Symptoms that a fish is dying and what to do


Fish, like every living being, are also vulnerable to some diseases, which, in some cases, are treatable, so it is also important to prevent them.

The most common fish diseases are those caused by parasites, which usually occur below the body surface, explains the shop

Some of the symptoms are white spots and the presence of worms, in addition to that when the fish are infected by parasites, it is likely to observe that they move their fins abruptly and quickly or they try to scratch their bodies against the aquarium rocks, because The scales suffer from irritation that causes them itching.

On the other hand, this type of evil can affect the gills, which creates a great difficulty for the fish to breathe naturally. In addition, they swim very close to the surface of the water.

These diseases can be treated with specialized products that are added to the aquarium water, but it is always convenient to consult with the veterinarian.

Other frequent conditions are those that cause some varieties of fungi, although generally only the fish that are weak or stressed are those who contract them. Therefore, it is essential to permanently check the appearance of fungi in the water of the fish tank.

Another way to attract these fungi are the injuries caused by fights between the fish, and one of the common symptoms through which we can detect them is that they begin to appear similar growths to a piece of algids, of a grayish color in some parts of the body and especially in the dorsal fins. The treatment in this case is also carried out through different specially prepared products.

Other diseases include bacterial diseases, which can manifest themselves in the form of ulcers, lumps of a very strong red color or even rotting of scales and fins. However, it is easy to counteract these conditions by taking into account that there are many products that will help to carry out this work, however, if it is a truly advanced infection, it is likely that the veterinarian should give you some antibiotics.

One of the most well-known diseases of fish, of viral origin, is lymphocytosis which manifests itself through white spots, very similar to grape clusters, on the body and fins of the fish.

In any case, it should be noted that this disease is rarely lethal, but currently no treatment has been found against it.

Therefore, it is recommended to make aquarium hygiene a priority, in addition to the fact that fish must be completely free of stress, so that they do not lower their defenses and are much more vulnerable to contracting one of these conditions.

How to prevent them?

First of all, you have to buy the fish in a pet store with a good reputation and you have to look very well at the appearance of the animal so as not to acquire any sick fish that can infect others.

Generally, when new fish arrive in the aquarium, it is best to keep them in quarantine for a month, so we will need an additional aquarium to achieve this.

Always be aware of the state in which the water of our aquarium is located, in addition to that we also have to ensure that the conditions of the same are indicated for the species that are found there.

On the other hand, we should not place too many fish in an aquarium, nor should we buy species that are not compatible with those we already have. In the event that any of our fish is dying or is dead, we must remove it immediately from the aquarium since this can be a focus of fish diseases and the others could spread quickly.

Another excellent way to prevent fish diseases is to provide them with a balanced diet with foods specially prepared for fish of the highest quality.

Most common symptoms that a fish is dying

The first thing you have to know is where to look. The parts of the body where we can find clues to a possible death or illness are the fins, the abdomen, the state of its tail, the color of its own body and its eyes. You also have to be very aware of his behavior, of how nothing and in what position he does.

We say this because if you see that nothing sideways and even with the abdomen pointing to the ceiling you may be suffering a collapse of your system. That is to say, the way your fish behave is key. Remember that they can suffer a lot of stress or anxiety, which aggravates their state of health. An aquarium adapted to your needs, the right amount of oxygen, having the right partners and a good diet will always help.

How to save a fish that is dying

The two most easily visible symptoms that we are facing an illness, we have to look for them in your body and in your fins. Is there an infection? Sometimes blood can flow from them, being possible that it is a virus, a bacterium and even a fungus has caused it. Watching for this infection and isolating it quickly in case you have it can save the lives of others.

Another worrying symptom is that you show wounds on them or are different, such as bulges. Daily, worry about examining everything is how to plant. As for your belly, it is worrying so much that it is inflated, as if it had air, but also that it is contracted, inwards. Fish can suffer many feeding problems, these two clues are telling you that you are doing something wrong.

Our online veterinarians will inform you what kind of food you have to give and in what quantity to recover your health. Ask us your question indicating age, type of fish and all the data you deem appropriate, so you will save it.

Symptoms that my fish is sick

Another of the symptoms that a fish is in danger of death if you do not do something you will find in a change in its skin. Fish have to maintain a healthy pigmentation, but it can get dark or turn white. Occasionally, because of the presence of fungi, you may end up suffering from white spot or spot disease, They also require your attention if you do not want to be spread throughout the aquarium.

In addition to all these symptoms, another crucial clue is in his eyes. Learn from memory the size, shape and penetration in your flesh when you arrive at your home. We tell you because these can sink, be more bulging than normal and even show as with a film that gives them some opacity. All these symptoms require the attention of a specialistAgain, we recommend you ask us for help.

Why do fish stay at the bottom without moving?

There may be cases in which your fish does not move and is on its side, that does not move but still breathes or that the day is floating sideways. These symptoms are usually due to a disease related to your swim bladder, and are usually fatal. Fortunately, they do not always lead the animal to death, but many times.

If your fish has these behaviors, the first thing you have to do is isolate it. This will allow you to rest in a fish tank where you have no stress or anxiety. Leave it fasting a little and then improve your diet, as they are usually problems related to your digestive system.

How to resuscitate a dying fish?

Follow this same process if you have any fish that presents these symptoms, clean the impurities that may have on the body and gills with care and hygiene, then Get in touch with our online veterinarians to get more information.

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