How to choose a nursery for my cat


The cat is a very clean animal and the food is usually administered throughout the day, so we can leave it all day alone at home, even if we are going to spend the weekend outside. When the trip is longer than two or three days, the recommendation is to leave it in a nursery specialized in your care.

These considerations are not applicable for dogs, since dogs need to go out two or three times every day to make their needs to the park and for this reason it is even advisable to leave them in the nursery to spend the day if we go from the point of the morning until late afternoon.

However, the advice is exactly the same for all types of PET, dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, hamster, bird, turtle ...

The recommendations are two:

  1. That the center where we leave it strictly comply with the LAW. It must be a zoological nucleus recognized by the DGA, they must issue the corresponding invoice and also must have an agreement with a veterinarian that guarantees compliance with the LAW and can recognize a disease in case your cat or cat becomes ill.
  2. That you visit that center and that they explain the conditions in which they will take care of your pet and that they show you the facilities and in particular the accommodation provided for your cat or cat

It is very important to follow these recommendations to be sure that your friend will be in good hands and not have unpleasant surprises.

This is why cats bite when they are petted

However, if this alternative is not viable, there are many daycare services for cats that you can use, although before using them it is pertinent to make some revisions.

  1. Ask for recommendations: Gatero friends can suggest a service they have used. So you can count on the advice of someone you trust who will give you enough security to leave your pet in the nursery facilities that they recommend. Asking the veterinarian for advice is also a good option.
  2. Visit the places: Obviously, even if you trust the criteria of your loved ones or the professional that takes care of the health of your pet, you should make a personal inspection to the place they recommend to verify the hygiene conditions, the suitability of the staff, how are the sites in where they house the cats and if they have good ventilation, towers, scrapers and various games to spend their days in a pleasant way. In addition, observing other animals that are housed in the place will give you an idea about whether they have a good time or not.
  3. A previous test: If the trip will take one or several weeks, it is recommended that you leave your pet in advance at the chosen site to find out if your pet has a good experience. It is even important for the cat to understand that it is a temporary change of residence and that its owner will return for him.
  4. Contact information and characteristics of the pet: If the nursery for cats passes the test, it is very important that you leave the contact phone number of someone nearby in the city who can go if an emergency occurs. In addition, you should inform if your pet requires special care when feeding, grooming or has a particular health condition. Ideally, inform the caregivers about any condition of the pet and provide them with their concentrate if, for example, you have a diet for neutered, overweight or sick cats.
  5. Have the approval of the health authority: Like any animal handling center, the nursery for cats must have certificates that allow it to provide temporary pet shelter. It must be in a visible place and if you can't find it, ask the administrator or manager to show it to you.

Finally, never leave your pet alone at home without the supervision of a person. While cats are independent and can spend a day or two alone, it is necessary for someone to be aware of their needs. In addition, felines can be depressed in the absence of their owners.

Be for the vacations of Easter, mid-year or December, At any time of year When planning a trip, if you have a pet, you should think ahead of time where or under the care of who will leave your animal. In case you need a nursery for catsIt is important that you keep in mind some recommendations so that the experience does not become a trauma for your feline.

The first thing to know is that cats are territorial animals, to whom any change in their habitat causes stress. That's why the first option should always be leave them under the supervision of a family member, friend or nanny (or) You can go through your residence to feed them, change the water and clean the litter box. This will prevent displacements that disrupt their daily lives and can cause discomfort in animals.

Tips for choosing the res>

The idea is that your dog has a comfortable, entertaining and trauma-free stay While waiting for your return. So:

- Consult family and friends to recommend places where they have had good experiences in this regard. The veterinarian can also be a good source of information.

- You must Search ahead and visit several places to make a good comparison.

- Although the rates will depend on the services offered - some residences have even a swimming pool and have closed circuit television so you can see your pet through the Internet -, distrust the excessively cheap.

Once in place, you have to observe carefully:

- The hygienic-sanitary conditions of the facilities. If it is not clean, better go to the next option.

- The state of housed dogs. They must be happy, neat and have clean water at their disposal.

- If the residence has a veterinary service and a license that authorizes the development of its activity. Ask, if this data is not visible.

- Let there be ample spaces for dogs to play and exercise. Also check if they are taken for a walk and under what conditions.

- That the establishment has good ventilation and air exchange –To avoid infections of respiratory diseases– and that it has heating.

- That the floors are not porous, so that they do not harbor remains of urine and parasites.

Pay special attention to the cages intended for pet shelter. They must be wide and individual, to avoid possible incidents with other animals. If you have more than one dog, you can request larger enclosures to place them together so they don't miss so much.

Also, make sure that the cages have shade and roof, that allow the observation of the other dogs and the caretakers and that they have a space so that your dog can move away and rest peacefully. Also check the option of leaving your pet with a blanket and a toy of your choice, so that you feel more comfortable. They should not deny you this possibility.

It is also essential that the place has permanent surveillance - day and night - to that animals are always safe. Do not forget to find out this detail.

What should you expect from a good canine residence

A reliable place, in turn, has to:

Demand your health card that certifies that your dog is vaccinated and dewormed.

- Ask for more than one contact phone number, in case of an emergency. Ideally, in addition to yours, leave the number of a relative who lives near the nursery.

- Provide a contract where, in addition to the price per day of accommodation, indicate the conditions in which your pet will reside and the commitments that will be taken for their care.

- Request different information about your dog: type of food, character, way of relating to their peers, attitude towards strangers, a special need, if they suffer from diseases or allergies, or if they are taking any medication.

The establishment managers need to know as much information as possible about your pet in order to ensure their good stay. You should be suspicious if they don't ask for them.

If the residence is good, your dog will adapt to it, at most, in a couple of days, and quickly get used to the new daily routine. He won't miss you, of course. But, if you can have a good time, it is convenient that you always choose the same place again.

1. Research and ask

When we look for the best nursery for our pet, It is best to be guided by the general opinion of our friends or neighbors. Therefore, we recommend that before deciding on one or the other, ask other people who have a cat and have already taken their pet to a nursery at some other time.

2. Make a visit always before booking

If you have already decided to which nursery you want to take your pet, do not hesitate to make a brief visit to this center first, and request that they show you the facilities. In this sense, it is important that you look closely at the state in which the animals are: if they are well cared for and neat, if the cages are wide enough, if they have water and food, if the residence has open areas for Pets can go out to exercise. etc.

3. Make a general assessment after the visit

Once you've visited the cat nursery, it's your turn to take a brief balance on how you've seen this place. In this sense, you have to assess especially the general care that pets present and also the facilities (cleaning, spaciousness, ventilation of the premises.).

It is also recommended that you look carefully at the state in which the food and water that animals have. That is, if they have clean water and the food looks fresh.

4. Leave your contact information

When you have finally chosen the best nursery for your cat, you must leave all your contact information there when making the reservation. Further, It is recommended that you also leave the contact details of a relative or close friend, in case from the nursery they could not locate you in case of your cat's illness or accident.

5. Book early

Always remember that on certain dates of the year such as summer months or Christmas holidays, Residences and nurseries for pets usually have almost all their reserved places. Therefore, make sure you always book well in advance, and in this way you will not find last-minute surprises before embarking on your trip or your vacation.