The ten gestures with which your cat tells you I love you


Although my cat can't speak out loud, he's always trying new ways to communicate with me. Whether it's meowing because he's hungry, or scratching my legs because he wants to get my attention, he will always try to show me what he is thinking.

While we have not yet reached the point of being able to decipher their small minds, in many cases they do send us signals letting us know that they love us madly. And just as there are different behaviors in dogs to communicate their love, Experts also claim that cats have specific ways of saying "I love you."

1- Brings you a gift

You may be used to having your cat bring you gifts, such as toys or small dead animals. This is your cat showing you his love.

Animal behavior expert Amy Shojai says that «Cats love giving gifts. They are powerful hunters who capture everything from toys, insects, frogs, mice ... and often share their loot with their loved ones. If they bring you something like that you should praise him ».

2- "Kneading" your legs

By kneading we mean when cats use their claws to push and stretch a smooth surface such as your legs. This is one of the main ways they have to say "I love you."

According to PetMD experts «If your cat is curled up and kneading your lap while you caress it, then it is returning the love and tells you that it loves you. Unfortunately, this can be painful, since the happier you are, the more you try to nail your nails ».

They recommend reducing this painful part a little by placing a thicker surface between the cat and your lap.

3- It gives you headers

Heading may seem strange behavior, but it means that your cat cares about you.

According to the experts of "Mother Nature Network", cats have secret glands concentrated in some parts of their body, including cheeks and heads. When your cat rubs its head or face against you, it is marking you with its smell and claims you as part of its family group ».

Whether he kills you, like his favorite cushion, as if he makes a thread on your legs shows his love for you

We already reviewed ‘the ten gestures with which your dog tells you I love you’, so it was fair to dedicate a space to cat lovers. Although they have a reputation for detached and independent, they also have their peculiar way of showing affection towards their owners, because they love humans more than people think. Here are some of the signs with which ‘all cats say I love you’:

1. Rub your head against you. Those little ‘headers’ with which you look for your hand and “kidnap” it so that you caress it between the ears. It is his way of communicating since in the head, the lips and the front legs are a glands that release pheromones, thanks to which they can express their mood - so much to say that he loves you and is at ease to release stress -, find a possible partner with which to reproduce or mark territory.

2. And all his body. When it comes running with the arched column, the bristle tail and tangles between your legs, rubbing insistently to claim your attention. If you also add a small meow, there is no human being who does not melt.

3. When you are in the middle of your grooming and beauty session and, if you are close, clean you with your sandpaper. On average they groom themselves or use almost four hours a day to keep their skin parasites at bay. In addition to cleaning, it also helps them end knots, improve circulation and relieve stress. If when you are in the middle of your bathroom, you are close to him, how can you not get a lick? After all, he also cares about your hygiene.

4. It ‘arrepanchinga’ or grave on your lap when you are watching your favorite series on the couch. The king of the house sometimes needs his moments of solitude but, when the time comes when you sit down to watch the chapter or the movie of the day, there are few times that - with a graceful leap - he decides to make a thread between your legs to fall asleep with the warmth. This same strategy is also used in the bedroom.

5. When it looks like a revolutionized engine. That incessant purr, sometimes without needing to be caressed. In addition to showing their liking, when they emit this sound they also secrete endophins that help them calm the pain. They can produce vibrations of between 20 and 140 hertz. According to some studies, purring is beneficial for your health, as it reduces stress and maintains adequate blood pressure.

6. His nibbles and scratches. A priori it may sound the opposite unless love, but if you have a cat, you know perfectly well that it is a show of love and play. Surely you offer yourself your fingers to gently nibble on them, while looking at you with their tiny fierce eyes. He is also a fan of hiding and giving you the occasional scare.

7. When he stays planted looking at you type ‘Egyptian sphinx’. Although many times ‘go to your ball’, they are curious by nature. Hence, do not lose detail of what you do and demand your attention with a loud meow.

8. Plant your innkeepers on your face. It is another of its "subtle" ways to communicate with you and tell you how much it loves you, although this may be the most peculiar. It is possible that later get belly up ready to receive pampering.

9. It gives you a massage with its hairy legs. ‘Knead’ your legs, your arms, your face…. as if it were a bread. Yes, the same thing he has done on the cushion five minutes earlier, he also does it with you. Although many seem first class physiotherapists, some theories claim that it is a reflex act acquired during their puppy stage to express their well-being or comfort.

10. Brings you a ‘strange gift’. Especially if you live in the countryside, it sure has ever presented you with a small dead animal and left it proud near your feet. Although it is not very nice because it gives you a terrible pity the poor little bird, but you must understand that they are natural hunters.

1. Know your tastes

If you pet your cat and he doesn't like it, you will generate great stress. Therefore, you must know how affectionate it is to be able to show your affection. Start by gently caressing him in a safe place, which can be in his spine, from head to tail, and observe how he behaves.

2. Give a cat kiss

Cats give "kisses," that is, they express their affection, closing and slowly opening their eyes. Some are shy, so you can see it in the eyes and close them slowly to see if it responds.

When you are at home, making breakfast or working, talk to him. They are very receptive to human verbal communication and they like to listen to you.

6. Give prizes

Choose one day a week to give him a gift or prize, special croquettes, a toy, something that is not everyday.

Once you know the character of your cat and know if he likes contact, charge it a bit to feel your body temperature and your smell nearby.

8. Let him express his love

Many times cats express their affection by being vulnerable in front of you, that is, showing you their belly and exposing themselves on their backs. This does not mean that they want you to caress them there, so learn to know if he likes it or if you just have to observe it and understand what he says with his gestures.

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