How to treat anxiety in cats

You may think that your cat is strong, stoic, independent and, in fact, it can be, but, that does not mean that it is completely immune to attacks of anxiety, nerves and stress. In fact, cats have much in common with humans.

Items you need: interactive toys, scraper, a perch in a window, bird feeder.

    Step 1. Establish a cozy sanctuary for your cat. A great cant>

How to know if my cat has anxiety?

Anxiety, unfortunately, is not typical of humans. Our four-legged friends can also suffer at some point in their life. To know if they have it, we will have to look especially at their behavior, since it will be what changes the most. An anxious cat is a cat that is tense, alert, and can react aggressively to any stimulus.

Further, can mark with urine or even stool, or make your needs out of the tray. In severe cases, it can be compulsively groomed causing injuries or alopecia. He will not do this to punish us, but to tell us that he needs help.

I could also have the feline hyperesthesia syndrome, that is, contractions of the dorsal musculature of the trunk as a spasm, self-mutilation behaviors of the hair and / or skin, and an increase in vocalization. Even so, we have to know that these are also symptoms of other diseases, so it is best to take it to the vet to tell us what he has.

How to try to improve your mood?

The first thing to do is identify the cause of your anxiety You might have a health problem, you don't like the idea of ​​moving, or there is something or someone at home that won't let you live in peace. To know for sure, there will be nothing left to know well in what family situation we are and be aware of the cat and those who interact with him.

So you can be calm it is very important that We provide you with a place where you can go whenever you want or need it. In this room you have to have a bed, your feeder and drinker, toys and at least one scraper through which you can climb and sharpen your nails. If we do not quite convince the idea of ​​the scraper, we can choose to place shelves at different heights wrapped with raffia rope for example, but we have to put something that can be used to scratch.

If there are children at home you have to teach them to respect the cat. Humans as children have a tendency to catch everything, it is our way of exploring. But of course, we are not aware of our strength at such an early age, and unwittingly we can do a lot of damage to the furry. Because, It is very important that parents teach their children not to disturb the cat. There are things that cannot be done, such as catching his tail or putting his fingers in his eyes, much less pretending to rely on him.

Another important issue is the devote time. If you are a follower or follower of the blog you may be a little tired of always reading this same advice 🙂, but it is very important. Our friend can only be happy if he spends time, if he plays with him, if he loves him. But, yes, we must always respect the animal and not force anything. In the case that we see that the tail begins to move from side to side in a tense way, that it snorts and / or growls, that it throws its ears back and stares at us, we will leave it alone.

If we need more help, it is highly recommended to use Feliway in diffuser, which are synthetic pheromones F3 that will make you feel much more relaxed.

We hope these tips have been useful to you 🙂.