How to teach a dog to do his needs on paper


Learn to teach your dog to do his needs on the street without causing any type of trauma or complex.

All puppies are and seem adorable. It is a moment of great joy to adopt our little pet. This will bring us great satisfaction, but also the adopting it carries a great responsibility>

In order for our new family member to be a perfect dog we need to give him the best possible education. It will depend on us that the dog be as adorable as possible, both with others and in our home.

In the first thing we should to educate our dog when he arrives at our house is to make his needs in the right place to, later, teach him how to do them in the street. This is a very important task, not only for us, but also for the animal. Dogs do not like to sleep in the same place where they pee or bellyTherefore, the sooner they learn to do it outside the house, the happier our pet will be.

Dog development: at what age you should learn to control your needs

Every normal puppy will be with his mother for at least the first 8 weeks of life. From this period on, the same dog may leave the dogs aside and help them to be more independent, since they already have the developed sense of smell, hearing and sight, in the same order.

If we are the breeders of the puppies we can teach them to pee in a specific place from birth, for example in a newspaper or special diapers for puppies that are placed on the ground.

If we place these supports always in the same place and teach them the puppies to get used to it from the beginning of their life, it will be much easier to associate peeing in a specific place and not anywhere in the room or space in the That is found. If we are not lucky enough for the breeder to teach our puppy to make his needs from the beginning of his life, it is our task to do so at the same time of acquiring our pet.

Normally, we can adopt a puppy from 2 or 3 months depending on when the owner wants to separate him from the mother. But we can also adopt them when they are older. However, Age is not an excuse to give our can education where to make your needs. These animals are incredibly intelligent and, if we do it properly, they will learn to make their needs away from home sooner than we imagine.

Newspaper or special diapers can be our best allies in the first months

Before six months it is understandable that our puppy has an accident, since when they are small they must do their needs more often and still do not have a concrete control of their sphincter.

How to educate your dog: let him know when he should do his needs

From the first moment the dog arrives at our home we must dedicate a specific place in the house where he can do his needs.

When the dog is young, he should pee more frequently than when he is an adult. If you already have all the vaccines, you may not be able to control your needs and you will pee anywhere in the house before the time comes to go outside.

That is why it is very important that when we see him do his needs at home, only at the moment he is doing so, let's say a short and imperative phrase like 'no' that he will associate with who is doing something wrong. We can also take it and take it to the diaper or the newspaper we have on the floor to associate peeing with doing it in this specific place.

If you continue to make your needs on paper we have to congratulate you with comforting words and a sweet voice and friendly, so you can associate it with doing something right. This is a great incentive, since what dogs love most is to make their masters happy. So our sweet words and caresses are the best reward.

While doing his needs at home, and when he is a puppy, we should pay as much attention as possible to our dog. Not only because you cannot hurt yourself or break something, but because we must ensure that you do not meet your needs outside the designated place.

If we quarrel at the time when he is peeing outside the honeycomb or newspaper, the teaching is much more effective than if we do it after he has done so.

It is very important that you always have Free access to the area to make your needs when he is learning Once you know how to control your sphincter and always go belly in the same place (and when you have all the necessary vaccines to be able to go outside) it will be the Time to teach him to do it away from home.

This will not be easy either. Maybe the first day we take him for a walk is dedicated to smell, or even eat, everything that is on the road or does not want to walk. When we know how walking with him on a leash on the street is the time to teach him how to do his needs away from home. The smell given off by the pee of the other dogs to mark their territory will be an incentive for the dog to make his needs in the street as well.

However, sometimes it is not so easy. If your puppy is used to making his needs on a diaper or newspaper we can take him with us to the street and put him on the floor. We can also Repeat the same word when you pee, for example at home, and repeat it on the street so that you understand that this is where you should do your needs. In this case we will tell him 'pee' to pee and, if he does, we will comfort him by saying the words of support as 'very good' and we can even stroke his back a couple of times.

At six months of age dogs are able to control their sphincter if they are well taught

When we go out for a walk with him we must spend 15 to 30 minutes on the ride. It is convenient let the dog smell as much as possible. Smell is its most developed sense and a great source of stimuli for our dog. He will know the territory like this and, in addition, he will smell the dogs that have been in the same place as him. This will be a great support for learning to do your needs on the street. Therefore, we must be patient and watch that while you smell the ground you don't eat anything along the way, since this is a very common vice in our puppies.

As we mentioned, when the dog passes six months of age, it is able to control its sphincter if it is well taught and just going out three times a day will be enough for him not to have the need to go out more times (Unless he is sick to the stomach or has diarrhea, then we can go out with him everything he needs or forgive him for doing his needs at home, since it is surely not because he wants voluntarily but because of the disease).

Problems and solutions

Our dog is a very intelligent animal. However, it will not be an easy task to teach him to do his needs away from home. Under no circumstances should we get discouraged or lose our nerves. Shouting at a puppy or hitting him will not make him learn faster, but will believe that the fact of doing his needs is what makes us lose the forms and not that he is doing them in a place which is not appropriate.

Every day there are more dog educators who prefer the reward teaching who with punishment with puppies and adult dogs.

It is shown that our pet will respond much better to our orders or teachings if we do it in a positive way than if we punish him when he is wrong, since they may not get to understand the exercise correctly because they do not understand the situation.

Therefore always We will reward both emotionally and with special food for dogs all positive behavior that our puppy is having. When he does something that is not what we expected, we will tell him the word we have selected (such as a dry and raucous 'no') that the animal will associate with the 'I have done something wrong and my owner will be angry'.

What we can also do when the puppy makes his needs inside the house or outside the specific place is take it, take it to the place where it should have done (always without harming it) and react as if we were upset with it, that is, avoid. Dogs are litter animals and do not like being alone or apart from the group. You, as the owner, are the leader of his litter, or you should always be for him, and will try to satisfy you at all times.

By avoiding him try with all possible means that we pay attention: getting on our legs, barking or whining or even running around the room to get our attention.

To avoid an even worse behavior of the dog, sometimes, we can even leave the room where we meet him for a short period of time (don't ignore him all day, since you would make him suffer too much). As they are so clever, they will realize that we are angry with him for his behavior and surely, in the future, he will not repeat it again.

Repetition, full attention to the dog when it is a puppy and perseverance are very important to achieve our goal

Remember that dogs, due to his intelligence, they know when an owner is emotionally strong and when not. The dogs look like leaders of the pack to the person with the strongest mood and if they see that nobody is enough in the home, they will believe the family leaders themselves. This may sound humorous or sympathetic, but, nevertheless, it is not. If the dog becomes the only king of the house he will be at ease and will always do whatever he wants, which will cause us many problems in the future: how to meet his needs throughout the house, even on the couch or the bed, which bites furniture or breaks cushions, that barks excessively and an infinite number of problems that a badly educated dog can bring. Anyway, we don't have to go to the opposite side either and be too strict with our dog.

So, the best way to teach our dog to Doing your needs away from home is through repetition, full attention to the dog when it is a puppy and perseverance, never accepting that it breaks the rules. As soon as the dog sees that we will no longer accept his needs at home and he feels comfortable doing them on the street, he will surely no longer want to do them at home and he feels much more comfortable doing it outside like other dogs.

Teach a dog to do his needs in the right place

Dogs inherited from their ancestors - the wolves - the habit of urinating and defecating outside their burrows, in this case of their beds. The main reason for this behavior is to keep your place clean so that predators do not detect them by smell. It is also a way to keep the space free of parasites.

Anyway, unless your mother has had the opportunity to teach you this issue thoroughly, it must be you who with patience and dedication explain to your pet that their basic needs cannot be done anywhere.

Since the puppy can go outside until he has completed his vaccination plan, there are certain special cares that you should consider to teach a dog to do his needs on newspaper or similar material.

«Teaching a dog to do his needs in a newspaper is a task in which you must invest time, patience and above all a lot of love»

Tips for teaching a dog to pee and poop on paper

First and foremost, choose what will be the place designated to install your pet. There you must put your bed, toys and water and food bowls. In addition, you will have to cover an area of ​​the floor with paper and take the puppy there when he shows that he wants to pee or poop.

Once you make your needs in the right place, which should always be the same, you have to congratulate him With affectionate words and caresses. You could even give him a treat allowed for baby dogs.

Remember that positive reinforcement is always a good option to correct and improve a dog's behavior. On the contrary, dismiss the punishments, because they will never bring you to fruition. Thus, you will only get the animal to get scared or traumatized, and even to start urinating or defecating anywhere.

The newsprint method to teach puppies to do their needs

This method it consists of placing newspaper papers in the area where we want our dog to make his needs.

Put the newspapers away from the place where he sleeps, as well as your food and water and stay alert, especially in the morning or about 10-20 minutes after eating, as they are times when the puppy will feel like doing it. If you see it spinning sniffing the ground, you are surely looking for the right place. Dispatch it with a call, pick it up and take it quickly to the papers.

If you urinate or defecate in them, congratulate him with joy.

If your puppy has already chosen a usual place to leave his bowel movements, start by putting the newspapers there. When you manage to make your needs in the papers, you can move them a few centimeters until you reach the site you want to use as an evacuation zone. Being little space at a time, the puppy will not notice and will move without major problems.

Patience and observation, fundamental pillars to train a dog

You must always keep in mind that get your little friend to always do their needs where you indicate it will not happen overnight. Puppies learn very slowly, and even the breed can vary this factor, so you must be persistent and patient.

You have to pay close attention to the most common moments when puppies urinate and defecate to be able to take them in time to the right place. This usually happens in the following circumstances:

  • When they wake up.
  • After feeding.
  • After playing.
  • If they are disturbed or nervous in certain situations.

Ultimately, consider that a 2 month old puppy can spend up to 3 or 4 hours without doing his needs. This period is extending as they grow. Also, when dogs feel like defecating, they usually spin around sniffing the floor, as if looking for something.

From paper to ride, always step by step

As the days go by, you will see that your dedication bears fruit and that the puppy will understand that he must urinate and defecate only in the place that you indicate. Do not hesitate to consult the veterinarian with any questions you may have about it.

As an option to the traditional newspaper, keep in mind that in pet stores you can buy cloths impregnated with a certain smell, which make it easier for the puppy to choose that element to make his needs.

When the puppy is already enabled to start with his first walks, he must gradually become accustomed to the new routine until assimilating that pee and poop should be done outside the house.

However, that is an issue that you will have to evaluate when the time comes. Meanwhile, patience, persistence and many doses of love will make your puppy learn to do his needs on a newspaper paper sooner rather than later.

Teach you at home

Getting pee in a certain corner can take time, but not as much as at first we might think. Take note of these tips and you'll see how sooner rather than later your friend knows where he should go whenever he has to go to the bathroom:

  1. Put a towel in a place where the family does not make much life.
  2. Take your hairy there after eating, and every time you see him smelling the ground a lot and circling around a small space, as if looking for something.
  3. If you make your needs in the sanitary napkin, Give him a prize. If not, nothing happens. You can wet it -to the towel- with a little pee so that it knows that it is there where it should urinate.
  4. If you see that it costs you, spray the sanitary napkin with a urination attractant. This will help.

Teach him in the street

Teaching a dog to do his needs away from home is a task that can be somewhat easier than the previous one. To do this, we have to look at the behavior of the animal, and take it out every time we see him circling with his nose almost stuck to the ground. But we do not have to take it out to urinate and that's it, but the best thing to do is go for a walk and reward it every time you need it.

So, over time, he will tell us when he needs to pee, standing just in front of the door.

With patience and perseverance, everything is possible 😉.

Do the soaking wipes work to train my dog ​​in the evacuation?

If they work. Is about wipes impregnated with a product whose smell encourages the puppy to choose them as a place of deposition. They are effective from the start, while newspapers need to pass an adaptation phase. It is up to you to decide if you prefer wipes or newspaper papers, since once the puppy identifies the papers as a suitable place, the effectiveness is similar.

When can my puppy do his needs on the street?

Once you vaccinate your puppy, you can take it outside. Do some 10 minutes after eating and if he urinates or defecates outside, he rewards his feat. At first, take it for a walk about 6 times a day, gradually decreasing the number of departures.

Do not forget to collect the droppings with a bag and throw them away. Leaving them around, besides being unpleasant, is unhygienic and unhealthy. Surely you do not like to step on the grass when you see it full of excrement, nor would you let your children run through those places. Put your grain of sand so that does not happen.

If your puppy endures during the walk without doing his necessities and as soon as he returns home he does it, it is because he considers that his evacuation place is there. When he goes outside, endure the desire until you reach the place learned: inside the house. Do not worry, it is easy to solve.

For the dog to modify his choice of place, we can go for a walk and after a while return home. Your partner, who was holding on, returns happy to be able to do his needs. But when we reach the door, we turn and continue the walk. Repeat this mechanic after a while. The dog can not stand, is about to reach his chosen place, so he will do his needs. Congratulate and reward it, with treats or caresses.

Needless to say, if you do not do it in the right place, we will try to cut the act by calling your attention, immediately moving it to the chosen place.

And remember: Scrubbing the dog's snout in its bowel movements is an unhygienic, ineffective and sometimes traumatic act. Never do it

My dog ​​is an adult and does his needs at home

If your dog has been with you since you are a puppy and begins to take care of your needs at home now, he may have a problem to deal with. Consult your veterinarian.

If you have just adopted it or brought it home, start a routine of frequent departures (at least 6) at the same time.. Once you make your needs out, congratulate him, reward him and reinforce this action. Continue the walk for a while, so that the dog sniffs calmly and enjoys the exit. Otherwise, you could identify the time of evacuation for the purpose of departure and begin to endure.

Dogs usually feel like it in the morning, after eating or after intense physical activity. Keep it in mind to go out in those moments.

A two month dog can last 3-4 hours without doing his needs. This time of voluntary control increases as the dog grows. Find out how much your dog holds to get it out before it reaches its limit.

Take it out at least three times a day. Dogs need to run and breathe outdoors, sniff trails, chase balls ... Make the walks a fun and relaxing time.

If after 2-3 months of attempts you do not see progress, see a professional.

Is there a cause that can induce my dog ​​to urinate in an inappropriate place?

There are a number of cases that can make your dog urinate at home:

My dog ​​urinates to mark. Marking is common in a male dog, especially if there is a female at home. The amounts of urine are small and a stimulus of aversion (if we take the dog in fraganti) and the cleaning of the place in the act can work.

My dog ​​urinates by submission. When the owner enters the house, the dog urinates as part of the greeting sequence, regardless of the sex of the animal. Praise reinforces behavior. We must countercondition it, teaching the dog to sit, not to lie down, since lying is an action that implies submission and enhances the problem. You must remain seated until your arousal decreases.

My dog ​​urinates for arousal. Play, noise, etc. can excite the dog and make him urinate. The treatment is the same as in submission, but here the dog can remain lying.

Mii dog urinates out of fear. It may be associated with a phobia or the owner applies exaggerated punishment. Never deal with punishment, as it aggravates the situation. In case of phobia, you should treat it.

My dog ​​urinates because he suffers from separation anxiety. Dogs are very sociable and show distaste for the separation of their owner, being able to make their needs in the absence of it. To avoid this, run the dog out before making a long exit. Anyway, you should treat the anxiety problem.

How do I eliminate the smell of urine from my house?

The smell of urine is very strong and should be removed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that your sense of smell is more potent than ours and you will be able to detect your trace even if we do not do so already, identifying that place as suitable to return to your needs.

Do not use products with bleach or ammonia, since their smell is similar to that of urine, they will aggravate or cause a problem.

There are products on the market to eliminate the smell of urine. Ask for a quality one.

A combination of vinegar with baking soda is very effective, since it acts on the acidic and alkaline components of urine.

A combination of water with vinegar or lemon with subsequent rinse is also effective.. In the case of lemon, it will leave a pleasant clean smell.


    Use newspaper papers or soaps to habituate your puppy to use the place determined by you.

Once vaccinated and accustomed to the newspaper, start making frequent departures with him.

If you need to return home, use the technique of returning to the door and turning to continue the walk, repeating this mechanic until your dog evacuates outside.

Reward and reinforce the successes

Do not use punishment, it is traumatic and counterproductive.

Never, never, never, restrict your snout against your needs. This method is unhealthy and is disrespectful to your friend.

If it is an adult dog that was evacuating outside, consult your veterinarian.

If it is an adopted dog or has just arrived at your home, start with frequent departures.

Take it out in the morning, after meals or after intense physical activity.

Go out at least three times a day and enjoy the walks.

Do not clean with bleach or ammonia.

There are products on the market to eliminate urine odors.

Water with vinegar or lemon is a very effective product in the elimination of odors.

The dog can urinate by marking, submission, excitement, fear or separation anxiety. Study these cases to treat them in the most appropriate way.