Why do the dogs howl?


The dogs they bark but they also howl and you have wondered why. According to various studies, some dogs do it to communicate with themselves, as an alert and when they hear something strident sounds or music. Now you should know that there are dog breeds that howl more than others and can also do it for many other circumstances.

They are some of the curiosities that involve dogs' behavior. Well, another reason why they emit this sound is also due to how they feel, that is, to something that is related to their mood. For example, when they feel alone. That is, if we leave our dog all day alone at home, it may end up howling because it feels abandoned, even if it is not.

To mitigate this problem, just take it for a walk and let it interact with other dogs. Also leave your favorite toy so you can play when you feel like it. Although it is always better not to leave him alone for so long unless there really is no other remedy for it.

As well they usually do it because of anxiety, to different things, be it for defense, fear, loneliness as we just mentioned, or porque feel some pain, especially physical. In any case, if your dog howls more than normal, perhaps it is better to go to the vet because it may be due to pain and it is convenient to do a general check-up.

As we have said before, dogs usually pick up distant sounds that we have not yet perceived. They are very sensitive and this gives them hear a shrill sound somewhat strong and can bother you.

That is when, in response, they usually howl. It happens especially when an alarm goes on, they hear an ambulance, a police car, or a very loud sound that can disturb them. This can also happen when they listen to music, if it is especially loud. Their ear, so sharp, is what makes them hear all this at a much louder sound.

When howling it seems that dogs are imitating these loud sounds, although it is not something clear or finished studying, so the reasons could be many others.

There is a howl activation

There is a trigger, a factory siren, howls of neighboring dogs, or a neighbor musician ... are sounds that although some may not be heard by humans from home, can cause the dog to howl at a certain time, or simply when he hears it , generally the dog stops howling once the sound stops, in these cases we can try to help the dog through the desensitization technique, the ideal is to seek professional advice.

Boredom (the most common cause)

Some dogs howl because they feel alone, especially if they are left outside on terraces or gardens for many hours in a row, dogs, like humans, are very sociable animals and need regular interaction with their human families.

Dogs howl as a sign of anxiety, or to claim our attention

If you have no choice but to leave your dog outside for hours, make sure you spend enough time before and after, follow a routine, allow him to run, sniff and play with other dogs on a daily basis, relax and get tired After that, he will spend a lot of time resting.

Leave toys of the KONG type so that when you become active again after the nap, find a way to have fun and spend time.

We must also keep in mind that after spending hours alone, the dog will be willing to be next to his family, we should spend time, either for a walk or with us inside the home, the ideal would be to enjoy both .

In the case of having a problem with the annoying howls of our dog, it is very important that we talk to a positive educator, to help us find the cause and from there the solution.

Reasons why dogs howl

Nothing has to do with the full moon or ghosts. The reasons why dogs howl are varied and in many cases are related to their wild past. The dogs descend from the wolves and there are even some Nordic races - from the oldest ones - that do not bark directly like the others, as is the case with the Siberian husky.

Howl is a way of expressing oneself, the best known among wolves and also used by dogs. To howl, they stretch their neck upwards and point their snouts at the sky. This technique allows you to go further in the forest and warn your classmates about certain events: that there is a danger, that they have found food or that they must take shelter.

Is that why dogs howl? Actually, our pets also have other reasons to use that sound. Some of the reasons are:

1. To defend the territory

It's good to know that only alpha wolves howl and they are the ‘bosses’ of the pack. Therefore, if your dog is howling, it may be because he wants to prove that he is the boss. Some breeds use this sound to warn of the arrival of an intruder to their enclosure (home), as an alarm voice. This means that It appears as a survival and defense instinct.

4. To imitate other sounds

Perhaps you have ever witnessed the following experience: an ambulance, a police car or a fire truck passes through the street ... And your dog starts to howl! This can have two explanations. On the one hand, that the animal suffers with those sounds so loud and sharp - and is complaining - that it makes him nervous and anxious.

And on the other, that He wants to imitate what he hears, as if it were a response to the leader of the pack. Of course, because he can't know where the sound comes from and, furthermore, because this awakens his genética genetic memory ’. Your reaction will be to mimic the noise to show that you are close to who gave that warning signal.

5. To reduce anxiety

Another reason why dogs howl is like a way to calm themselves down, as if it were a lullaby or lullaby. The howl must be accompanied by certain bodily signs or actions, such as spinning on itself, biting its tail or walking from one side to the other.

6. To appease loneliness

In relation to the above, dogs can also howl when they feel alone. As you may know, this animal is happy living in a pack or group. Y Running out of company is a terrible and depressing thing.

Separation anxiety and sadness for loneliness lead him to express himself that way. It is similar to singing when we are depressed.

Finally, we cannot ignore the myths that try to answer the question of why dogs howl. Some believe that their senses more developed than those of man allow them to identify spirits, souls or ghosts. Others claim they witness disasters or deaths. None of it is scientifically proven!

A form of communication

Actually, there is a genetic component behind all this. The reason why dogs howl at sirens is because of their ancestry. Our domesticated dogs, playful and loving, actually descend from a clearly wilder animal: the wolf. And, if there is something we associate with wolves, it is their howl.

For wolves, howling is a vital form of communication to use when members of the pack are lost or dispersed, for example, during a hunt. That is, howling is a way of communicating their respective locations with each other, even over long distances. Dogs, as descendants of wolves, may be expressing this instinctive behavior.

In today's world, the dog still has the innate pack mentality. Animal behaviorists and researchers point out that the sharp ears of wolves can hear the howls of their peers and their relatives dogs from long distances, making it the preferred choice of communication.

Why dogs howl with mermaids

But what does this have to do with dogs howling at mermaids? Actually, it does have a lot to do. What happens is that Dogs will often interpret a mermaid as the howl of an animal. It is also possible that dogs consider that mermaids are a sign that something is abnormal in their environment, and that they want their owner, as leader of the pack, to realize it.

And the more a dog listens and responds to a siren, the more he will be forced to continue that behavior, so he will howl even more. This occurs because they associate that the sound moves away and disappears due to its howling. In this way, when they hear another siren again, they will probably remember that they "expelled" the intruder with their howl and repeat the process.

Some dogs will begin to howl at a mermaid, even if they recognize that it does not belong to another animal. This is usually because they want to alert their owner or other dogs that something out of the ordinary and unexpected that deserves attention is happening.

On the other hand, dogs are known for their incredible range of hearing, which is far superior to that of the human being. Some dog breeds can feel frequencies of up to 65,000 hertz, compared to the 20,000 hertz that humans can hear.

There are those who believe that they are likely to hear the siren before their masters notice it and, therefore, their sense of obligation towards their alpha - that is, their owner - is to inform them about the situation that develops.

Why not all dogs react to mermaids?

No research has been conducted to determine the exact percentage of dogs that howl at sirens compared to those that do not. But nevertheless, You don't have to be a scientist to realize that dogs, like people, are different from each other.

Maybe some dogs feel an intuitive need to connect to the sound source that the sirens suppose, they might believe that it is actually a group of dogs that communicate from afar. Other dogs can feel confident and safe where they are, and choose to ignore the sound.