How to choose an interactive toy for my dog


Do you have a dog that likes the game? You no longer know what to buy to keep him entertained? You may have already tried a thousand things to entertain your puppy (or maybe not so puppy) but you may not have found the most suitable toy. Next we will talk about the 8 best interactive toys for dogs with which you can stimulate your mind and always keep it entertained.

The Kong is undoubtedly one of the best toys for dogs and can not be missing on our list. The reason is because it is able to keep your puppy entertained for hours, thanks to its enormous resistance even with dogs that have more strength.

Manufactured in a patented plastic brand, its circumferences can be filled with the food most desired by your pet. She will know that her favorite food is inside and try to get it through the ends of the Kong.

The Kong is for sale in three different sizes depending on the mouth of the dog but also in four hardnesses that are identified with colors. The different hardnesses allow them to be used from puppies to adult dogs, even those with extreme strength, which can be used without breaking the Kong and with some difficulty in obtaining the reward.

StarMark Bob a Lot

Another toy with a similar purpose to a Kong. In this case you can include all the food and make your dog get it little by little, a simple way to calm his craving. It is available in two sizes and allows to increase the difficulty of the game.

So that it is not continuously moving, the lower part is antislip and heavier so that it swings when the dog tries to release the food.

As an inconvenience we should talk about the noise it produces, the plastic sounds as soon as it hits the floor or the wall and can be a problem for the neighbors or even for your relaxing moments.

Snuffe Mat

A different game to stimulate smell in the dog. This is the original model of the United States, in Spanish it is called the smell carpet. It is used to work this sense in the animal. Made with recycled materials, it is an ideal option for you to play on rainy days and bad weather.

The carpet simulates a natural place and among its tufts you can hide your favorite food. The instinct will make them search the carpet, keeping them entertained until they find it all.

After several uses, it can be washed without problem. It will be a good purchase for a long season that also serves any breed and size of dog.

UEETEK Squeeze Pet Ball Squeaker

An Amazon’s Choice, pack with two sturdy rubber balls in which feed or other food can be introduced. The slots are fair for the vast majority of feed brands, making it difficult for the dog to take them out and stay longer entertained. But not everything is there, this design improves oral care with chewing exercise, helping to clean teeth.

Every dog ​​likes a ball but if he also has food, he will like it even more. At a very good price, you can buy two balls of 7 cm in diameter. It is useful for almost any breed of dog although if the strength of the bite is too high, it can be fragile.

JW Holee Roller

Sales model in Spain of one of the most famous balls among Americans. A brightly colored ball made of resistant rubber, being heavy does not bounce excessively. It is available in four sizes to suit each race and age.

The slots make it easy for any dog ​​to carry it in its mouth. But, in addition these slots are being used for another purpose, through it the owners introduce pieces of cloth with food inside. Dogs will try to take out each piece in search of their food and many find it very entertaining.

Trixie Flip Board

More than interactive, in this case it is a toy to develop your intelligence. On its surface there are various mechanisms to open the sites where the reward is. At the base, a non-slip so that the dog can not dump or move on the ground.

The brand offers various forms and difficulties according to the abilities of each pet. If it is the first game, you will have to start with something simple but if it is not, it should be more complex so that you do not get the kick at first.

West Paw's Zogoflex Tux

This can be the ideal interactive toy for a puppy to start in this world. With a very simple triangular design, in its lower zone you can hide any food by having a greater opening.

In this case it is a flexible toy but without losing resistance. It is made of recyclable and bio-sustainable materials that can be easily cleaned. The West Pax brand has designed the same toy in different ways, you can choose the one you like best but the one we have selected is the best selling and the one with the best opinions.

More information about interactive toys

Any dog ​​toy, even if it is not interactive, can appeal to a dog. However, when using one with interaction, we will be awakening the senses in the dog to the maximum, while stimulating its intelligence.

When choosing one you should look at several aspects. The first thing is the breed and the size that your dog can reach, if you choose a game that is too small it will only last a few months or if it is excessively large, you may not know how to handle it.

The commented ones are the toys with more sales and better opinions among the users but that does not mean that it is the ideal for your dog. Each pet, like each owner, has its own tastes and what one likes may not attract the attention of another. You may not hit the first one or the first toy may become your inseparable friend. It's a matter of searching to find the one you like best.

What you should know before buying an interactive toy

These toys are specially designed to stimulate the dog's mind. But we can't leave him alone at no time, he needs us. The human should encourage his friend to perform the task, to help him if necessary, so that the dog feels like doing it and enjoys his interactive toy.

It is important that have patience: Not all dogs have the same learning pace. For example, puppies usually learn faster because their brain acts like a sponge, absorbing everything quickly, while older ones because of their age cost them more.

There are 3 or 4 difficulty levels depending on which toy it is, starting with 1, which is the easiest and 4 the most difficult. Ideally, you should always start with 1, because that way you can see better how you are doing and we will ensure that you will not get frustrated or bored.

How to choose an interactive toy for the dog

In animal stores you will find a wide variety of interactive toys. Choosing one can be a very complicated task, although from experience I recommend you start with a simple one, as for example with one that is introduced dry feed and then the animal has to roll it to leave.

A little later, you could start to complicate the thing a bit. Instead of a ball, what you will have to do now is use your nose to know where the feed pellet is, and with your mouth (or with your leg) you will have to remove the piece to find it. When you master this toy (it would be the two below of the upper image for example), it gets a little more complicated, acquiring an interactive tower-shaped toy that has inserts and cones to put the feed there.

Surely you will have a very, very good time 🙂.

Toys to catch

In addition to the balls there are other toys for your dog to catch. These are for more active and even athletic dogs that like to catch things in the air. There are rubber, plastic, rope and even plush if you want to play with your dog at home and avoid an accident.

Plush toys

The plush toys are the favorites of the little ones because it is easier for them to destroy. Many play with them only by taking them from one place to another. While other dogs play as if they wanted to kill a prey, destroying them in minutes. They are perfect for dogs that are left alone for a long time since they can play by themselves. However, you need to supervise your dog when playing with them. They can eat the stuffing or even drown if they don't have the necessary care.

Rubber toys

In addition to having them of all sizes and shapes, rubber toys are an excellent exercise for dogs that love to chew everything, keeps them busy for hours. Most of these toys are very durable so they are ideal if your dog likes to bite out of boredom.

Flavored plastic bones

They are perfect for dogs that love to chew and with them you will have the benefits of being more durable and safe for your pet. Flavored bones are also good for teeth, as they help remove plaque and are not abrasive. There are all sizes and flavors.

Interactive toys- for prizes

If your dog gets bored easily and pranks interactive toys will be your best ally. These toys challenge your dog, contain compartments to hide food and prizes to challenge your pet to take them out, which will keep him entertained for a long time.