in a large estate with a large fenced property. He will keep both houses and their owners with all their spirit and their heart.

The favorite holiday of all Boxer It's Valentine's day. Not only because this winter holiday is a good cause to revive, but because everything is focused on love and kisses. The Boxer They are very kissing (ask the owner of a Boxer). Many breeders will confess that the Boxer It's all barking. Once you approach a group of vociferous Boxer, pouring and announcing their warnings, they will lick you after lick. By this we do not mean that the Boxer Don't be able to defend your home. I've been surprised repeatedly every time one of my sweets Boxer He became fierce when he heard some frightening or threatening sound. Even with all the kisses and cooing, the Boxer He is still a brave guard dog, but despite this he is more a lover than a fighter.

Many people argue that the Boxer It is a race that one will have for life. Many of the owners of Boxer today they grew up with a Boxer or remember being deeply marked by a Boxer (Maybe his uncle or a neighbor had an extraordinary dog). Growing up with a Boxer usually convinces adults to share a Boxer with his kids. On the other hand, many homes without children adopt Boxer because they are described as being as intelligent as a seven-year-old child, and surely they are more obedient. Then we have those older parents whose children have already left home and who adopt a Boxer For your golden years. As the people who have will reveal Boxer, a home is not a home if there is no one in it Boxer.

The Boxer He has proven his worth to humanity by acting in several service areas. In addition to his role in the armed forces, the Boxer He has earned a place as a police dog, helping law enforcement in many countries. In homes, the good temperament of Boxer and their affinity towards people have made the breed a great choice as search and rescue dogs and therapy dogs. Whether the ears of the Boxer they fall naturally as if they stay erect, he is first and foremost a dog-ear. The AKC standard describes him as an "auditory guard dog," which also makes him a great choice for deaf people. Other people with other physical disabilities also rely on Boxer, including those who live on a wheelchair and the blind, for whom the Boxer It serves them as a guide dog or as a guide dog. The Boxer Not only does he offer his ear and his sight to people, but he also offers his nose. As a search and rescue dog, the Boxer It has helped rescue workers in emergencies, such as when avalanches or earthquakes have occurred. The Boxer It is capable of sniffing missing people buried under snow, rocks or debris.

If you want to know more about the Boxer We recommend the publication of the publisher Hispano Europea Boxer Excellence Series:

Comments (24)

# 24 - Andes - 03-21-2018 - 01: 08h.

Hi, I have 5 boxer and I really liked this article because it shows the possible inconveniences that a boxer owner may have. It is true that their game is gross when they are young and can hurt people in the family. If you don't believe me, I never show my arms that are all bruised. Many people ask me for a boxer puppy for their little boy, and the truth is that I don't recommend boxers for families with children. Nor are they recommended for nervous and unstable people. Boxers are usually hyperactive and a nervous person can only boost their hyperactivity. They are working dogs and feel happy working. A lot of exercise, affection and discipline to enjoy a balanced boxer.

# 23 - tristan - 01-22-2016 - 13: 59h.

Reading the article and comment # 5 I think your reading of the animal's behavior based on what they were "used for" or the morphology of it. It doesn't leave you in a good place.

You mention above all the boxer's behavior with young children, and his danger, I understand that because of the size and nervous behavior, as a professional I suppose that you have worked with several boxers or with newfoundland (for example) and it seems unheard of that make the statements you make (unless you make them to take care of responsibilities as you drop in comment # 5)

All the boxers that I know, like newfoundland, undergo a transformation when they are together with young children, you can try to get on a boxer to 11 years old, but never do it with one of 3 years. The most nervous boxer to meet a small child will sit and relax and allow the child to interact with him without practically doing anything. The boxer has an ability to adapt that makes for me one of the least dangerous races for children. For a 1-year-old child, a yorkshire will be more dangerous, given the bad character and biting, than a boxer, which I assure to be raised in a normal way (it is clear that a dog that does not live in a family environment and is only in one farm in which he does not socialize properly, will be unpredictable, whatever his breed) is the most harmless dog for such a small child.

The boxer is one of the dogs with a minor (if not the smallest) bite index of all. adapts its strength to who interacts and is only aggressive with other dogs for competition reasons.

Its historical use says nothing, it was used as a butcher's dog (as well as the "fierce" bulldog) but also as a war dog doing mail or even transporting wounded, as a rescue dog, work, guard or even as dogs of therapy. Anyway, it has ended up being mostly a company dog ​​and it is for something.

For me the boxer is the perfect dog for small children and relaxed people but with character and without fears, it would be the best dog for children (better even than the labrador or the golden) if it weren't for what since he sees that the Child is of sufficient age and bulk will want to invite you to play more sharply, and it is true that for children with more than 6 years who are afraid of dogs (or for people who transmit nervousness or fear of the animal) this is not your breed, for the rest it is perfect, and as I say, especially for those who are not advised in this writing, for small children, if I had a baby and they would tell me in which dog I trust more it would be in a boxer (that yes, I return to say, socialized correctly).

# 22 - Kitetsu - 12-18-2015 - 04: 01h.

I have my little pocha of only 7 months is a baby and how children break everything haha. It is naughty and destructive restless but good is something that I already anticipated. out of that she is the best companion I could have chosen since she is loving and loyal at the moment she pulls me crazy sometimes in what I say until I get serious and the scolding then goes and lies down for a short time get up to play again. It is an excellent race of company and in my opinion at that age it has a rating of 9 because it has destroyed 2 sofas but I do not care I love her very much.

# 21 - Guest - 05-31-2015 - 20: 40h.

I have a male of this race with ten years, I have ended up so happy with him, that when he turned eight, he acquired another who is now two years old.
Right now I can not imagine without my two friends, although you have to take them out every day, especially for the young man, to do enough exercise, because they have so much accumulated energy that they have to download it running and playing.
With people and especially children they are a pass, not so with other canine males, but only if they are medium or large in size, they are very dominant.
In summary: A race pass, more than I thought.

# 20 - Guest - 04-04-2015 - 19: 35h.

I have had 2 boxer dogs, the first TARA unfortunately suffered from epilepsy and we had to euthanize her, because she did not recover from a crisis. She was very peaceful, practically never got mad at anyone coming home. But the current TBBATA is very timid and that is why he is always in a defensive attitude and if someone seems intimidating, he will growl. Even your veterinarian has repeatedly taken warning bites. what the previous one never did. So you don't have to trust 100% that all dogs in this breed are very sociable and will never cause harm.

# 19 - Alvaro y Mina - 03-09-2015 - 16: 41h.

My boxer bitch Mina is the most good, affectionate, sweet and playful creature that can exist, she has no malice, she offers her affection unconditionally, when she sees you sad she comes to lick your face, and when she sees you happy she participates in your joy as his joy, he is tireless playing. He is obedient, always has me as his reference, always attentive to what I say. At home, with me, she is calm and super-willing, rests on her carpet or is thrown on me so that she caresses her even for hours. Outside she is more nervous, especially with other people and animals, but it is because of excitement, she is too curious and active, and becomes physically a bit abrupt, but never aggressive or violent.
She is my best friend, and as important to me as the rest of my family, because she is part of this.

# 18 - Guest - 02-25-2015 - 05:30 a.m.

I have read several articles that say that boxers are sooo friendly and even babysitters, but don't turn a blind eye, I have some neighbors boxers who are aggressive with other dogs and don't take care of them or give them kisses and pampering, fortunately not they have attacked any person, they are imposing dogs genetically selected by the human being to cover certain needs, it is necessary to tell the truth they are guardians and as the weapons must be taken with the insurance in place and well kept, whether or not the owners have the responsibility. And I ask the owners to be honest - how their boxers, pit bulls, chihuahuas, etc. behave. with strangers humans and dogs?

# 17 - Guest - 12-02-2015 - 01: 25h.

I have two Boxer, a 4 year old male and a 2 year old female, they are all love! Excellent with children, but little tolerant of other dogs. After their period of breaking and breaking (puppies up to 15 months approx.) They always maintained a very good behavior. They understand very well! I love this breed because they are complete in every way!

# 16 - Maya Dog School - 09-29-2014 - 5:40 p.m.

The effect of castration on your dog is certainly unpredictable, it can be from the definitive solution to having no effect on the behaviors you describe. Generally, castration usually influences more aggression problems among dogs and much less aggression problems towards people.

Probably those incidents that you comment have more to do with a certain lack of leadership on your part, which means that you should rethink your own behavior towards him in the first place.

# 15 - [email protected] - 09-28-2014 - 18: 55h.

Hello! I loved this article, I have a Boxer of three and a half years since we were 45 days old, it is adorable although we have had twice problems of aggression, the first one was very sick and we took it to the Vet and after the entire examination when the Dr explained the treatment he was sitting and without making any sound, he threw the Dr and grated his uniform, she explained to me that it was the product of feeling bad and of the manipulation itself although it was always a fact take into account for the furuto, it turns out that he has been left as the syndrome of the white coat I have to take Dr with a muzzle because he gets very nervous, and in the waiting room he does not want any male dog to get close if female ok

the other insident was with a person who came to the house after having smelled and played with him because he was still sitting and pun shot him leaving reasons in his hand from here I made the decision to castrate him and I wonder despite not I have seen more insides of aggression in the castration will be the solution to your power of big dog?

# 14 - gingers garcia - 09-27-2014 - 21: 52h.

I am a woman of the third age owner of an extraordinary boxer, because I have it since I was 2 months old and already 3 years old, I educated it in my own way, and it is a pet that really does not give problems, only to see another dog in the street throws himself against that one and even makes me fall and at my age any fall is dangerous, I have already controlled it with the dogs that are in the houses, they levitate and he does not even look at them, but if one passes by it is uncontrollable . I want to know if castrating this problem will improve.

# 13 - Willy - 08-27-2014 - 06: 36h.

I don't know what to tell you, how they will evolve depends on many factors.

At first I will say that the combination of two females of the same age and also one of them raised in your home since childhood and the other introduced now is not very lucky. Possibly you will see how they are getting worse.

Can you walk them together and in an orderly manner?

# 12 - Worried - 08-27-2014 - 00: 38h.

Hello, I have a boxer dog since I was a puppy, I am already 1 year old, and 15 days ago I adopted another boxer bitch also 1 year ago, my dog ​​is recently sterilized the new dog is not, and they continue fighting and hurting. Do you think that living together will improve little by little? Give me advice thanks

# 11 - Guest - 08-25-2014 - 23: 01h.

Hello, what I have seen from the lines is that they are American or of another anque, they are of rasa boxer, I do not understand that my dogs comply with the standard but I have seen other dogs of the rasa and they are taller and more aesthetic. I want to see thanks

# 10 - Willy - 08-25-2014 - 10: 28h.

What have you seen that is of the lines?

# 9 - Guest - 08-24-2014 - 21: 09h.

hello I have two boxer embras but they are robust and not very tall I don't cut ears I have seen that it is for the lines but it is not very clear to me who could help me understand this of the lines and how many are ok fatty

# 8 - Guest - 04-09-2014 - 22: 56h.

HELLO I LIKE THE BOXERS A LOT, But it gives me a lot of courage to hear comments from people who say they are very dumb and also do not work to fight, because of the shape of their jaw, IT IS NOT THAT I WANTED TO PUT THE DOG, BUT I IT GIVES COURAGE THAT ARE EXPRESSED THAT WAY, IN SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO HAVE A PITBULL OR BULL TERRIER.

# 7 - sergioantuan - 02-13-2014 - 02: 50h.

Greetings. Maybe you should reconsider your article, because the boxers don't drool a fuck. They are like any other dog, you have to have patience and discipline, because even the smallest dog can be a disaster with children. I don't know much about dogs, but my boxer is obedient and meek.

# 6 - Taviru - 10-14-2013 - 07: 31h.

I currently have a male boxer and I have joined it with children, it is true that it is gross but with children it seems that it undergoes a transformation, it is delicate and patient. And it's not just my current boxer, I had another when my brothers were little and behaved the same way. They know the strength it has and know how to control it. It is true that who has a boxer does not want another race, it happened to me.

# 5 - n - 10-09-2013 - 06: 38h.

I totally agree with Constanza Cordoba, every big dog is rough and rough in the games ... if they don't play with a rottweiler, the activity level is medium. Sleep a lot is not an extremely lively and active dog. It is typical of molous dogs. The same does not happen with German shepherds or dobermans to give an example. And the character. because it is unmatched they are very affectionate since the breed was softened a long time ago. Of course, and I clarify that no race for the fact of belonging to any such or such race comes with a genetic training catalog. EVERY DOG MUST BE TRAINED and will have an unsurpassed friend. They also should not buy dogs in hatcheries. this encourages the breeding of breeds with genetic or designed alterations based on aesthetics and not the function or health of the dog ... typical case ... such as the German shepherd, the doberman, the Chinese crested boxer and especially the bulldogingles and many more.

# 4 - constanza cordoba - 08-11-2013 - 19: 53h.

I thought the article was very bad, it shows that whoever wrote it has not had a boxer and a child nearby ... the truth is I say it as a personal experience, I have had a male boxer who died as a child and currently a female. I trained my current b'xer mediumly and always behaved wonderfully, since I got home I never broke anything, I don't drool, it's very quiet (weird thing in the Bxxer) but if I want to refer to the issue of children, here When you go out and bump into a bxx owner, it is normal for him to stop to talk about your dog and tell you about his. Absolutely everyone, without exception has told me that they are the best dog for young children, very companions, with an incredible passivity (so much so that you can put your hand to your mouth and not bite you), guardians, playful, and that they do not absolutely no damage. If I go out to the park and a boxer owner is with a baby who is just starting to walk, I do not hesitate to let him approach my boxer because they have too much confidence with the race and it is something that I always call attention to, how proud each boxer owner is with children in how well they behave as housemates. Absolutely any dog ​​of medium or large stature can be "gross" to play, but I do not know another dog that has more patience with children than the bxxer.

I also copy and paste a bit of the history of the boxer of the same link that you put “They are very good for children and great protectors of them, in other countries of Europe such as England they are called baby sitters, because they stoically support the sometimes the children play at them sometimes heavy and do not get tired of playing, until the same child is exhausted. ”

The other of hyperactivity. You say that it is a genetic defect, well I tell you that boxers usually do play a lot, but they are also sleeping a lot and they are also very very cuddly so you are making a lot of mistakes, saying that it costs them to stay still or relaxed Any dog ​​that you stimulate with games or to play with another dog obviously will, but this particular specimen is so cuddly that if you have one at home you will see what I am telling you is true and I am sure that any other owner of Bxxer Reading this article can affirm what I am saying.

For those who are thinking of having one at home, I recommend that they do not buy it from breeders, if not from a family or adopt a homeless one, this insane business does not continue to grow as we create human beings to live from this business.
White boxers are not as popular with breeders as those with brindle or darker shades. It is common the belief that they are not purebred, although this is not true, all the Bxxers come from a white dog. They suffer from the health problems characteristic of the breed.
I also leave that the females are much more guardians than the males. And that once you have bуxer you already fall in love with the race and you don't want to know anything about any other race.

# 3 - Maya Dog School - 05-09-2013 - 11: 26h.

Read a little about the history of this breed and you will see that their ancestors were used for something more than kindly leading cattle to their stables.

That you have not seen any "crushing" Bxxer with young children does not mean that they do not exist.

Imagine that you have a small child and that you would like to buy a dog so that your child would grow along with that dog. As you were told that the Bуxer is the best dog in the world to have with children you buy one. And before your dog turns his year he has become a really dangerous dog for your little one, not because he bites him but because he gives him tremendous blows. Would you be happy with the advice and the dog?

And if you had been the person who gave the advice to buy that Bуxer, what would you say to the father?

# 2 - Guest - 05-09-2013 - 10: 05h.

K bad you are. fight bulls? Or did he direct them to his stable? And that of the children is to freak out now. I have not seen equal dogs with children. They are the best. Delete this article that you are doing the RIDICLE.