Does my dog ​​follow me everywhere?


After adopting a dog and, if we have never had one before, we can quickly realize that the animal does not stop follow us wherever we go. Perhaps this situation bothers you or you are only looking for an answer to their behavior. For this reason, in ExpertAnimal we will explain the causes that generate this behavior in the dog.

Discover below why your dog follows you everywhere, what does this behavior really mean and some important details that you should know as the owner. You can not lose this!

The dog, a social animal

Dogs are characterized by being very sociable animals, a feature that has also been sought and enhanced during its domestication and upbringing. For that reason, it is not surprising that they constantly seek our attention and affection, even more than towards other members of the same species.

Dogs see in us a reference figure that gives them security. Especially in places few known to him, it is completely normal for him to follow us, both to avoid getting lost and to continue having at his side this figure that is a "safe base" for them, something that directly influences their well-being.

Once inside the house, the dog follows us to see what activities we do, one more way of enrich your day to day and get out of the monotony. Even so, they may also follow us to make sure they can pick up some crumbs that have fallen in the kitchen or to try to participate in what we do.

Dogs tend to follow to those who provide the comforts or privileges inside and outside the house. In addition it is necessary to add that a dog will not only follow an owner for all that material or physical, this behavior is marked, in addition to all these privileges, by the love and affection We provide you.

What to do if our dog follows us everywhere and we don't like it?

If you have decided to adopt a puppy or a dog from the animal shelter As an adult, it is normal for you to observe this behavior in an exaggerated way. You must ask yourself if this attitude bothers you or not, and most importantly: if it is the result of a behavioral problem. Many owners feel comfortable to feel the support of the dog behind you, others instead do not accept the perpetual and silent company of the pet.

Follow these tips if you want prevent your dog from always following you:

  1. To start working, your dog must learn two basic orders: what are sit and stand still. Learning all kinds of basic orders for dogs is essential for them to understand what you expect from him.
  2. You will always use positive reinforcement in the training of these orders. You must have patience and perseverance. Remember that a mentally stimulated dog will be a healthy and happy dog. For this reason, in addition to teaching essential basic orders for your daily routine you will generate more confidence and gradually observe a decrease in the dependent attitude. Reward him whenever he deserves it and has done a good job.
  3. Accept your company. Remember that a dog is a social animal. Stop playing with him if he hurts you or if you are tired but do not avoid interacting with him often. Teach him orders and tricks and congratulate him if he plays with other pets. It is very important that you feel socialized and happy.
  4. You can try to reduce dependence on you by adopting a second dog in a shelter.

Always remember that the natural dog attitude It is the coexistence in group. Although there are more distant dogs and others that are more attached, everyone needs to interact and enjoy the company with other humans and dogs.

When to follow becomes a behavior problem

Beyond our favorable or unfavorable attitude towards our dog following us everywhere, there is another factor that influences this behavior and that it is very important that we work: separation anxiety. If left untreated, separation anxiety creates an insecure, distrustful and fearful personality in your dog, which can lead to other behavioral problems.

If you think that your dog's behavior is exaggerated and that he may suffer from a behavioral problem, we recommend that you review some of the the symptoms you can observe in the dog:

  • When you are away from home the dog becomes destructive, barking and even urinating or defecating.
  • He receives you in an exaggerated way and becomes depressed when he knows you are leaving.
  • Insecure, scary and dependent behaviors.
  • Inability to remain alone and manage their loneliness properly.

Separation anxiety is a serious behavior problem that affects many dogs. It is important to see a professional to correctly diagnose this problem and give us the appropriate guidelines to solve it. For this you can consult with a trainer, a canine educator or a veterinarian specialized in ethology.

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Best answer: It is very normal for the animal to follow you, for them we are their leaders and they have to follow us wherever we go.
My two dogs also do it, one more than the other, the weimaraner is more dependent on us than the miniature pinscher, in the sense that the latter waits for us in the lounge chair in the event that we are in another room or sleeping with the door closed, while the weimaraner sits in front of the door and in many cases cries if he knows we are awake or watching TV, reading, etc. and we don't go out to attend it.

It is a question of ways of being, since like us, dogs have their way, but education plays an important role in this case and in truth, for the sake of your little animal, it is good that you do it a little independent since that way you avoid the so-called separation anxiety.
Talking firm is the key, your posture always in command and not giving in to the sad look when you are giving an order, since, with that you are not helping him,
They always follow us everywhere, but you can teach it, take it for a walk to burn energy, buy toys for entertainment, etc, etc. Anything is good to try to make your puppy a little more independent.
Watch THE DOG WHISPERER and apply what he says as he addresses this issue in some of his programs, that will help you.

Why does my dog ​​follow me when I go to the bathroom?

You know your dog, you live with him and surely you have wondered more than once why he persecutes you everywhere when you are at home. It seems he doesn't want to leave you alone. You have to enter the bathroom for an 'urgency', you are taking a shower, you are sitting on the toilet or brushing your teeth and you know that it will appear there to see what you are doing.

He never enters the bathroom if you are not. However, when you enter, he will go with you, sit at your feet and simply wait. It is a behavior of the most tender that our pets repeat and the truth is that He has his psychology.

In Wamiz, we speak with an expert in animal behavior, the veterinarian and biologist Felipe Vázquez Montoto, from the CatDog Veterinary Center, who gives us the answers we ask so much. We already know that our dog is a faithful friend and that he feels for us a special and unconditional love. We understand, then, that it is one of his ways of demonstrating this affection and we assume that when he follows us to the bathroom, he is transmitting his loyalty to us and thus he feels integrated into the family.

And we are not mistaken, but we must also know that it obeys other reasons. "The dog follows us to the bathroom for two reasons mainly:primero, because he likes to be accompanied, and second, because he gives separation anxiety and suffers when the owner is not there ". They will never get tired of proving that they are our best friends. If they also move the tail, they are making us see that their happiness is total.

Separation anxiety

The dog is telling you that he loves you. He does it when he tries to spend time in your room (whether you or not), when he sleeps in your bed (or at least he tries), when he throws himself at your feet. And also when he accompanies you to the bathroom! It is his best way to tell you that He wants to spend time with you and he doesn't care that you do absolutely nothing with him. As if you want to sleep throughout the day, he is happy with the simple fact of being by your side, although he always likes you to say affectionate words, to caress him and to play with him.

Do not forget that dogs are pack animals. They are social beings. They like to be accompanied. Because, They feel unhappy and vulnerable when they are left alone. You can try to teach him to stay alone, but if you are at home he will want to spend all his time with you. They do not understand that you want to be alone. In fact, They think they are doing you a favor by accompanying you to the bathroom. In addition, they are deliberately placed as close as possible to you in case you need anything.

According to a study by Princeton University, the tendency of dogs to interact and follow humans is in their genetics. These currents ensure that it was not the people who chose the dogs as companion animals for their cognitive abilities, but the other way around: the dogs chose people.

In any case, the main reason, as Felipe Vázquez reminds us, is that "Our dogs get very bored when we are not at home". Those who have long working days can attest to that. He doesn't want to waste a second with you if you're at home, which also includes the bathroom. Because, When a daily activity takes place at home, the dog also wants to be part of it."Dogs are animals that like to be accompanied, so even when we are under the same roof, the dog will follow us. "

My dog ​​follows me everywhere: Protection

He also wants to protect you. Follow you to make sure you're safe. They feel that while you are in the bathroom you can be helpless, so it is placed next to you and looking towards the door, attentive, in case he could stalk some danger. At this time, its function is of authentic 'bodyguard', although they also accept caresses while performing their particular 'surveillance task'. At the same time, feel that they are supporting you in your 'mission'. Dogs feel it is important to take care of their own territory as it is one of their most precious assets.

When you walk around your house, he accompanies you -including the bathroom- because He feels that he is 'guarding' by your side and is obliged to do so. This explains why it goes into alert and even bellicose mode when a stranger rings the bell.

Dogs do not understand privacy but protection. The concept of the pack is so ingrained that what he wants is for the group not to disperse, hence to accompany you wherever you go, and to the bathroom much more, because a certain instinct of protection also awakens in him at a time when you are, in his view, more vulnerable to certain dangers. It is an act of pure instinct. You can check it when the situation is reversed: When your dog does his needs in the street you will notice that he also feels fragile and looks at you while he does them.

My dog ​​doesn't leave me alone for a second: Curiosity

There are some studies that point to a third reason whereby your dog follows you to the bathroom: pure and simple curiosity. The dog feels that he is at home, his territory, and likes to be aware of what you do in each room. He likes to be part of the process. So, you know that when you are at home you will have a full-time 'spy', even when you are in the bathroom.

And you won't be able to get rid of him easily. Even if you close the door, you will have it behind her moaning or scratching and trying to enter. In the end you always agree to let it pass. He usually sits or lies on the floor waiting for you to finish.

You can only 'get rid of it' if you give it a distraction. Many people give them a toy or a prize ball to entertain you for a while while you do what you have to do in the bathroom. This saves you crying at the service door. And if you don't stop doing it, just accept it. "Don't question his devotion, just enjoy it", as veterinarian Kathryn Primm recalls in her study on this subject.

Finally, and as a summary, we make a final reflection: that your dog follows you to the bathroom is explained as an instinctive behavior of survival, natural and unconditional love. It is his way of protecting you and feeling part of you. So, as much as it may bother you, you have to understand your dog's psychology and know that All he tries is to accompany us to protect us.

What should you do if you want me to stop following you to the bathroom?

Your dog accompanies you to the bathroom but you don't like that because that kind of behavior has become uncomfortable for you. Then you just have to do one thing: Do not pay more attention.

The attention you give to the dog when he follows you, even if you are telling him not to do so, reinforces that way of behaving. Punishing him will not be the best solution either, Well, he won't understand why you do it. Just give him his space and let him know that he won't always be able to follow you everywhere.

How to do it? One of the best options is to close the bathroom door. At first you may cry or bark from outside, but eventually you will understand that you go to the bathroom and that you return in a short time so it will stop accompanying you.

And what happens if you don't stop doing it? In that case you must accept it as it is and get used to your dog going with you to the bathroom. In the end It is another example of his love and loyalty to you. Otherwise, you will need the help of a professional to change that behavior of the dog.

A hairy personal dial

Perhaps the most scientific explanation of why four-legged friends go after their owners throughout the house should be sought in an "aggiornada" version of which, like their ancestors the wolves, follow the head of the pack. In this case, its owners.

But the furry of today are not animals that follow the alpha male and submit without squealing to their hierarchy to ensure survival.

Actually, Dogs choose to go after the person they find most friendly. The one that will undoubtedly provide you with everything you need to feel comfortable, safe and loved.. And besides, they know how to distinguish very well between those who walk through life with a good predisposition towards others and those who only look at their navel.

The question ‘why does the dog follow me everywhere’ is a constant in your life? We tell you some data so you can live without problems with all the flow of affection that your hairy has to give you.

Reasons why your dog goes after you all over the house

From a more sensitive look but that does not move away from reality, the answer to the million-dollar question - “why does the dog follow me everywhere?” - is simply because he loves you.

Your hairy person loves you so much that he needs to be with you every moment to perceive your friendly smell and listen to your beloved voice. He goes after you everywhere because he wants to:

  • Mimes
  • Tell him pretty things
  • Play with him

For the same reason he is awaiting your return home. And that's how he receives you full of joy, jumping and wagging his tail. As you know, there are many ways that dogs have to show us their affection, although some may seem excessive.

The food, among the causes for you to follow your hairy

Although we must also be honest and affirm that Your dog also pursues you for a very specific and material reason: to get food.

Watch for every bite you take in your mouth and any crumbs that may fall to the floor. And take it for granted that he won't miss the opportunity to always ask you for a little more food.

That's why it's important that you don't give in to your pleading look every time you eat a snack. You should be very careful in this regard, that obesity problems may be just around the corner. Remember that the veterinarian can best advise you on appropriate qualities and quantities in relation to your four-legged friend's food.

Some solutions so that you don't live by questioning yourself "why the dog follows me everywhere»

So you shouldn't ask yourself for the umpteenth time why your pet is always behind you, the important thing is that you set clear rules during socialization and training. Your hairy must relate smoothly to other animals and people. And you must also learn - through positive reinforcement - to respond to some basic commands, such as "sitting" or "still."

Although, in some extreme cases, you may have to turn to an animal behavior specialist to take things to more normal channels.

Is that nor should we forget that dogs are very sociable beings, who constantly seek the company of their humans. For this reason, if they spend a lot of time alone, they can suffer stress, separation anxiety and other behavioral problems.

So those who are not very fond of pegoteo, maybe they should opt for another pet. Although it would be better for them to surrender to the evidence of the love, sometimes overwhelming, that the dogs lavish us.

Source of the main image: Andrea Aguirre.

Pack instinct

There is always talk that how the dog comes from the wolf (Canis Lupus), has an instinct that makes him follow the alpha male unconditionally, as a faithful member of his pack.

But today is how to say that humans prefer to sleep in the jungle because it is their ape instinct. Come on, that has little to do with reality about your dog's pack instinct.

Reasons why the dog chases you

It is shown that dogs follow a person for love, for love. They know who their "human" is, what feeds them, pampers them, caresses them, etc. And that is why they are so happy when we return home.

That same love makes them have the need to be by our side. So they feel protected, comfortable and loved. It is the reason why our dog chases us all over the house, everywhere.

  • You feed him so he doesn't go hungry
  • You also take care of it so that it is healthy and clean
  • Pamper him, caress him and play with him

Humans control our feelings a lot but dogs can't, so if we go to the room they will want to come to the room with us and if we go to the bathroom, they will also want to come, what is that privacy? Hahaha.

The desire to eat also influences

In addition to their big heart, we must not forget that dogs have an incredibly developed nose and an insatiable appetite. That is, in addition to always being hungry, they can smell food much more intensely than we do.

That is why if they get a snack from time to time, it is normal that they also accompany us constantly, especially if it is the way to the kitchen. Who has not given or normally gives you a little of your food?

How to prevent our dog from chasing us at home

Personally I see a monumental mistake to scold our dog if he persecutes us, it is as if we scold him for loving us, something absurd. That's why the solution goes through something much simpler, entertainment.

With my dogs it never fails and it is that food can more than love sometimes hehe. Try to give your puppy a snack that he likes and tell him to eat it quietly in his bed.

My dogs work very well on "nerves", they are nerves of bull, ox or similar animals, which are dry. Being hard they entertain a good time gnawing to eat them, so they stay entertained in their beds.

You can try with special bones for dogs or with a toy in which you can put some food, like the well-known "KONG for dogs".

Can it be a behavior problem?

It all depends on how you behave when we are not at home. You will know that you have a problem when you get back and your dog has bitten some furniture or destroyed a cushion or similar.

When a dog that stays alone at home makes damage, it is because he usually suffers a lot of anxiety about the separation with his human, which ends up exciting him excessively causing him to lose control.

Otherwise, our dog chases us is not really a problem. More than the fact of not having privacy, if this bothers you, simply apply some of the tricks that I have told you and enjoy 😉

Always remember that even if you think he is a pet, for him you are his whole family.