Cats with heat: 6 care in summer


Paying attention to the care of a cat during the summer is extremely important, because at this time of year the high presence of parasites and the heat contribute to our feline can get sick, especially if we talk about newborn cats or puppies. It should also be noted that during the summer our cats are more predisposed to sunbathing, which increases their vitamin D levels and provides them with greater well-being.

In this Animal Expert article we will review with you the care of a cat in summer And we will explain what steps you should take to avoid any problem and how we can help you suffer less heat. Discover below everything you need to know about cats in summer, you can't miss it!

1. Make sure it is>

The summer heat makes our cats easily dehydrate and precisely for that reason, it is convenient for any owner to be able to identify dehydration in a cat. You just have to gently pinch the skin of your neck and see if it comes back in a few seconds or if it stays at the point where we left it. The elasticity of the skin is directly related to hydration. To prevent our cat from becoming dehydrated, we will have at your disposal fresh and clean water at all times. In addition, renew it regularly will favor the cat to drink and also find it pleasant.

Another important aspect that directly influences hydration is cat feeding. Dry feed (also known as croquettes) usually causes more thirst, on the contrary, canned wet foods They contain a high percentage of water, which helps them hydrate. Another option may be to bet on homemade diets, which by not going through a drying process also provide extra water.

Here are some extra tricks to keep a cat hydrated:

  1. Add an ice to the water bowl: This little trick will keep the water cool for longer and, thanks to that, we will not need to renew it so regularly.
  2. Get a water fountain: more and more people say>

The mantle of our cats is a natural protection barrier that isolates them from the cold in winter and keeps them cool in summer, for that reason, taking care of the cat's fur should be one of our priorities. Through a regular brushing routine we will achieve remove dead hair and dirt, which will help you feel cooler. Ideally, a short-haired cat receives between two and three brushes a week and a long-haired cat receives it every two to three days at the most. Discover in ExpertAnimal some recommendations so you know how to brush a kitten correctly.

Persian cats in summer, as well as other breeds of long-haired cats, tend to suffer much more heat and it is at that point when owners wonder if it is advisable to cut the hair of cats in summer. The truth is that, as we have explained, the mantle helps the cat feel cooler, provided it is well brushed and free of knots and dead hair, for that reason, it is not advisable to cut a cat's hair in summer. In fact, cutting it excessively can cause our feline to have more heat and even predispose it to sunburn.

A curious detail is that many people wonder if cats lose weight in summer. Actually it is only about our perception. Cats don't lose weight, but shed their fur in a constant way (although more exaggerated in spring and autumn) to adapt it to the room temperature, which causes us to observe it more thinly.

3. Watch the hours of sunshine

It is a fact that cats love sunbathing: they pleasantly enjoy the warmth and relaxation provided by sunlight. However, we must ensure that during the hottest hours our cat is not directly exposed, as that can cause a heat stroke.

If our cat has access to the outside, it is preferable that we limit his departure times at sunrise and sunset and that during the day he stays inside the home. If it seems boring or restless to leave, we can stimulate you with games, caresses or brushing sessions.

But if enclosing it at home is not an option for you, we advise you to purchase a cooling mat for cats, which will help you be fresh when he needs it. You can place it on your cat's bed in summer or in a shady place outside.

4. Visit your veterinarian

As we have advanced in the introduction, summer is a time of the year in which external parasites and internal parasites abound, for that reason, one of the first measures we recommend to ensure your good health will be to go to the veterinarian for acquire dewormers external and internal Even if your cat does not leave the house, it can also be infested through vectors (such as mosquitoes) or through the dirt that you can carry in your shoes. Likewise, following the cat's vaccination schedule will also be especially important, since it will depend on whether or not it can suffer from serious viral diseases.

5. If you go on vacation.

It is quite normal that during this time of the year you plan to have some vacation days, however, do you really know how many days a cat can be alone at home? And more specifically in summer? None! Cats need regular supervision, since they are very curious animals that, in their eagerness to play and discover, could dump their drinking troughs, even if it is a behavior that you have never observed before and that you consider unlikely. They could also dry out by the claor itself.

If you go on vacation be sure to contact a person who can visit your home once a day to make sure everything is going well. Explain how to cool your cat, how to protect your cat from heat and many other tips to consider, such as the provision of abundant water in summer.

If on the other hand you are considering traveling by car with a cat, be sure to provide water from time to time and never leave it inside the car alone, since a vehicle in the sun raises its interior temperature extremely, predisposing your cat to suffer from the already named heat stroke.

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1. Fresh water spread around the house

Fresh water is the best ally of cats in summer. Its main cooling system is through the tongue and mouth, so the liquid will help you lose the excess temperature you need.

The key is to encourage the cat to drink as much as he needs. To do this, you have to place different containers with fresh water in different parts of the house. And change it often, at least twice a day, so that the liquid maintains an adequate temperature.

When the cat has access to the outside, in gardens, terraces or areas outside the house, the water containers must be placed in a shaded area, in order to avoid overheating.

With this simple gesture, the furry friend will be protected from dangerous dehydration. And, in addition, it will be less vulnerable to urinary infections, so common in felines.

2. Sun protection creams

We are not the only people who can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of the sun with the help of protective creams. Cats (and dogs) can also fend off lightning with the right ointments.

Cats can protect themselves from heat with plenty of water, spread around the house, and some sun creams in sensitive areas of their body

Many felines are fascinated by lying in the sun, even in summer. "But an animal with light hair or with pink skin mucous membranes is at risk of burns," Sustatxa warns.

The Feline sun creams applied in small quantities on your skin you can avoid these annoying and harmful conditions. Your sun exposure will be safer if a protector is used. in the delicate areas, including the tips of his ears. "You can even use the rest of the family's cream for the cat, provided some precautions are taken into account," the veterinarian adds.

Any tricks to spread sunscreen on the cat? The product must be applied in small quantities to the skin, in order to be absorbed Quick, before the cat has access to the ointment and can suck it. A simple tool is valuable in this task: cotton swab, like the one used to clean people's ears. This gadget helps spread the cream through the most delicate parts of your body in small doses, as well as spread it.

3. Tasty recipes very fresh!

How to care for the cat this summer and get him to drink the water he needs? A fun idea is Prepare homemade recipes for very moisturizing cats.

A turkey dish is very simple to make at home. You only need to cook a turkey breast with a little carrot. The leftover water will be allowed to cool to be offered later to the furry diners! This video details this summer recipe step by step.

4. To the rich brushing of the cat!

The brushes of the cat help the animal to release heat, because it eliminates dead hairs

The brushed cat daily They are essential to defend against the harmful effects of heat. Why? Dead hairs act as a barrier that makes the arduous task of expelling heat even more difficult. The simple daily brushing helps to eliminate dead hairs from the feline's mantle and, therefore, favors the cooling of the four-legged friend.

The longhair cats They have it even more complicated. No wonder his fur gets tangled and forms knots. These tangles quite block the heat loss of the cat, so you have to get rid of them. In this sense, the hairdresser of the animal is a great ally in summer.

5. A cool corner for the cat

Cats, like people, need to have a cool shelter to shelter from the heat in summer. Shadows and air currents help lower the temperature, so they will be a relief for furry housemates.

But why not build in the home a cool space for the cat safe from the heat? An idea is to use a carton box -object for which many mininos, in addition, feel devotion- and place it in a refrigerated space of the house. This feline shelter can be completed with a towel on its surface, which will keep the area cooler, and even with a sock, in which ice blocks are put, protected by a towel.

6. Protected windows for the cat

A window implies a serious risk for cats. "The accidents of felines that fall from open balconies and windows are too frequent: you have to protect and close the windows when there are animals at home," explains the National Association of Friends of Animals.

  • Here they are listed Six steps to protect windows when living with cats.

The first step in protecting the cat is prevention, in other words, avoiding risky situations. To do this, you have to close the windows and use secure window closures with jacks. The best advice is to obtain them in specialized stores, since the closures and meshes for children are not safe for the felines.

Fresh water spread throughout the house

It goes without saying that cats are totally independent animals, which means that at each moment of the day they are in a different part of the house. Therefore, a good idea is that in the different rooms of the house you put a bowl with cold water, so that you have it easy in case you need hydration.

As we said in the previous post, you can use special bowls for freezing or choose to place ice in the container. Either option will help you keep the water fresh for as long as possible.


Cats love to lie in the sun, even if it is summer, and if you have one at home you will surely have checked it out for yourself. If so, it is essential that you apply a sunscreen that provides adequate protection, but previously you should go to your veterinarian for advice, as it should be a special sunscreen for cats ... and what you are thinking of apply the same as you use for your beach getaways take it off your head, the type of creams we apply to our skin could create problems in our cats 😉

Apply protector on the most delicate areas, such as the legs, the head and especially the tips of the ears.