Basic tips to feed a canary


Feed a canary It is one of the basic pillars when it comes to getting our pet to feel in perfect condition. Canaries are pets that we usually have at home due to their qualities. These birds have a most characteristic song that floods the houses of those who own it, they are easy to maintain and offer us a different aura. Caring for a canary is a simple task ideal for first pets or when we do not have too much time. Take note of these tips to feed and take care of it effectively.

Steps to feed a canary

  1. The canaries are granivores, that means they feed basically on grains. We can buy them in specialized stores, although it is also advisable to vary your diet a bit. We can include in your eating routine, some chopped fruit and vegetables.
  2. The birdseed will be a staple food. This type of seed or grain is what
  3. Some days of the week we can give you a little more good vibes With fresh fruits and vegetables. The most appropriate for this type of animals are lettuce, cabbage, carrot or apple. They will love their flavor and can eat them as they please. We can put a piece and let them eat them. We will replace it to offer you a fresh product at all times.
  4. Its beak will need special attention, as will its legs. To prevent them from growing too much some are used necessary objects such as sepia bones or calcium stone. We can put it in its cage and let it be they who use it according to their needs.
  5. Water is an essential element in any human being. The one that our canaries drink should be as clean and fresh as possible. In this way we will get them to have everything they need to enjoy a full life full of good vibes.

Write down these basic cares to feed a canary and encourage them to have them as a pet. His singing and company are ideal to flood the house with a cozy atmosphere.

The nutritional needs of the domestic canary

The Serinus canaria domestica or domestic canary was created with the intervention of the human being in the seventeenth century, based on a series of wild specimens of colorful and colorful plumage.

To feed a canary there are various kinds of grain, in addition to certain types of plants and vegetables. The most common foods in your diet are usually:

As for the nutritional percentages of your diet, we can talk about 50% of birdseed, 20% of blackish and 30% of other seeds.

We cannot forget the fruits and vegetables previously mentioned, which will provide a source of water, vitamins and minerals to our pet.

How should we feed a newborn canary

The nutritional needs of the offspring of any species of animal are superior in all aspects, since they are infull development phase and they need a series of specific nutrients to grow properly.

In addition to the usual foods already mentioned, the newborn canaries require a series of nutritional supplements To help them in their growth.

The mother usually crushes and regurgitates the food she has available to feed the newborn chicks. Thus, The parents' diet must also change. The mother usually crushes oatmeal, some fruit or vegetables and some type of food with animal proteins.

To incorporate these animal proteins into your diet, we can use jelly, chicken hard-boiled egg or crushed sepia bone, as well as live insects that the mother will process and regurgitate correctly to feed her chicks carefully.

The feeding of the parents during the process of reproduction is also important for the proper development of the eggs. Try to include foods rich in animal proteins mentioned above from intercourse, so that the eggshell forms properly.

Food and alternative practices

During winter, or during certain periods of stress, which may include both the breeding season and a move, you may have to complete your pet's diet to help his immune system.

As a granivorous bird, the canary crushes the grains it eats in an organ called gizzard. To help them crush the grains more effectively we can provide sand or gravel, which they naturally eat freely to better undo the grains in the gizzard.

Another alternative incorporation to feed a canary are thewild plants. There are certain types of plants that can eat perfectly at home, namely:

  • Dandelion
  • Nettles
  • Alfalfa
  • Chickweed Grass

Finally, do not forget that you can incorporate foods rich in animal protein by making a paste with crushed hard-boiled egg and cereals, which will help them gain weight and Prepare for low temperatures.

How to feed a canary according to its life cycle

All feathered pets require care that ensures their full development, keep their flight restless and the grace of their loud singing.

Birds are unconventional in regard to their care compared to other types of animals such as dogs and cats, requiring more attention to their diet depending on the phase in which it is.

What do the canaries eat?

Your preferences are varied including fruits, vegetables, insects, and even various types of seeds.

The seed that serves par excellence for the nutritional purposes of birds is the birdseed, which has abundant carbohydrates. Specialized literature also refers that oatmeal, flax, rapeseed and blackish can be part of your menu.

The feeding of the young of the canaries

When they are just young, it is recommended to serve moistened bread and, eventually, milk soups that provide them with the calcium necessary to strengthen their bones.

It is essential to take into account that these soups should be served without green foods that can cause damage to your health, in addition to discarding as soon as possible that portion that is not consumed.

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Feeding during the "molt"

When it goes to the "molt" phase, that is, when new feathers begin to sprout, we must take certain special precautions. This phase in the species is stressful and lasts between one and three months.

Among the precautions that must be taken so that this process passes with all the guarantees, and let's ensure that our canary enjoys an abundant and complete plumage, it is suggested that they be present in their diet chopped carrot and lettuce seeds.

Once the initial plumage has fallen, we must take care that its diet is composed of wheat and egg pasta.

Once this stage is finished, you can start to be fed by the different mixtures offered by pet stores (here our selection of food for canaries)

If the breeder is interested in making his own mixture, he can choose according to his economic possibilities and access to the components between a mixture of seeds consisting of four parts of birdseed, three of turnip, two of corn and one of hemp seeds, and another more varied composed of 50% of birdseed, 20% of blackish, 10% of reddish nabine, 10% of hemp seed, 6% cardillo, 2% oatmeal and 2% linen.

Feeding during playback

Once our canaries have entered the reproductive age, they need high doses of protein and vitamins in which bread and hard-boiled eggs are especially important.

There is a mixture that is recommended for the nutrition of the canary at this stage consisting of: egg, bread, turnip seeds and carrot. It is important to emphasize that this mixture should be spongy, since if it were very compact they could not be ingested.

To complete their nutrition, the canaries must feed three to five days a week with a wide variety of vegetables and fruits such as escarole, apple, arugula, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, orange and banana, They contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for their development.

These should be carefully washed and cut into small pieces adapted to the size of the bird's beak, so that it can be consumed without problems.

As in the case of feeding during its initial phase of life, the portion of the ration not consumed during feeding should be removed.

The feeding during its development

Expert breeders recommend, in addition to the aforementioned care, to provide them Vitamin supplements powder type omega 3, omega 6, honey, brewer's yeast and nabine in breeding pastas which are nothing more than mixtures that enhance their development.

Another element that is important is the use of ears with different types of seeds that are placed in the cage, thus obtaining their food in the same way that they would find it in nature if they were free.

Peak wear

It is important that the canary has its material scope as sepia bones or a calcium stone that can be obtained in pet stores so you can wear your beak.

The importance of hydration in the canaries

Getting our canaries to stay properly hydrated is essential for the full development of their plumage, and needless to say, so that it is radiant health.

To maintain its hydration, water clean and fresh must be present permanently as part of the furniture in its cage, in drinking fountains specially designed for hot weather.

Beyond these considerations, it is necessary to keep a watch on their behavior in order to detect any sudden changes in their health, and likely to be consulted with the veterinarian, who will be the one who can clarify all your doubts about how to raise and feed your canaries, and will always give you the best recommendations for your pets to shine brimming with health.

Enjoy your canaries!

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