Learn How to Educate a Beagle Puppy


The Beagle is one of the most suitable races for all those who like to go out every day for a walk and / or run, and who also have children. It is not an excessively nervous animal, but he loves to play, just like the little ones in the house.

If you plan to acquire one, or if you already have one, you will surely be interested in knowing how to educate a Beagle puppy, right? Being like this, you have reached the right place.

Patience, perseverance and respect

To educate a puppy these three things are important. You can not miss one of them, because otherwise the animal will grow feeling confused, and may even be afraid of you. Therefore, if you want it to be a sociable and polite dog you have to be his guide, your partner, the one who tells you how to act in case you do not know or are insecure.

No one is born knowing. Your friend needs you to tell him what is right and what is wrong, and it will be necessary to tell her many times, always using the same words. For example, if you want him to feel it, teach him to sit down when you ask him to say “sit” or “feel” (I insist, you should always use the same word so as not to confuse it).

Dedicate time

There is nothing sadder than a puppy who spends all day at home bored when he should be running around, researching and being happy. To avoid frustration and boredom It is important to dedicate quality time, that is, to be really with him, playing, caring, walking, etc.

Further, This is the only way to create a strong bond With the hairy one you have at home. A link that will not be broken.

Take care of it and protect it, but don't humanize it

A dog is a dog, just as a human is a human. Each species has its own needs, and their own instincts. It is not necessary to pretend that a dog acts like a human being, nor vice versa, because it would be against nature.

Therefore, obviously you have to give water, food, a home where you can feel safe and loved, but also you have to avoid overprotecting it. If he does something wrong, you have to tell him, not with shouting or bad forms, but teaching him to do things right.

To know how to train it, we recommend you read this article.



you have to give him food every time you press the clicker look, every time saying the name look ... ?? What about the hairstyle is due to something special? How do I do the excitement and calm? When do I have to give him the prize?

Do it in different places, in the living room, the kitchen, outside. Also do it differently, once we shake hands, again we throw it in front, side or back.

2.- The dog will associate the events: “If the click sounds = there is a prize” very fast. Normally one day is enough for you to understand the operation of the Clicker. To check it, click when the dog is paying attention to something else and when he comes to receive his prize, we are ready to start.

3.- Now, think about a behavior that you want your dog to learn, for example sitting down. To achieve this we use the fact that the dog normally already offers it voluntarily. When the butt goes to the ground: "Click" and reward.

4.- The moment in which the sound is made is especially important. This should be done at the time you are performing the behavior you want and not when you have finished it. In the instant that begins to sit we will click.

5.- If the dog gets up after hearing the "Click", do not worry. The "Click" ends the exercise.

6.-The dog will begin to show that particular behavior more frequently to receive a prize and for a few days we give him the "Click" with the reward.

7.-When the dog learned the lesson well, we began to introduce a command: “Sit down!” Or “Sit”. We say the command while the dog sits, of course with the "Click" and give a prize when it does. Until now we always rewarded the dog's behavior, but from now on he will only get the prize when we gave him the command previously. If the dog shows the behavior voluntarily there is no reward.

8.-It is time to remove the Clicker when the dog does the exercise well, that is fast, in different places and situations. To keep it interesting for the dog you just have to give it a good reward from time to time for the behavior performed. This way you will know that you still have the opportunity to earn a treat and continue to strive.
Freq questions

Characteristics of the Beagle breed

Before you start training your Beagle puppy, it is important that you know the main characteristics of this breed.

  • Beagles are small, have very short legs and their ears are very soft and flexible.
  • Formerly they trained to play and hunt, since they have a great sense of smell, which they use frequently in rescue situations and as drug locator dogs.
  • Beagles like people and run after them, so they tend not to be really reliable as guard dogs, since being so attracted to people makes it a bit more difficult to train them.
  • They like to eat and love to use their keen sense of smell in order to get their food.
  • This breed has a very friendly character, so they tend to respond better to positive reinforcements and not to negative ones.
  • They usually respond better with those large and very active families.
  • Beagles are usually short-haired, however, their hair has double layers, so they usually leave their hair everywhere, mainly in the spring.
  • It is a hunting breed, that is, they have the intuition and natural tendency that hunters possess.

Educate a Beagle puppy

Here are some recommendations that you should keep in mind to get the proper education of your Beagle puppy.

  • You have to devote enough time to play with him, since these dogs love to run and spend time playing, which is why they are perfect for those people who have large yards. By playing with your Beagle puppy, you will be able to establish a friendship bond, which will allow the dog to be more likely to respond adequately to its training.
  • You should make sure you start your training while your dog is still a puppy, since this breed of dogs has a great tendency to deviate, especially if they have not been well educated.
  • You should not forget that you do not have to be violent or aggressive with your pet, because this could cause them to respond violently, both in front of other dogs and people and even in front of you.
  • You must support your Beagle when he acts properly, you must start to encourage his behavior and you must not support him when he has a bad behavior, you can make sound disapprovals using a command voice by saying “no”.
  • It is necessary that you watch your Beagle closely and fairly carefully, especially when he is still a puppy. Since in this way you will be able to supervise those correct and incorrect actions that you take to then be able to educate it properly.
  • You must establish relationships and authority with your dog, since you must show your puppy that you are the head of that pack and that he is only a subordinate, in this way he will know that he must follow your orders.
  • You have to be patient with the Beagle, because being a race that is a hunter by nature and has a great sense of smell, tends to get distracted quickly, so you need to be patient when you start training.
  • Do not forget that the training process is not a simple task, because it is a race that needs more training than some other races.

Remember that it is the puppy of the breed that is, this will need to be well cared for and take different care.