Discover how to fight your dog's bad breath


Bad breath is an unpleasant problem that can cause us to have an inconvenient time on more than one occasion.. In fact, it is proven that one of the most shameful moments that someone can go through happens when they say they have a bad smell.

Although some do not know, dogs can also suffer from this great inconvenience, a fact that makes them very similar to humans.

When we live a situation of this nature with our dog, it is very important to do everything possible to eliminate bad breath. However, this is not always easy. By the way, here are 5 tricks that will be very helpful to easily solve this problem.

Feed it properly

The way in which you feed your little four-legged friend is usually decisive for him to have a good or bad breath. This is why if the companion does not eat well, it will have an unpleasant smell, while if you feed it properly, it will be the opposite.

For example, If your dog eats a lot of meat, it is normal for his breath to smell terrible. This is because these foods often leave residues in their teeth, which are subsequently attacked by bacteria.

It is best to provide a diet based on dry foods such as good quality feed croquettes, instead of canned classics. This way your dog will be well fed and his breath will not smell bad.

Buy him toys

Not only will these objects help you to have fun and fight stress, but it will also allow you to have a good snout smell.

And it is that to the surprise of own and strangers, many toys for dogs also work as a kind of toothbrush It cleans the plates and removes the remaining food.

While this is something that we recommend so that your dog does not have bad breath, it is important that it starts using it as a puppy. This way you will have a pleasant oral hygiene and avoid developing the bad habit of biting things.

The toys that work best for this purpose are those made of nylon or natural rubber. This is because it massages the gums and cleans the companion's teeth thanks to its consistency.

Coconut oil to improve bad breath

For no one is a secret that There are many oils that are great for our health. However, this is something that also happens with man's best friend.

Of all you can give your dog, one of the best is coconut. This oil is fantastic thanks to a series of properties that are incredibly favorable.

In fact, This oil is extremely effective as a nutritional element and as a stabilizer of the metabolism of the little one. This is why your consumption by your pet will be essential to eliminate your bad breath.

A small scoop a day will be a more than enough dose for your dog. Not only will your oral hygiene improve, but also the shine of your hair.

Make him chew parsley

Let's accept it, at some point when we've had bad breath, there has always been someone who has recommended us to chew parsley To combat this inconvenience.

The curious detail is not only that it is one of the most effective natural remedies against this problem. It is also useful with dogs.

You did not know? Happens that This plant has properties that make it efficient against digestive problems. This causes that the one who chews it does not suffer from the feared bad smell of mouth.

If you want to do this with your dog, it is advisable to give a small chew sheet twice a week. Never offer it many times in a row, it could cause damage.

Serve fresh water

Considering that bad breath is caused by bacteria, one of the places where they can appear most often is in your cup of water.

To avoid this, you just have to make sure you always serve fresh water. In this way the bacteria will not appear in that space. That way you won't have to worry about your dog's breath.

If you follow each of these tricks, you can maintain the oral hygiene of your little friend.

The halitosis of the dogs can be eliminated in some cases, but in others it is inevitable

Halitosis is very common in dogs, but there are solutions to avoid it. For this, it is important to first know the reason for their presence. Well, this evil is cause of a bacterium It can be lodged in the mouth or stomach. Because of this, the smell can spread easily, being very unpleasant for humans, but not for them.

This reason occurs in 90% of halitosis cases. However, this problem may also arise from a bad nutrition, certain medications or any disease that generates that symptom.

In the event that it is the product of a disease or side effect of a medication, halitosis cannot be avoided. But, if the reason is neither of those two, there are tricks to solve halitosis at home.

These are some of the easiest ways to carry out: give the dog a healthy and natural food (without industrially treated products) and offer you raw fleshy bones or deer horns to remove tartar from your mouth, thus disappearing the bacteria that produce the smell.