Why do cats like boxes so much?


Do you have a cat as a pet? Well you probably know that there is no better toy for them than a cardboard box. But why do our feline friends feel so attracted to boxes and other closed objects, including bags, laundry baskets, suitcases and backpacks?

The search for confined spaces is a instinctive behavior of cats In nature, these areas allow animals to hide of the predators and from there scrupulously they can stalk their prey.

»Cats like boxes because they are cryptic animals and like to hide. A box gives them a safe place. » Said Stephen Zawistowski, scientific advisor to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

When cats are inside a box, they feel they cannot be attacked, and anything that comes close will be directly in their field of vision. And indeed, such hiding spaces allow them to see the world around them without being seen.

And if something interesting happens in front of the cat - be it a prey or a toy - you can jump out to get the object, and then quickly return to your safety point.

The boxes also provide cats with a cozy and safe place to sleep, which is very important since The cats sleep up to 20 hours a day.

You don't like your bed?

The scene is typical: you just bought a new bed for your cat, or a toy, and he prefers to use the box in which the item came, and not the item itself. Sometimes this is often frustrating for owners, who have carefully chosen a gift for their pussycat.

In cases like these, don't be discouraged: your cat thanks you for bringing home such a perfect box just for him. This does not mean that he does not appreciate the other things that you have achieved for him, much less that he is ungrateful. The box, despite its simplicity, brings together a series of irresistible attractions that can be difficult for a human to guess.

6. The stress

As an interesting fact, a recent study by researchers belonging to the Utrech University School of Medicine, located in the Netherlands, found that another reason for cats to like boxes so much is because it helps them handle the stress.

The investigation was carried out in an animal shelter, where they chose 19 cats that were just entering the shelter, a situation that usually makes felines nervous, when they are in a new place, surrounded by people and so many unknown animals.

Of the group chosen, 10 were provided with boxes and another 9 were not. After a few days, it was concluded that those cats that had had a box adapted more quickly than those that did not have it, since it allowed them to have their own place to move away from when the surroundings stunned them. This, of course, thanks to all the positive features that we already mentioned that please felines so much.

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Reasons why cats love boxes

There are several reasons that make the mininos go crazy with the boxes, most are due to their innate wild instinct, the one that makes even domestic cats behave as they would in freedom.
Among the most relevant reasons are:

  • The boxes are warm. Cats always look for the only sunbeam at home to be in the hottest place. And the Caja is a perfect place to find that nice warmth that love minis so much. The cardboard is a material that retains the hot temperature very well and, if the box is small and the cat can become a ball of curled hair, better than better.
  • The boxes reduce stress. In 2014, a study conducted by the Department of Clinical Animal Sciences of the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands) unveiled a new reason why cats were so friendly with the boxes: they reduce stress. The study was carried out in a Dutch animal shelter, where some cats were provided with boxes and others were not. Through the called indicator Cat Stress Score (de Kessler and Turner) were able to verify that the cats that had counting on boxes suffered much less stress than those that did not.

The stress decreases the response of the immune systems of cats, so reducing it is a breakthrough. So it’s interesting that cats have boxes in their home, especially in situations such as: when the cat comes home for the first time, when several cats have to be introduced, after the visit to the veterinarian or in cats that are shy or fearful.

And if you want to have a little fun with this theme, meet the cat Maru, who has become famous online for his exploits when it comes to getting into any box, however small.

# 1 Gives you security

We must not forget that our cats, even if they are family members for us, are animals and follow an instinct. As much as they are protected at home, they will feel the need to feel safe and have a place to take refuge and avoid predators, especially when they sleep and you and I know they sleep a lot. But there are more reasons, let's continue.

# 2 Frees you from stress

¿Cats have stress? Incredible but true. It seems that when they come from shelters or are with other cats or animals, the cats get stressed, they are on the defensive, and so they seek shelter in what appears to be the perfect place: a cardboard box.

# 3 Helps them stay warm

And they love being warm! That's why they love sleeping on us and in our bed, right? It seems that the thermostat of a domestic cat, to be comfortable, must be between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius, so they stay warm with their metabolic energy. Now I understand why I found it on hot days thrown on hot asphalt, its ideal temperature is much higher than that of humans.

# 5 They feel comfortable

We already know that for cats comfort is everything, without a doubt. Don't you understand why he feels more comfortable in a box than in his bed that you prepared especially for him? Me neither, but that's your comfort.

# 6 Perfect place to be alone

We also know that cats are not the most affectionate and playful pets, right? They prefer that we leave them alone, with their times. And what better way to get into a box and nobody bothers you? In the end, I should get into a box too, it would save me a lot of trouble.

What do you think of these reasons why cats love cardboard boxes? For me, they talk about exactly what cats are. And you still have more to know about your pet, how about knowing why cats always fall on their feet? Impossible not to be curious to know!