Home remedies for canine constipation


Pumpkin is among the remedies to end constipation in dogs.

When our dogs do not have a healthy lifestyle and adequate food it is very common that they suffer from constipation. As in adults, Dogs may suffer from an abnormal bowel rhythm and not defecate properly.

Causes of constipation in dogs

Many times, the difficulties to defecate are due to a lack of exercise or hydration. On the other hand, it may also be that Your dog has eaten foods that do not suit him or that his usual food does not have enough fiber.

Can also happen that something that I shouldn't have eaten was swallowed, Like a piece of toy or cloth. These cases are very serious! It can happen a bowel obstruction that will have to be treated immediately. It is because of that ALWAYS most appropriate is to go to the vet since you notice the first symptoms of constipation.

If it is a mild constipation, it will disappear on its own in a few days, but you can throw a cable with these homemade methods. Do you want to know how to help your little one get back to normal?

Home remedies and tips for canine constipation

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Here we leave you one list of home remedies and other advice that will help your dog overcome that constipation.

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Although, as we said, It is best to always go to the veterinarian for any symptoms, if you have opted for these remedies and after two or three days you have not noticed improvement, then, constipation may be due to a major health problem. Now it is time to go urgently to a veterinary clinic so that Prescribe a medical treatment.

On the other hand, Do not use these home remedies in puppies! Or at least, consult the veterinarian before doing so. The toddlers have a different intestinal transit and are much more sensitive, it may feel bad to ingest any of the recommended remedies. Take care of your health!

Foods rich in fiber to combat constipation in dogs

Adequate fiber intake helps regulate transit and restore intestinal flora due to increased water content in fecal matter and at increased bowel movements. Therefore, when a dog has constipation due to poor diet, lack of exercise, stress or consumption of foreign bodies, experts recommend a diet rich in fiber. Of course, it should be noted that an excess of this component, especially the type of insoluble fiber, can produce the opposite effect and worsen the state of the animal causing even more constipation.

Next, we show the most recommended foods to treat constipation in dogs with home remedies.

Pumpkin, one of the best remedies for canine constipation

Pumpkin is one of the best natural remedies for constipation in dogs due to its high fiber content and high percentage of water. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, such as C and A, and minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. In this way, by introducing this food into the diet of the constipated dog, we will not only get the stool to get wet and move better through the digestive tract, but we will also favor the whole organism.

To pumpkin a dog, we can cut the pulp of the fruit into small pieces and offer a maximum of two tablespoons a day, always without seeds. Another totally valid option is to cook the pumpkin first and let it warm to give it, mixed with other foods that favor the situation. In this regard, both the beet pulp as the carrot They are natural products that also help us reduce constipation in dogs. Both foods have fiber and other nutrients beneficial to the dog that we can use to improve your overall health.

Oat bran, rich in fiber

Oat bran is one of the most recommended products to treat constipation symptoms in both animals and humans due to large amount of fiber which is found in its composition, in addition to vitamins, minerals and enzymes. To offer this product to the animal and increase its effects, we recommend preparing a breakfast by mixing a natural yogurt without sugar with one or two teaspoons oat bran. It is important to note that, depending on the size of the dog, the quantities should be adapted.

The natural yogurt It is one of the best sources of probiotics that we can find in the market, which favor the regulation of the intestinal flora of the animal. Thus, we not only recommend offering this product as a home remedy for constipation in dogs, but we recommend introducing it to your usual diet and preparing this natural breakfast once a week, or every week and a half. To vary this dish a bit, we have the possibility to add one or two teaspoons muesli, since this combination of cereals also provides a great contribution of fiber that will allow to regulate motility.

Green leafy vegetables, the best for constipation in dogs

The best fiber to fight constipation is the insoluble fiber, which is one that increases the volume of feces and ensures that they progress more easily through the digestive tract. Within the list of foods rich in this type of fiber, we find green leafy vegetables, such as green beans and spinach, products totally suitable for dogs and highly recommended both to reduce constipation and to provide vitamins and minerals.

To offer these foods, we can wash the products well and cook them in boiling water. Likewise, we can mix them with boiled brown rice, another of the products rich in insoluble fiber and indicated to treat constipation. In fact, we can use this food, too, to mix it with pieces of pumpkin or carrot.

Increased water consumption, vital for the dog's health

The correct consumption of water is essential to maintain the health of the dog in perfect condition, regardless of how it is at all times. But, when the animal presents a gastrointestinal imbalance, the intake of this liquid becomes even more important, since it favors its regulation, helps to moisten the stool and facilitate its passage during the evacuation process. For this reason, if we observe that you do not drink enough water, in addition to providing home remedies for constipation in previous dogs, we will place different bowls of fresh water throughout the home To motivate him to drink, we will add water to the food or give it to ourselves.

You can check our article "How much water a dog should drink a day" to see if yours consumes the right amount.

Exercise, key to reduce constipation in dogs

Since one of the main causes of constipation in dogs is lack of exercise, it is logical to think that establishing a proper physical activity routine helps regulate the animal's intestinal transit. In this way, we recommend reviewing the amount of daily exercise that the affected dog should receive to begin providing it, not only to promote stool evacuation, but to avoid problems derived from the accumulation of energy such as stress, anxiety or boredom. , which can translate into behavioral alterations, destructive or aggressive attitudes.

When to go to the vet?

In about a couple of days after adapting their diet, we should begin to notice an improvement in the dog with constipation, producing softer stools and increasing the number of bowel movements. Yes after three days continue to present the same difficulties to defecate, we will go to the veterinarian immediately. As we have pointed out at the beginning, some of the causes are serious and require urgent medical attention to be treated properly.

This article is purely informative, at we have no power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case he presents any type of condition or discomfort.

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1- When in doubt, go to your veterinarian:

The remedies that we are going to expose, are for healthy dogss who occasionally suffer from constipation. Instead if your dog is always constipated or notes that in addition to that it has other symptoms that worry you (maybe your dog is sad and decayed, doesn't eat much, etc.) you should go to your veterinarian.

The reason is that sometimes constipation in dogs is just a symptom of another more serious underlying disease, and what interests us is to discard this possibility as soon as possible. Once we are sure that it is not anything serious, we can implement these tips to improve the intestinal transit of our dog.

2- Home remedy for constipation in dogs THE olive OIL:

This is a remedy that works very well, it is easy and economical and in addition to natural and cheap, it is safe for the dog. You just have to add to your dog's food one or two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

The Aceite "greases" the dog's intestine, it softens the consistency of the feces and by its slippery unctuousness it causes the feces of the dog that are stagnant to slide out of the intestine in a smooth way and without artificial chemicals!

You can use this remedy in your dog one to three consecutive days, (if your dog needs it because with just one day it was not enough). If your dog suffers constipation often, you may consider adding a lick of oil to his usual food two days a week to help him.

3- Increase the amount of fiber in your dog's diet:

To do this, offer it fruits and vegetables good for dogs within your diet In general all of them contain abundant water and fiberbut to mobilize the intestines of a constipated dog, they have a special reputation pumpkin and carrot.
You can also prepare homemade food dishes for your dog that contain whole oat flakes, Very rich in fiber. Look at these ideas:

4- Solution to constipation in dogs, apple:

Depending on how it is used, the Apple relieves constipation in dogs Or else, you can relieve your diarrhea. As home remedy against constipation in dogs we cut a few pieces of raw apple, better with skin (washed, of course) and we give it to our dog a few days in a row.

For other uses of the apple, read our post, Apple for dogs

5- Another remedy for canine constipation is physical activity and exercise:

Walking, running and playing every day is vital for your dog's body to be healthy. The activity level It is very related to good intestinal functioning, both in dogs and humans. Therefore, you should not miss daily walks in your dog's life if you want him to be in good health and go to the bathroom regularly.

7- Wet food:

More than 70% of natural foods that we consume is composed of Water (dry feed, obviously not!). Dogs and cats are animals that obtain a good part of the water necessary for their well-being from the food. That's why it's so important to give them regularly wet foods, which may well be canned (sold in stores specializing in pets and veterinarians).

However, you can also prepare your own wet dog food with wet texture. Here you have 3 recipes different:

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What are the symptoms of constipation in dogs?

A healthy dog ​​should evacuate at least once or twice a day, without difficulty and, therefore, without feeling any pain. But when you are constipated what will happen is that the animal will complain every time you try to defecate, since it will be a great effort to expel even a very small amount of feces.

In this situation, the hairy may feel sad and apathetic, to the point that, in really serious cases, can stop eating. For these reasons, if you see that your friend does not defecate in one or two days, it is very important that you put yourself on alert and treat it, first with home remedies and, if it does not improve on the third day, with any medication prescribed by a veterinarian.

Olive oil

A fairly effective remedy for cases of timely constipation is give a large spoonful of olive oil no more than three days in a row. As you probably don't like it, you can mix it with your food.

What oil does is "grease" the intestines, softening the stool so that it favors its expulsion.

Fiber foods

Many times constipation appears when there is a lack of fiber. To avoid or fix it, you can give your dog foods that are rich in it, such as pumpkin and carrot. Well chopped and mixed with your food, your problem to evacuate is likely to be solved.

Water and wet food

Lack of fluids is another cause of constipation. Thus, the dog must always have clean and fresh water at your fingertips, and it is also recommended to give it wet food since it contains 70-80% water.

Regular physical exercise contributes to proper bowel function. A) Yes, it is necessary to take him out for a walk every day, not only so that you have a very good health, but also so that you can go to the bathroom whenever you need it without feeling discomfort.

If you do not see improvement in a maximum of three days since the problem appeared, go to the veterinarian to examine your friend.

Constipation in small, elderly and lactating dogs

We have already said that older dogs and toddlers tend to have constipation. It can also happen to a nursing dog. At this time of its growth, your intestines are forming, that, added to the tension that lives day by day for so many new things that it is learning, can end up causing constipation. A diet appropriate to their age and recommended by our online dietitians will alleviate this situation.

There are several symptoms that you have to know to confirm that you can relieve constipation in dogs with natural or homemade remedies. You can only apply them if the only symptom you see in your colleague is this, which can not shit. If you also vomit, have a hard belly, lose weight, are depressed or have some fever, the problem will not be constipation but the disease that is causing it.

My dog ​​tries to defecate and can't, what do I do?

Constipation in dogs occurs for several reasons. The main one is a poor or very dry diet. Eating alone I think of super low quality can prevent you from expelling stool that has accumulated in your belly. A sedentary life also prevents proper defecation. With the rides and games, Your colleague's intestines move, making belly easy.

If you drink little water it will also cost you more. Knowing this, it seems easy to know what three home remedies we can apply to relieve constipation in dogs. To start, make him move. If you are constipated due to lack of activity or because you are nervous, a good game session will help you evacuate.

Change that feed for canned wet recipes. These have much more water and are tastier, so you will eat them with pleasure and also give you a hand to defecate. If you do not have this meal at home, you can also add a little water to your feed, but make sure it is one rich in minerals and fiber, also that it has little or no salt to avoid unwanted retention of liquids.

Home remedies for constipation in dogs

Incorporate in your diet natural food prepared by you, with little salt, with some water and more cooked than you would do for yourself. A small teaspoon of olive oil in the meal will also help you grease your intestines, but be very careful with this solution, because it could make your stool very liquid. To know the quantity and if you can take it for your weight and race, consult our veterinarians online without obligation.

In addition to olive oil, you can also integrate foods that you can eat, human and that contain fiber, into your dog's food. To eat them, mix them with your food or serve as a porridge. In no case do you give laxatives or enemas to humans. It is not the first case that we find caregivers with very little care (worth the redundancy) that make you take a pill to make belly designed for people.

This does not help to relieve constipation in dogs, but to end up causing very severe diarrhea and intestinal damage, so do not even think about it.

In summary. To relieve constipation in dogs you can resort to adequate foods with fiber for people, in small quantities and served in crushed and soft form. Pumpkin is one of the most recommended, but the best thing you can do is give it food with more water and buy quality food. This will help you relieve your constipation. Remember that if you want more advice you just have to ask our canine dietitians online without obligation.

Have you been left with doubts? Ask our veterinarians: