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If you have decided to adopt a Siamese puppy cat or you already have one, you should know that it is a long-lived, strong and normally very healthy cat that also grows at an unusual speed.

Taking into account that the life expectancy of a Siamese cat is around 20 years, we can say that they are long-lived. Since Siamese cats are strictly home-based and do not usually roam the street, as is the case with other cat breeds, they are not usually infected with common diseases among stray cats.

Preserve its fantastic physical characteristics with a good diet, and you will see that the care of the Siamese cat is very simple. If you continue reading Animal Expert, you will learn the most appropriate ones correctly Siamese cat care.

Veterinary control of the Siamese cat

It is imperative that you recently adopted your little Siamese, a veterinarian visits it so that assess your health status and check that you have no obvious physical or genetic alteration. If you do it shortly after adopting it, you can claim the seller in case of any deficiency of origin.

The calendar of vaccinations for cats a day and the periodic reviews On the part of the physician they are absolutely necessary for your Siamese to live safely and comfortably. Visiting the specialist every 6 months will be enough.

Siamese cat feeding

Depending on the age of the Siamese cat when you adopt it, one type of feeding or another will be given. The vet will give you the food guideline to follow.

Normally Siamese cats should not be adopted before three months of life. In this way, by living with the mother and siblings, you will learn from her good habits and grow balanced. It is very important that mame naturally to be a very healthy cat later.

At first they can be fed, after weaning, with fresh food and balanced feed. The ham and the sliced ​​turkey crackles. Do not give them these last two foods by holding them between their fingers, since when eating with frenzy they will not be able to notice when the slice ends and your appetizing fingers impregnated with delicious chicken or turkey flavor begin.

During your adult stage we will provide you with quality feed, basic for good development and high quality of the mantle. Finally, in your old age, we will offer you senior food that meets your old age needs.

Living with the Siamese cat

Siamese cats they are extraordinarily intelligent. They are gregarious pets that like the company of other pets and human beings.

Siamese cats can live with other pets. They are not afraid of dogs and know how to get them to get along with them in their home. With humans they are very affectionate and sociable, striving to receive caresses and cuddles on the slightest occasion.

They are extraordinarily clean and communicative. It is 24 hours learn due use of sand. When they lack water or food, they do not hesitate to claim it from humans through persistent meowing. If you do not attend to them immediately they will look for life, and there is no place in your kitchen, or any faucet in the house, out of reach thanks to the extraordinary agility and its prodigious jumps.

Siamese cats love to play with children, and support patients with all kinds of manipulations.

Siamese cats have a dense and silky coat of short hair. It is convenient that brush a couple of times a week. If you do it every day it will take less than a minute to remove dead hair and your Siamese will be pleased and loved. You should use brushes for short-haired cats.

To preserve the quality of the mantle it is convenient that your Siamese cat consumes foods rich in Omega3. You should carefully read the composition of the feed and verify that they are rich in this food. If you give them salmon or sardines, don't do it raw. Boil these fish before offering them to your cat.

They should not bathe frequently. Every month and a half or two will be enough. If you notice that your Siamese cat hates water, you may have to try tricks to clean it without bathing it.

Be careful to scold them!

Cats in general and Siamese in particular they don't conceive of being quarreled if they are not caught with their hands in the dough, as they say vulgarly.

An example: you catch it just in the moment that with its facinerous fingernails it is scattering the edge of a sofa, right next to the brand new and unpolished scraper that you bought so that it did not gut the sofa. You must hold it against the destruction and utter a dark and silent Noooo! Then the cat understands that you don't like that the side of the sofa disappears. Perhaps, he will think, you would prefer that the destruction be done on the opposite side, as if to compensate for the appearance of the soft furniture.

The important thing will be to keep intact the toy so cute that you have brought it and that with such effort resists scratching. To do this, better teach him to use the scraper.

If you don't quarrel at the time of the wrongdoing, they will never understand why you wear a basilisk and cry on the couch. There are some Siamese who are spiteful, so I will tell you a story repeatedly lived with my first Siamese:

The story of Spock, the vindictive Siamese cat

The second pet I had was a little Siamese cat that I adopted on the Ramblas in Barcelona last century. When I arrived home and took that tiny being out of the perforated box, I saw that it had a pig's tail, which was quite common in the Siamese of that time in establishments that offered pets from mediocre farms.

Apart from this detail, Spock was gorgeous and more alive than hunger. She spent hours fighting against herself reflected in the mirror that paneled a gardener in the living room. He also liked football, as during the games he climbed on the television and upside down he tried to catch the dancing ball with his claws until I for the third or fourth time lowered it from the apparatus. This is how she spent her childhood, Gatuna Spock, until she matured, she became an adult and realized that neither fights nor football produced the immeasurable pleasure that was achieved by defrosting the sofa. My dear sofa.

I, who was still young at the time and didn't know anything about positive reinforcement and other educational ways, folded a newspaper and shouting like an energetic man I gave Spock a loud whip that at that time was sleeping on an armchair. The cat fled with the hairs of the tail tawny, terrified. For about an hour, he was not seen in his usual area, which was the living room where the triplet was, the TV, the mirror planters, and dark glass and stainless steel shelves.

After a while I noticed that Spock was up on the highest shelf of the smoked glass shelf. It was unusual for me to be sitting there, hieratic and staring at me. When I looked away from the TV and fixed my surprised direct gaze on the cat, it with a swift blow of its paw pushed one of the multiple sea shells of my collection, exposed on that shelf, into the void. Spock disappeared like lightning after the vindictive wrongdoing and for a long time he dared not appear in the room. When he returned he climbed into my lap and through a sweet meow and a purr he showed me that he had already forgiven me, and that it was she (after my wife), who was in charge at home.

This scene happened dozens of times, until I kept my suffering collection of shells inside a showcase. I also changed the sofa.

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Affection and company

The Siamese is a cat that wants to be with his family. You can get used to being alone for a few hours, but then we have to give him a lot of love and play with him so he can feel good, that you can feel calm. In animal stores we will find many types of cat toys that he will have fun with ... but we do too 😉.

Although it is difficult to train a cat, it is not so much to teach him that he should not do according to what things, such as biting or scratching. To teach this, we must start from the first day to set limits, and not let it hurt us. We must think that with two months it may not do much for us, but after about a year it can cause us injuries, so, you always have to put a toy between our hand and him to learn that it is the toy that can bite and ‘attack’, and not us.

Hygiene and health

You have to leave a hygienic tray where you can go to do your needs, and clean your eyes with a wet wipe for animals or with a gauze moistened in an infusion of chamomile. In addition, we must brush it daily in order to remove dead hair.

On the other hand, whenever we suspect that he is ill, it will be convenient to take him to the veterinarian for examination.

So, our life with a Siamese cat will be amazing. Sure 😉.

What should a Siamese cat eat? Is this breed more prone to disease? Discover the keys to caring for a Siamese cat.

Is the Siamese cat affectionate? Is this breed more prone to disease? In 1955 it was released ‘The Lady and the Tramp' from Walt Disney, two Siamese cats that sing one of the songs from the soundtrack come out in the movie. These characters perfectly reflect the personality of this breed. Smart, social, demanding, agile and mischievous. Siamese people are very active and love to play. In another article we talk about how to take care of a winemaker dog, today about Siamese cats.

Siamese cat history

The origin of this breed is very old but it is not known exactly, there are theories that claim that this breed originated in Ancient Egypt more than 3000 years ago. They are based on the similarity of Siamese cats with the goddess Egyptian cat-shaped Bast. However, there is no evidence to verify this statement.

The most likely theory about the breed of Siamese cats drifting from ancient siam now thailand Where does your name come from. Only kings and nobles were allowed to have these animals that had a very special role in palace life as ‘spiritual guardians’. If I thought that if someone important died the cat of that house was chosen to receive and house his soul. The family of the dead person paid the maintenance of the cat throughout his life, as it was considered it would bring good luck.

Keys to caring for a Siamese cat

They are basic care so that your cat is comfortable and grows healthy. Remember this cat He is very active and likes to ‘explore’ on his own.

    When they have few months

Ideally, the cat is at least 13 weeks old or older when you adopt it. Kittens that wean very quickly tend to grow weak and have a better chance of getting sick. If you doubt what you should feed him, ask the veterinarian. Don't give them cow's milk, is not suitable for them. In pet stores you can find milk maternized for cats.

You can also try (to get out of the way if the kitten is very hungry and you should consult the veterinarian):

    Make a mixture of 250 ml of milk without dilute lactose> Visit the vet

You have to check the general state of the animal. Vaccinate and deworm if the cat has not gone through these processes. As with breed dogs, there are certain breeds in cats that have a greater genetic predisposition to suffer from certain diseases. Congenital heart defects can occur in Siamese with aortic stenosisto. Also asthma or bronchial problems and a disease called ‘amilo> Water and food

The cat must eat three times deliver> Bed and sand tray

Having a cat at home you will have to buy certain things necessary for your wild> Scratcher

The cats They need to scratch to sharpen their nails. If you do not prepare them something to scratch they will look for it at home. A piece of soft wood such as cork serves you or buy a scraper in specialized stores.

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