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Although ferrets are clean animals by nature, sometimes they can get very dirty, so much so that they need to take a bath.

If you do not know the necessary materials or the steps you must follow, you have entered the appropriate site, in this article of Animal Expert we explain how to bathe a ferret step by step, with useful advice throughout the process.

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To start you should know that you should not bathe the ferret in excess. These small mammals have a natural protective layer on their skin and too frequent washing can damage their dermis. As minimum let a month pass between washing and washing.

You can prevent it from getting too dirty by brushing it regularly and using wet wipes to remove small details of dirt. Too frequent washing also accentuates the ferret's bad smell.

Using the right materials is essential, for this look in the market specific shampoo for ferrets. This way you will make sure you are protecting your skin.

Prepare everything before:

Once you have all the necessary materials for the ferret bath you can already fill the bucket of warm waterIn this way, your pet will feel at ease and assimilate the bathroom as a positive process. You can also bathe him in the sink or in the same bathtub.

If you have never bathed your ferret before, you must be patient and very positive so that your little ferret Do not be afraid of getting into the water. This should reach a reasonable height so you do not feel drowned. Do as if it were a game, always without stress.

Relax your ferret in the water until it is very wet and then apply the shampoo. Rub gently and without harming use your nails to deep clean. You can also help yourself with a small ferret brush to remove the remains of dead hair.

Make sure you don't clean your face with soap, it could get into your eyes, mouth or ear. At the end, rinse well until the soap remains are removed.

When you finish, dry your ferret with one of the towels You have already prepared. You can also stack several towels and let your ferret get in the middle and dry itself, you will see how you enjoy this moment.

If it is winter you can use a dryer at a very low temperature to finish drying it, a cold can be very harmful For your ferret. In the market there are also dryers without noise for scary pets.

Clean the cage, the ground and in general the spaces through which your ferret travels regularly to prevent it from getting dirty again. Keep telling yourself about your favorite animal by visiting solutions for an aggressive ferret or ferret molt.

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How to bathe a ferret

When bath time comes, ferrets, like many other animals, can be very scared and stressed, or otherwise very happy ...

This is basically based on the fact that domestic ferrets are in their cage or loose by case, but they never have direct contact with water (less with the water they use to drink).

This means that the first dip will be something new for our ferret and they usually react with a lot of fear.

How often do I bathe my ferret?
The skin of ferrets produces body oils, which are partly the cause of their smell. But by bathing them, we remove those oils and make our ferret's skin get to work to produce more oils. This means that if we bathe it very often, the skin will get used to produce more oils and our ferret will smell more.

Therefore, it is also common, that just after bathing, our ferret smells more, even more than before, before its organism calms down a bit and its oils “settle” a bit.

It is advisable to bathe at most once a month, although against more we can endure better, unless it has become dirty outside the house with mud or something like that.

Steps to bathe the ferret:

  1. Have everything ready before bathing
    Before removing the ferret from the cage or putting it in the bathroom, we have to have everything ready. Basically we will need:
    • A ferret champoo
    • Fill a bowl or bathtub with warm water. With a height of 10cm to cover half the body is enough. (When our ferret gets used to the water, and if he likes, we can put more so he can swim and play)
    • Have a towel ready to dry a little after bath.
    • We can put some of his rubber toys in the water to recognize some smell.
  2. Show him the water
    Before starting the bath, we can put it little by little, and leave it a couple of minutes to get used to the water and become familiar with it. We can play with it a little in the water. Possibly, as he will not be used to playing with him in the water he will try to climb our arm to get out of there.
  3. Soaping
    We can start with lathering. For this we can take it with one hand, and out of the water, give a massage with soap throughout your body. It is advisable to separate it well from the body and that it is with its back to us so that it does not try to hold on to us.
  4. Cleared up
    When it is ready, we can leave it again in the water so that it will clear up a bit, taking care not to get too much soap in the eyes, although ferret-specific soaps are already prepared so that they do not irritate their eyes. Finally, we will take it and we will clarify it by hand with care that the water does not come out very strongly.
  5. Drying
    It is best to empty the bucket of water or the bathtub, and leave it a little in your air so that it shakes and dries a little, so he will only remove the “fatter”. Then we take it and dry it with the towel. It can also be dried with the dryer, being very careful with the hot air so as not to burn it. The dryer is not highly recommended if we see that our ferret is very scared, because we would stress it more ...
  6. Brushed
    After a good bath, nothing better than a good brushing to give the final touch to our ferret, and remove all his loose hairs .. We will also relax a little.
  7. A good prize!
    After all this battle, we only have to reward our ferret with a good prize for how well he has done it !!