How to care for my pregnant dog?

A pregnant dog should receive all the necessary nutrients not only for her to remain in perfect health, but also for the pups to have a good development. Thus, It is very important to give you quality food, with a high percentage of meat (70-80%) and no cereals.

As for the quantity, the ideal is to add half a serving more than we normally would. For example, if before we were pregnant we gave 200 grams of dry feed, now we will give 300.

It is true that during pregnancy you should avoid doing intense exercises, but your bitch will still need to go for a walk every day and play with you. Exercise will help you stay fit for pregnancy, as well as happy.


During this important stage, you must take it to the veterinarian for a complete review. Maintaining good health is essential for everything to go well, especially during pregnancy. In addition, it is convenient that you speak with the professional to decide if you are going to allow her to give birth at home or if you are going to take her to the clinic or the veterinary hospital.

Give a lot of love

This is something that should always be done, but when the dog is pregnant, she needs to feel more loved if possible. Thus, every day you have to let her know how much you love her, giving him pampering and speaking in a cheerful and soft voice.

Likewise, not to be scolded, much less behave violently with her. By this I do not mean that you have to allow it all, but rather that you have to be very patient and be very respectful, but not only now, but during all the days of your life.

With these tips, surely everything will be fine 🙂.

How should I feed my dog?

It is not advisable to change the diet in the first two weeks of pregnancy, unless the veterinarian indicates otherwise. This to avoid an accelerated development of puppies that could put the lives of our pets at risk.

The diet should be balanced, remembering that homemade food cannot confer enough nutrients, so it is recommended that you feed it specially designed for dogs. If nausea, loss of appetite or vomiting appear, it is due to the growth of puppies in the uterus, so it is advisable to serve small doses of food several times a day.

By the sixth week, it may be necessary to increase the amount of food compared to its normal consumption, just like the eighth week. It is not recommended that you pregnant dog gain a lot of weight since this would affect your health and that of the litter. This is why it is recommended that a specialist guide you in your diet.

What with the exercises?

Another issue that usually worries owners is whether their loyal companion can continue with their usual routine of exercises or walks in the park. Again, remember that you are pregnant and not sick. Within the first six weeks you can continue with your normal walking or jogging routine, after this period it is wise to slow down.

Take into account the best weather to go for a walk with her. Another good exercise could be to play with her. Showing your affection and strengthening ties with your dog will allow her to let you help her while the puppies are born. Remember that it is important that you let her rest as much as she needs, to regain strength, since pregnancy can be exhausting for her.

How do I prepare for childbirth?

Your pet knows what to do, but it doesn't hurt to take certain considerations if you plan to be born at home. Making or buying a bed for childbirth, this has to be a cozy and quiet place where she can hide to have her litter. It is necessary to know that if they spend two hours with the dog bidding without the puppies being born, the veterinarian must be called. Every 20 minutes a puppy must be born and each one has its own placenta.