The 5 smallest mammals in the world

One of the most famous tiny mammals is the pygmy shrew (sorex minutus) with 4 centimeters and a weight of 3 grams. For its size it has a voracious appetite, because it is practically spent all the time (every two hours you need to eat) by swallowing what you can, and without difficulty you are able to overcome your own weight in food every day. They are solitary animals, do not support the presence of their peers and live in burrows, as they avoid light.

But there is another mammal that measures between 2.9 and 3.3 centimeters that snatches the record from the previous one, the bee bat (craseonycteris thonglongyai), also called Kitti's pig's nose or mosquito-net bat. This bat has a weight of 2 grams and due to its small size, it is the smallest mammal in the world. He lives in Thailand and Myanmar, in lime caves near river sources.

If we take into account the weight, there is another lighter mammal, the little shrew or dwarf (suncus etruscus), which can reach a weight less than 2 grams (between 1.8 and 2.7 gr.). On the contrary, its size is larger, measuring between 3.6 and 5.3 cm. Being so light gives it the title of the world's smallest mammal.

He lives on land near rivers or where there is vegetation, being a diurnal animal. One of the curiosities about this animal is its heart rate, which reaches 1,200 beats per minute.

5. Mole American shrew

The American shrew mole It is a curious animal that lives in the humid forests of the northwestern United States. It weighs as little as 10 grams and measures about 7 centimeters, including its tail. Like all molesIt has a pointed and sharp snout, as well as long claws with which to dig its burrows. He does not lead a life as underground as his relatives, he is usually seen foraging food on the surface and even climbing some branches in search of insects.

4. Pygmy gerbil

Halfway between the mice and the kangaroo babies, the pygmy gerbil it is without a doubt, the smallest rodent on Earth. It only weighs 3 grams and measures less than 6 centimeters. He is a native of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they live in the desert areas, for which they have as adaptation long back legs that allow them to move and escape from giant predators.

3. Dwarf Opossum

Although it looks like a chinchillaactually the dwarf possum belongs to marsupials. Its weight varies from 10 to 45 grams, as well as its size, which ranges from 5 to 10 centimeters. They are nocturnal animals that use the tail to hang from the branches. When winter comes they hibernate, for which they assume a sympathetic posture, they roll up on themselves and cover their eyes with their ears. Your body's temperature and metabolism are reduced, and you don't need to eat because they have fat stored in the tail. They live in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

2. Etruscan shrew

Is the Etruscan shrew a creature so tiny that it barely weighs two grams and measures 3 to 5 centimeters. Even so, they are very greedy, spend the day eating and can ingest twice their body weight. These animals have a very high heart rate, 25 beats per second. They live in different continents, but always in wet grass fields.

1. Bumblebee bat

The bumblebee bat is the smallest mammal in the world. Its weight is just 2 grams and they measure just over 3 centimeters, almost the size of a bumblebee, hence its name. Its habitat is the limestone caves from the forests of Thailand. These places are increasingly reduced due to tourism and deforestation. Therefore, they are considered endangered animals.

No one would believe that such tiny animals could survive, but in nature it is all about finding a way to adapt to environments, so for the 5 smallest mammals in the world the evolvedn has chosen small sizes that allow them to be imposed even on predators. And as we see, it has been a success.

Sometimes, a smaller size than other species may be the best solution to survive. We explain the 5 smallest mammals in the world.

The mammals, as we are the humans, They're a animal family which is usually characterized by having relatively larger sizes to the rest of species. However, as in the rest of nature, each animal has its own characteristics. to survive in the habitat in which they are.

That is why, sometimes, a smaller size the rest of the species can better fulfill this function and that of adaptation to the environment. Let's see what are the smallest mammals in the world.

5. Mole American shrew

Unlike the other moles, the American shrew mole It does not have large front legs. It is the smallest mole that lives in North America, being able to measure up to 8 cm and weigh up to 11 grams.

Presentsa wide body, covered with a high density of fur, with some very small eyes, which almost can not see. It has four rather short but robust limbs, and a pointed muzzle with small whiskers.

It is active both day and night, stays awake for periods of between 2 and 18 minutes, and then sleep for periods of 1 to 8 minutes. Its habitat lies in western North America.

Your real name is Pygmy Gerbil from Egypt(jaculus jaculus). If we look at it well, it has a curious mixture of a lot of animals, it looks like a canary, but it adds the appearance of tiny hare, small legs in the style of kangaroos and a hamster's body.

Its appearance is the product of thousands of years of evolution in a desert and inhospitable territory. They measure 10 to 12 cm (more than 20 tail), provided with large eyes, to see at night, its weight reaches a few grams.

3. Dwarf Opossum

Also known as Tasmanian Dwarf Opossum(Cercartetus lepidus) It is the breed of this smallest mammal in the world. Although it is a marsupial, this opossum superficially it looks like a lilies.

Adults have a length that goes from 5 to 12 centimeters, with tail, and weigh only 10 to 50 grams. It is a solitary animal with nocturnal habits that is rarely seen during the day. It roams the streets searching for food near the urban centers. As a companion animal it is similar to skunks, sociable and playful.

2. Etruscan shrew

The Etruscan shrew (or shrew) It is one of the smallest mammals in the world, with a length that does not exceed 5 centimeters in adults and a weight of about 3 grams.

A) Yes, it's practically invisible in nature due to its often size and customs, very discreet and partially nocturnal. It is however, a fearsome butcher, which attacks all the prey she finds, as long as they are no bigger than her.

His fur is very soft and dark brownish gray in the dorsal area and lighter in the ventral. The tail is as long as half of the body and is covered with a short coat from which scattered hairs of greater length stand out.

1. Bumblebee bat

Also known kitti pig's nose bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai), Its about smallest bat in the world. And not only that, it also appears in the book of records as the smallest vertebrate animal. And it is that in an adult state it weighs only about two grams, and has a wingspan about thirteen centimeters.

Small in size, this species is identified by its flat snout and his nose with vertical pits similar to those of a pig, his tiny eyes, his long ears, about 9-10.2 millimeters long, his thumbs with claws and his wings wide and long. It has no tail and his mouth houses 28 teeth.