Teach my dog ​​to lie down


Knowing how to teach a dog to lie down is very important if you are a newbie in having a pet. It is one of the most basic behavioral lessons and you need to learn it as soon as possible. In addition to making it behave correctly, lying down will help teach your dog to learn other more complex orders later. But how to get it? We see it!

How to teach a dog to lie down

Before knowing how to teach a dog to lie down, if you have not already done so, We recommend that you take a look at our article on how to teach a dog to sit. Ideally, teach him first to sit down and then lie down, although both orders are more or less equally simple.

Does your dog already know how to sit? Let's start with the lesson of lying down!

  1. The first thing you should do, both to teach your dog to lie down as to anything else, is to be patient. Be clear that all learning takes time, and also not all dogs learn at the same pace. Educating your dog will take time and effort, but don't give up! The result will be great.
  2. How to teach a dog to lie down? Take a dog treat in your hand and ask him what it feels like. You must already have that well internalized order! Bring your hand to your snout so it smells like the candy, but don't let it take it! Go lowering your hand to the ground, he will follow the trail and, without realizing it, will end up lying down.
  3. The moment he lies down, It will be clear to say the word you want me to associate with the order to lie down. It can be "grave", "down", whatever you want, but remember to be a short and simple word. It is important that you choose well, since you cannot walk changing it later.
  4. When lying down, give him the treat. It will begin to associate that good behavior with positive reinforcement and you will encourage it to be repeated.
  5. Does your dog look down to follow your hand but does not lie down? Try teaching him a little more candy. If it doesn't work, make a gesture on your back, pushing very soft down. But very carefully!
  6. You will have to do several repetitions until you internalize it. Remember to use positive reinforcement, but when you have learned it, you can start asking for it without giving them treats.

Remember! Not only is it important to know how to teach a dog to lie down, you also have to be constant and practice the lessons every day. Either you tire your dog or he will get bored and lose interest. With 10 or 15 minutes of training a day is enough. Cheer up! You will get it sooner than you think.

Criterion 2: Your dog is lying for a second

Make your dog lie down with the signal, without having food in your hand. When he lies down, mentally "One". If your dog holds the position until you finish counting, click, take a piece of food from the fanny pack and give it to your dog. If your dog gets up while you count "One," move a couple of steps without clicking or feeding him (ignore him for a few seconds). Then repeat the procedure.

If necessary, use smaller intervals, mentally counting "Un," instead of "One," for a few repetitions. Then try to increase the time your dog stays lying until you count "One" mentally. You can do 2 or 3 repetitions of the previous criteria before starting the sessions of this training criterion.

Criterion 3: Your dog lies down even if you are moving

Do the same procedure as in the first criterion, but jogging or walking on your site. Also change position in relation to your dog: sometimes sideways, sometimes straight, sometimes diagonally. At this stage you should also make sure you get your dog lay in different locations from the training place.

You can do a couple of repetitions without moving before starting each session of this canine training criterion. You can also have the food in your hand and make the complete movement, lowering your hand to the ground during the first 5 repetitions (approximately) of the first session, to help your dog generalize the behavior.

Criterion 4: Your dog is lying for a second even if you are moving

Do the same procedure as in the second criterion, but jog or walk in your place while doing the signal For your dog to kick out You can do 2 or 3 repetitions of criterion 1 before starting each session, so your pet will know that the session is about the exercise of lying down.

Go to the following criteria when you get an 80% success rate in 2 consecutive sessions.

Criterion 5: Your dog lies with an order

Say "lay down" and make with your arm the signal for your dog to lie down. When your dog lies down, click, take a piece of food from the fanny pack and give it to him. Do several repetitions until your dog begins to lie down when you give the order, before you make the signal. From that moment, gradually reduce the signal you make with your arm, until it is completely eliminated.

If your dog is taken before you give the order, simply say "No" or "Ah" (use any, but always the same word to indicate that you will not receive the piece of food) in a quiet tone and move a few steps. Then give the order before your dog lies down.

When your dog has associated the command "Lie" with the behavior of lying down, repeat criteria 2, 3 and 4 but using the verbal order instead of the signal you made with your arm.

Your dog does not lie when you guide him with food

Many dogs do not go through this procedure because they do not want to put themselves in a position where they are vulnerable. Others are not cast simply because they try other behaviors to get food. If your dog does not lie down when you guide him with food, consider the following:

  • Try to start training on another surface. If your dog does not lie on the ceramic floor, try the carpet. Then you can generalize the behavior.
  • Make sure the com>

Precautions when training your dog to lie down with an order

When you teach this exercise to your dog, you should make sure that is not on an awkward surface. Very hot or very cold surfaces can prevent the dog from lying down, so check that the floor temperature is not very high (you need only touch it with the back of your hand to check the temperature).

Apart from teach your dog to lie downYou can also teach your dog to look for truffles, or prepare it for the arrival of a baby.

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