Am I prepared to have a dog?


Adopting or buying a dog is adding a new member to the family that needs daily care

  • Author: By EVA SAN MARTÍN
  • Last update: March 3, 2016

A dog is not a whim, it is a responsibility. Think that adopting or buying an animal means expanding the family with a new member. Do not forget that some dogs can be with you 15 or even 20 years. Here you have eight questions, in the form of a test, to ask yourself before buying a dog.

Why do I want a dog?

The first question that should be asked is why you want to have a dog. If the answer is vague (I don't know), the inertia moves (my son wants a dog) or the simple contagion (everyone has a dog) should reconsider his decision. Think that a dog can live between 15 and 20 years.

The acquisition of a dog is a lifetime commitment. "If you intend to get rid of him when children grow up or you get tired of the animal, you should not take an animal at home. Protectors and kennels are full of dogs that have lost their homes because of impulsive decisions and little responsible for their owners, "they remember in the SOS Golden animal defense association.

Do I have money to have a dog?

Look at your pocket. And choose a dog that suits your economic capacity. The difference between adopting, without financial expense, or buying a dog (the price of the dog can vary between 300 and 1,500 euros) is not everything. The animal will need food, and a small dog does not eat the same as a large one.

The first question to ask is why do you want to have a dog?

Vaccines, visits to vet and the hairdresser (it is more expensive for a long-haired animal than for another with a small fur) are additional expenses that you must consider when purchasing an animal.

What space do I have?

Before opting for a race Small, medium or large take a look at your home and be realistic when calculating the space available for your new friend. The dog needs a sleeping place, identified places to eat and space to walk. The appearance of a dog should not be the only engine that determines the decision. In addition to size, personality counts: there are more calm, sociable or nervous races.

Do I want to expand the family?

The arrival of a dog means having a new member at home. Therefore, his personality It must fit. The presence of children or babies in the home forces to choose the most affectionate animals. Your habits and hobbies will also be altered, so you have to look for an animal that suits your lifestyle. "But if you spend your life on the couch and pretend that your dog does too, you should think twice," they remember at SOS Golden. "The dog needs activity, regular exercise, game".

For its part, the National Association of Friends of Animals (ANAA) notes that the dog helps cover important family needs host. "A pet can provide the love that many people find it so difficult to get." If you live with your family or as a couple, consider that they should also give your opinion about bringing a dog home.

Do I have time to give and take?

Dogs need you to go out to walk and play. They need your company: a dog that spends alone at home for long periods of time is not happy.

Look at your pocket before receiving an animal

In addition, they are predisposed to mischief. "If you really do not see the grace to wake up with a slugged tennis ball on your face or with a puppy that decides to wake you up at 2:00 in the morning, maybe another animal is the ideal choice," they ironize at SOS Golden.

Am I tolerant to hairs?

Some dog breeds are more hairy what others. In any case, with an animal at home the hairballs do not take long to appear in the corners, on the sofa and in the clothes. For all this, ask yourself how tolerant the dog's hair is. Dogs also need to be brush to keep your fur clean and healthy. And that is, again, time of dedication to the animal.

Am I prepared for the crush and destruction?

A new dog in the home can cause certain disorders. Some dogs remove soil from pots, scratch furniture or nibble on our shoes. Normally, these discomforts disappear over time, although professional training is sometimes necessary.

Do I have a spirit of sacrifice?

The rides in the middle of winter before going to work, the appearance of fleas or ticks and possible diseases that may arise over time carry a great spirit of sacrifice and love towards the new dog. Acquiring an animal must imply a commitment to care for the dog until his death.

Respond honestly to the eight test questions before acquiring a dog.

Do not acquire an animal by inertia or by contagion of other people.

Remember that a dog is a continuous expense, for example in food or veterinarians.

Consider if you have space at home for the dog to run and play what it needs.

Think you will need time to take him for a walk, for brushing and visits to the vet.

Why do you want to have a dog?

It is important that you ask yourself this question, and that in addition, answer it as honestly as possible. Think of your life, but also think of the dog's life. Open your mind, explore the reasons why you want to have a pet and determine where your mood is, if we are talking about a stable or somewhat spontaneous decision.

What kind of person you are? Are you willing to take care of another creature completely? Are you assertive in your behavior and the way you educate? How do you structure your dynamics?

Look at your life and you will find all the necessary clues to reach a conclusion. For example, check out your home. Is it clean and organized? You don't have to be a cleaning maniac but the state of your house could tell a story. Keep in mind that for a dog to be happy, and therefore, its owner too, it is necessary to provide a structured life that will have to have rules, limits, but also a lot of protection and love.

The commitment and responsibility>

Are you ready to commit to having a pet for next 10 or 17 years? This is the first question you should ask yourself, because having a dog is that: a commitment.

Like any other member of the family, it represents a long-term obligation, and I do not say obligation in the negative sense of the word, but, referring to what it is a tie that you can't break. If you have children, sit down to have a family conversation, discuss the topic and see how each one feels with the idea (in every sense of the word) of having, caring for and keeping a pet.

There are people who think they adopt a dog and then if it doesn't work, they give it away or leave it. This should not be so, a dog is a creature that deserves a home where to be loved in good and bad, in health and in illness and everything else. If you can't commit to having a dog by your side this time, you definitely shouldn't have one.

Time and dedication

Value if you have time available in your life for the arrival of a canine friend. Watch how you distribute your time during the day and decide if you have free time to take him for a walk 2 to 3 times a day, offer affection, teach obedience or simply to play long and hard until your energy runs out.

You will have to make your dog a new priority that does not collide negatively with your old priorities but that you can balance and complement them. In addition to the aforementioned, there will be plans in which you can accompany you, such as mountain walks, but in other cases it will not be so. You must have a responsible person with whom to leave if you leave on a weekend, remember that the dog cannot be alone more than 8 hours a dayOtherwise, behavior problems may begin to appear.

Having a dog can represent the missing piece in your puzzle if you have free time and want to have a faithful and noble companion by your side. Of course, you must also return the loyalty that lends you.

The appropriate money and environment

Having a dog is not free and they don't feed on the air. In fact, having a pet requires a monthly budget intended for maintenance. You should ask yourself if you are financially ready to care for a dog. It's not like having a baby but dogs also generate expenses. Some that we should consider are:

  • Sterilization
  • Pipettes
  • Vaccinations
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Bed
  • Brushes
  • Stool bags
  • belt
  • Harness
  • Barber Shop
  • Prizes and snacks

The most important is undoubtedly the veterinary cost. Remember that some diseases can have an expensive treatment, for that reason having some savings should be essential. Apart from the aforementioned, we must also assess the possibility that our dog needs at some time the visit of an ethologist or canine educator. Just like we might need a psychologist, if your dog suffers from a behavioral problem, we should also take him to the specialist.

Also evaluate your home and the neighborhood where you live. Analyze if you have enough space so that the dog does not feel trapped in your absence and can move comfortably. It would also be positive to live in an area that is close to natural open spaces where you can take your dog for long walks, where you can play freely and socialize with other neighboring dogs.

Before adopting a dog, do a test

If you think you are sure that you are the perfect candidate to have a dog, in Animal Expert, we recommend that you take a trial before taking the big step. Ask a friend who has a dog to let you take care of him a couple of days. This will be just a small sample of what it means to have a dog, but it can give you a feeling.

Multiply those days by years and multiply experiences, care, food, etc. Maybe this essay help you know, finally, if you are prepared or not To throw you into the water Another way to know if your time has come and, in addition, you feel something prepared to take another step, is to make a "foster home" and take care of dogs for a longer period of time, while finding a home and a family adequate.

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