Homemade Food for My Dog to Fatten


If you are looking for feed to fatten your dog, vitamins or home remedies to fatten a fast malnourished dog, here we will give you the tips to do it correctly. Instead of buying specialized cans for low-weight dogs, the first thing is that you are able to determine why you are so thin and then proceed.

Do not forget that the digestive system of a dog is very sensitive and tend to vomit more easily than humans, that is why before giving it much food or new food at once, it is best that you do it little by little and with head. The hairy nutrition is not a game, that is why we invite you to ask our canine dietitians online, depending on their race, weight and age, what is the best way to take weight.

How to fatten a malnourished dog

What we have to do first is to ask ourselves why our dog is so thin. There are three reasons: that you do not eat enough, that you are sad or that you are sick. Lack of appetite or thinness are the first symptom of a disease, because the apathy caused by a parvovirus, a distemper or even a cold will starve your colleague.

There are many diseases that a dog can have depending on his age, some can kill him in a matter of hours, so it is important that you be fast and that if you see that his appetite is taken suddenly, take him to the veterinarian. A serious pathology that causes you to lose weight very quickly is cancer.

That is why if you encounter a dog, you adopt it and you want it to regain its weight, the first thing you have to do is not to cram it with vitamins, cans and feed for fattening, but to rule out that it is not in the bones because of an illness.

Home remedies to fatten a dog

If he is not sick, the reason he is so thin may be that he is sad. A dog is a very sensitive animal, suffers and is very empathetic. If you move him from your life, if you ignore him, do not walk or play with him enough, he will get stressed, he will not sleep well and he will also stop eating. In the long run, you will see that it is very malnourished.

Again, the solution to take weight is not to cram it to food, is to enjoy again by your side, mark a routine that you can enjoy and get your mind back. When he does, he will eat again and gain weight. Remember that a depressed dog will have a low immune system, so he will be more likely to get opportunistic infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis.

Neither vitamins, feed nor specialized cans for fattening, only good diet

Once you have confirmed that you are neither sick nor sad, it is time for you to start eating well. Contact our online dietitians and confirm that you are eating well based on their age and weight. Many dogs stop eating because they are bored of their food. It is possible that you have spent your whole life giving him only dry feed, and not good.

Instead choose a rich one, full of nutrients and of the highest quality. But, of course, do not always give him this to eat, other days offer him cans with wet food or recipes prepared by you.

Many old dogs stop eating because dry food does not activate their nose receptors, and their smell is not motivated, they do not eat. Also, sometimes, they have many boogers or warts inside their truffle that prevent them from smelling. With moist and warm food, you will recover your appetite.

How to fatten a thin dog

With two servings of food a day, your dog should have enough. As a general rule, it is understood that all the food you need is what it takes about twenty minutes to eat. If you have no appetite, it is easy to open it. In addition to the aroma of warm dishes, you will get hungry by making him run more, play more and with better quality food. With these simple tips you will get fat and regain health.

If even following these tips you recover your weight, before deciding to give you a fattening diet, always consult a veterinarian, so you will save yourself causing some damage to your delicate stomach.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians:

1. By parasites

It is possible that your dog does not gain weight because it suffers from intestinal parasites, since they feed on the nutrients found in the foods they consume. Although it usually happens that you do not notice the thinness of your pet, this because the parasites cause swelling. That is why it is important that you give antiparasitic at least 2 times a year.

2. By nerves

Another reason why your dog is underweight is nervousness. This can happen when there are changes around you, either by moving, new habits, family separation, among many others. If this is the apparent cause, it is best to consult a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and suggest how to treat this problem.

3. Due to insufficient food

One of the most common reasons for dogs to lose weight is insufficient feeding. This usually occurs when there are other pets that prevent the dog from consuming the amount of food he normally consumed. That is why it is best to watch the dog while eating and make sure that the amount of food is adequate for the dog.

1. Rice with chicken

A good homemade meal for a dog can be rice with chicken, since the combination of these ingredients provides many nutrients that benefit dogs' health. Rice on the other hand provides fiber, while meat provides protein, being an excellent option for the canine diet.

To prepare this recipe you must cook the rice in the way that is normally done, considering a time of 15 minutes for cooking. While that time passes you can prepare the chicken, making sure to choose the parts that do not have bones. To cook them you can boil them or make them grilled, then add them to the rice and the dish will be ready.

2. Meatloaf

The preparation of the meatloaf for dogs is very simple, for this you will need to boil rice and then mix it with potato chips, carrots and celery. Then you must add the chicken or beef meat and continue mixing until it is homogeneous. Then, bring the mixture to the oven and cook at 200 ° C for 45 minutes and it is ready.

3. Vegetable cream

Vegetable cream is a simple and nutritious option to make a homemade dog food. So for your dog to have a balanced diet you must include foods such as vegetables. Among the vegetable options that dogs prefer are spinach, carrots, peas, celery and auyama.

Making this special dish for dogs is very easy. The first thing you should do is make sure the vegetable that your dog fascinates you, once you know you must boil it and mash it to form a puree, if you want you can add soy milk, then you must mix very well and in this way you will have a cream that You can accompany with rice.

4. Liver with vegetable sauce

The liver is rich in vitamin B12 and proteins, which improve the formation of tissues and the functioning of the body in general, making it a great nutritional supplement for dogs. On the other hand, vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that provide fiber for digestion.

For the preparation of this recipe you can cut the liver into pieces, either raw or cooked. In case of cooking it should be at least 3 minutes. After having cut the pieces of liver you can add a sauce prepared with the vegetable that your dog likes, whether with tomato, zucchini, eggplant, onions, among others. So you will have a very complete meal.

5. Tuna roll

Tuna contains fatty acids that will help your dog to better absorb vitamins and other nutrients. That's why you can feed him tuna, especially canned.

For the preparation of a tuna roll for dogs you will only need to uncover a can of tuna and crush the contents. Then add an egg and mix very well with the tuna. Then add a glass of water, preferably hot, and mix all these ingredients. Finally, you must place on a tray and take to the oven for 10 minutes and that's it.

The most advisable thing to make a dog increase its weight is to maintain a balanced diet, since like any human being, canines need a diet that meets the nutrients required according to age, race and physical condition.

It is important that you take into account that you should not exceed your dog in his diet. Otherwise you could cause digestive problems. It would be best to consult a veterinarian, he will be in charge of indicating the necessary adjustments in terms of the quantity and needs of your dog.

Finally, make sure you are always informed about what you can do to maintain the health of your dog and always be aware of the signs that may indicate the existence of a problem. For this you can consult other articles related to the health of dogs, which, like these, give you the best tools to keep a dog healthy, happy and fit.